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  1. Uses for Silver
  2. Palladium: The Ultimate Hydrogen Membrane
  3. Silver - Medical uses
  4. backyard foundries
  5. Metal-vapor lasers
  6. (gold tipped) Nano antenna increases the intensity of light by a factor of 1,000
  7. Cut Phone Radiation
  8. Metal Needles Deform Drastically After First Uses
  9. China demand for Silver
  10. Gold and Platinum For Medical DDevice Market
  11. Another use for silver [team creates palladium-like alloy]
  12. Nexeon tips magic dust into our batteries
  13. Solar Power Battery Storage: New chemistries and old
  14. Harvesting Zinc...
  15. 3 D Print a car = now viable technology
  16. Making Rings from coins
  17. Art
  18. Metal Detector Accessories