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  1. No posts here yet? Let's start a "Gold Porn" thread!!!
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  17. Waiting for $10,000 gold and $650 silver - PLATINUM say $14,000 all per oz.
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  23. THERE "she" BLOWS as Moby-Dick would shout
  24. Does someone have Sinclairs numbers for the run to 1650 ?
  25. CHART OF THE DAY: Why The Gold-To-Oil Ratio Suggests Oil Could Go A Lot Higher
  26. The Genesis Of The Gold-Tungsten: The Rest Of The Story
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  28. pretty nifty new chat board
  29. Rockets..
  30. It's SWING time "turn up your SPEAKERS!"
  31. the time will soon be coming
  32. Hold the PHONE! US bankruptcies UP 35% ... POOP hitting the FAN...
  33. Antique & Modern 5 & 10 "Tola" Bars - 10 Tola = 3.75 Troy Oz.
  34. New EWR says GOLD SILVER PLATINUM in three years will be..DRUM ROLL Plaes
  35. IMF gold in 2 places at once....
  36. Hawk's Gold
  37. HUGE news 33 minutes of proof BYE-BYE to $1,200 hello $10 grand
  38. Banks still keeping metals in the pits... same old story
  39. Gold and Silver Price Manipulation, The world Largest Fraud, 5.5 Trillion?
  40. Fekete: Gold is the Answer to Economic Woes
  41. Faber: I own my physical gold and I will never sell it
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  47. Gold nanoparticles "toxic to tumours"
  48. Bill Murphy of GATA will be on infowars today...
  49. wHOA- Where's THAT come from?
  50. On the Brink of an Asset Explosion, II
  51. MOVED: Rebuttal to “Cash Futures, Physical Forwards, and London Gold's 100-to-1 Leverag
  52. Gold likely to double: Puru Saxena
  53. Gold is Up, Silver is Down
  54. Gold Stocks: Math Today, Magic Tomorrow
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  57. 2010 Gold Gun Dollar
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  59. I have fallen in love with Pre-1933 US Gold Coins!
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  63. GOLD anyone?
  64. Who has been selling this guy Crack again?
  65. more info on gold scam
  66. Do you think we'll see $1200 gold today?
  67. GOLD 1201.70 HIGH TODAY
  68. Jim Sinclair On a day when the DOW closed down 430 points
  69. An Interesting Perspective on House Prices (In regards to Gold)
  70. Gold Manipulation theories ripped on by Bill Fleckenstein
  71. Gold nears all-time high
  72. Am I crazy for thinking gold may go down next week?
  73. U. S. gold coins sales soar
  74. A trip down Memory Lane paved with Gold
  75. Gold Hits Record High... RIGHT NOW!
  76. the Dollar Bubble
  77. Gold: The World’s #1 Asset Class
  78. 15 Countries That Are Making A Fortune On The Surge In Gold
  80. Gold to Fall Below $1,000 By End of Year: Economist
  81. Gold open interest hits record
  82. Gold Prices in Weimar Germany
  83. Gold Commercial Short Positions Hit All Time High
  84. Gold could spike to $5000
  85. Peter Schiff Buy Gold it could go to $10 000/oz
  86. Lame Yahoo Gold Article
  88. With Local Gold Inventories Depleted, Panicking German Dealers Stage Run On Krug
  89. They are buying tonight
  90. Goldman Revises Gold Forecast, Now Constructive, As It Sells Gold To Clients
  91. Kudlow: Gold haters and a couple of smart guys
  92. Gold and Silver Intermediate Targets
  93. Gold Score?
  94. Serious considerations with global debt issues
  95. The End of the Gold Bull Market (misleading title)
  96. Chinese Gold Rush.......
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  99. Why Gold?
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  102. $1,200 Gold - it just keeps on trying! :)
  103. Eric Sprott to buy over 6 tons more gold
  104. added one to the stack today...
  105. Greek Scramble For Physical Brings Gold Price To $1,700 Per Ounce
  106. They are paying over $1700+ per ounce of gold in Greece right now !!!
  107. Billionaire Kaplan Bets Most of His Wealth on Gold
  108. Canada 1/4 Ounce Maple with Odd Stamping
  109. Vol de 200 kilos d'or Ã* Marseille
  110. Gold-dispensing ATMs: Coming to a city near you
  111. IMF Sells 15.1 Metric Tons Of Gold In April, 152.1 Tons For Sale Remaining As Ru
  112. US Mint Sells More Gold Coins In May Than Any Month Since January 1999
  113. Mr Denninger and Gold or Why the Dollar-Deflationists Are Wrong
  114. Illegal gold mining leads to scores of deaths in northern Nigeria
  115. Gold closing in on all time high!
  116. TPTB and why Gold is still up
  117. 1000 Pound Gold Arriving Soon!
  118. UK dealers struggle to meet gold coin demand
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  120. gold projections inspired by Hoye and Thomson
  121. "Explore the fascinating world of Chinese tungsten paperweights"
  122. Bernanke Puzzled by Gold Rally
  123. The Definitive Guide On Physical Gold
  124. Gold is a great safety net if things go wrong
  125. Europeans believing in gold
  126. The Thing About Gold
  127. Hidden Gold Taxes: The Secret Weapon Of Bankrupt Governments
  128. Gold close to boiling point
  129. New Jim Rickards / KWNs interview / Gold, IMF, SDRs, etc..
  130. Where are gold, silver, pgm prices going: big bank forecasts
  131. Investor gold appetite will drive prices
  132. Investment demand still rules the gold roost
  133. Central banks join gold rush
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  135. Contrarian alert. Pretcher: Gold Has Peaked
  136. 91 Banks Missed Payments to Treasury
  137. Poll: Price of Exit for Gold
  138. Gold may decline 50% before the World Cup is over
  139. Getting rid of some Gold, How to?
  140. Top 10 Reasons Indians Love Gold
  141. You're going broke, and you don't even know it...
  142. 1/4 Ounce Frac's. are GONE/ I snoozed I losed
  143. Gold headed for $10,000 by 2012
  144. Believing in gold
  145. Where gold is going
  146. Gold reclaims its currency status as the global system unravels
  147. Rothschild buys £12.5m share in Bullionvault
  148. Special Gold Report - In Gold We Trust
  149. Gold is now legit
  150. Gold can provide protection against looming U.S. debt hurricane
  151. GLD Acquires 3 tons of paper gold
  152. Commercial Shorts - Record High - 470,000 contracts (1,460 m tons)
  153. In which phase of the gold bull market are we?
  154. Gold - the optimal investment in deflation and inflation
  155. Why Statists Hate Gold
  156. Changing Central Bank attitudes: gold to be strongest asset class
  157. Gold in the context of the financial crisis
  158. Russia Buys 22 Tons Of Gold In May
  159. WTF?
  160. Gold prices in 2010-2011
  161. What do you think of NTR 1 ounce Gold Triangles ?
  162. Serial numbers of bars
  163. MOVED: 125$ 1/10
  164. Tea leaves
  165. Gold swaps and their influence on paper gold price...
  166. China anounces will not dump treasuries or pile into gold...
  167. option arms reset to send gold to the moon?
  168. Gold swap mystery deepens as BIS gets correction from Wall Street Journal
  169. Paulson Hit With $2 Billion In Redemption Requests, Likely Source Of Recent Gold
  170. How Liquid are .1867 Ounce European Coins ?
  171. Questions about the gold dos pesos coins,
  172. Gold authentication
  173. Fractional Gold Oriana Bars and Ovals
  174. Tea with Aram Shishmanian...
  175. Gold: Rushing The Line!
  176. The Illusory Gold Bubble.....
  177. Gold Plunges; Paulson Liquidation Speculation Abounds
  178. English Sovereign for 235 Euro's. + 17% VAT tax for English Customers !
  179. Rust Discovered On Bank Of Russia Issued 999 Gold Coins
  180. Are French "Angel" Gold Coins Widely Recognized ?
  181. Top Chinese Economists Call For Government To Ditch U.S. Treasuries And Buy Gold
  182. 12 Must-See Charts That Gold Bulls Will Love
  183. Goldline scam with Glenn Beck, GOP, Fox network
  184. Portugal's catch 22 with Gold....
  185. These 72 Analysts Believe Gold Will Go Parabolic To Between $2,500 and $15,000!
  186. Futures options expiry tomorrow, another clearance on PM's?
  187. Hoping for a Break (Gold about to bounce back)
  188. Who sets the price of gold?
  189. Gold to implode: dont become a squashed gold bug...
  190. where is gold going?
  191. Nothing Has Changed, Gold Is Still Going To Dominate
  192. End Game, Gold Investors Will be Destroyed
  193. Purchasing gold nuggets.
  194. Is Gold Crash Proof This Time Around?
  195. Gold Seizure Mechanism in Place
  196. Great Quote
  197. Goldman Tells Its "Special" Clients To Sell Gold Even As It Raises Its Price Tar
  198. Nepal Rastra Bank on Tuesday directed the banks to ‘temporarily’ suspend gold s
  199. The true value of gold
  200. CNN Gold quote today---Yikes
  201. Gold to $1,500+ in 2011 - Bloomberg research
  202. Gold 101: Who's Got It And Who's Finding It
  203. Trader Dan Interviewed On King World News
  204. Treasury Bills: The New Opium
  205. Goldman Does It Again: Firm Top Ticks Record Gold Price To The Penny
  206. $1268.60 Gold Right Now
  207. B-B-B-Breakout!
  208. Gold
  209. Congressmen Weiner and Waxman Set Gold Hearing
  210. Gold's Controllers. They Want It Higher
  211. Gold! Kicking Ass and taking names!
  212. The Last Price Standing Of "True Money", Answers The Only Question Relevant To G
  213. The Gold Bulls Are Vindicated
  214. Supply and demand stats for gold
  215. Jim Rickards on cnbc. Gold to $5000
  216. Goldline, lawmaker to do battle over gold coins
  217. Gold an 11 Year High for 2010 09-17-2010 Armstrongs latest
  218. Congressman Implies There's Gold In Sacagawea Dollars
  219. USD watch.......
  220. US Mint Runs Out Of Buffalo Gold Coins, Will Not Restock
  221. All the 10th oz GAE's
  222. Super-rich investors buy gold by ton
  223. Gold above $1350, just another day *yawn*
  224. Gold Mania? Not Quite
  225. CHINA BLINKED! gold down $33+
  226. What do you think about adding some 1/10 oz GAE's (for possible SHTF trading)
  227. World Bank President Robert Zoellick Calls For Return To "Old Money" Gold Standa
  228. Gold is lagging in Asia tonight?
  229. Ha! Good video on gold investments. Touche!
  230. Year of the Ox, 1/10 Gold, Discounted ... Everywhere ?!
  231. Why Gold? A chemist's explanation
  232. The rise in the gold price isn't about gold itself
  233. Gold bust
  234. Bundesbank joins Fed in demanding secrecy for gold swaps
  235. China's gold imports surge five-fold on inflation fears
  236. Wealth You Can Wear
  237. Scam Busting Bullion Testing, destructive, non-furnace test.
  238. MOVED: Superheavy Element 111 Found in Gold
  239. The 3475% Gold Analysis Difference Between Pros And The Uninformed
  240. Interesting Facts about the Bullion Depository at Fort Knox
  241. Striking Alaskan Gold: A New Super-Deposit in the Making?
  242. Flipping millions in gold bullion
  243. Thieves leave electronics, go for the gold, police say.
  244. Gold investment thrives in Chinese households
  245. Gold Will Plunge 25 Percent in 2011
  246. gold silver stocks
  247. Excellent Peter Schiff FBN interview
  248. Goldmine Robbery
  249. Hyperinflation will drive gold to unthinkable heights
  250. Buying gold is against the law unless you are licensed In Cali