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  1. Catholics, Freemsons: Arch Ememies
  2. The Fabric of Time - the burial cloth of Jesus Christ
  3. Good Friday
  4. Jesus vs Paul
  5. The Lightbringers: the Emissaries of Jahbulon (Expose of Freemasonry)
  6. Are atheist postings allowed here?
  7. The New Atlantis (an alternative history of Freemasonic America)
  8. The Talmud - Great Online Educational Website
  9. He Has Risen!
  10. *entire GIM Faith and Religion archive*
  11. Wow!
  12. intelligent design
  13. Who is a Jew and who is not, according to the book of Romans
  14. What has happened to the position of authority lately?
  15. Beyond the Familiar
  16. Entire forum of faith and religion from GIM1
  17. Nassim Haramein
  18. Power vs. Force, The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior - 8 Hour long!!
  19. If God didn't create the universe, who (or what) did?
  20. Message from Dysgenic
  21. How much of You is YOU? Social Pathology Explained
  22. Occultic Symbols in Washington DC
  23. Should Christians Support Israel
  24. The Plot against the Church
  25. Trads.
  26. The Hexagram
  27. Faith or Charity Alone?
  28. Let's hear of your faith, philosophy, etc. and how you came to this point.
  29. Biblical History On Display
  30. Vatican Loves Pine Cones
  31. Parallel Universes exist, time travel possible (tough one for Religions)
  32. Exposing the Illuminati from Within. Part 1 - Bill Schnoebelen
  33. The Coming Clash
  34. Qur'an Jesus True...and.....Gold Silver Money
  35. The last battle
  36. Walid Shoebat-Islam Prophesied In The Bible
  37. Alleged attack on Islam
  38. Hitler learns that Gomez will succeed Mahoney as Archbishop of LA
  39. Gensis 1
  40. Pal Talk
  41. Dr. Scott Johnson - Hebrew Roots/Messianic Christian Zionism Warning
  42. The Last Days - The Days of Noah - The Great Exodus and more
  43. Mundane astrology and 2010
  44. The Imminent Translation of the Church
  45. The Buddha and Christ Experience
  46. Physics of Consciousness
  47. Dating the Book of Revelation
  48. Curse of Canaan - Eustace Mullins
  49. Here We Go Again... Pre-Mil & Espec Pre-Trib Christians A Danger to World Peace
  50. The Thread About Absolutely Nothing
  51. Fireballs, earthquakes and Volcanoes
  52. Well preserved Pharaoh....and well preserved Qur'an
  53. Mt. Sinai Found?
  54. Nassim Haramein starts the New Energy Movement
  55. Islam and Religious (Jewish,Christian) Lectures.....(to be updated Inshallah)
  56. Mt. Sinai in Arabia
  57. Why Christians Should NOT Support Israel
  58. National Day of Prayer Unconstitutional, Judge Rules
  59. Superstition In All Ages (1732) by baron d' Paul Henri Thiry Holbach
  60. Am I missing something?
  61. Christian Identity: A Religion for White Racists
  62. The Unity of Spirit and Matter: Blending science, metaphysics, and spirituality.
  63. Pineal Gland Activation and Understanding
  64. Romans 7 & 8
  65. Voltaire on Equality
  66. Lucifer is a Latin word literally meaning "light-bearer"
  67. Anti-Zionist rabbi Moshe Hirsch dies in Jerusalem
  68. Doctrine Believers will not drive me crazy
  69. 50 Bible Reasons Why The Jews Are Not Israel
  70. Genesis 6:1-4 Another thing to debate?
  71. Bias
  72. Forget about New Age... The Rise Of New Thought & Christian Mysticism?
  73. Ayan Rand Died Again. Objectivism is Flawed.
  74. Sheperds chapel
  75. U.S.A. State Constitutions: Rated for Submission to Our Lord
  76. Rap video of the day...
  77. closing up the religion and philosophy section
  78. Singularity Awareness
  79. Mojave Desert Memorial Cross Stolen
  80. Hitler’s Spiritual Master-Maitreya
  81. Bible Question
  82. Eventually all gurus and coercive dogmas will go away
  83. Secret Russian Jesus
  84. Backpacking philosophy
  85. Why do modern Bibles disagree if they use the same Greek?
  86. Have Each of Us Already Died? ... From A Quantum Physics POV
  87. Mellen-Thomas Benedict Near-Death Experience NDE Story
  88. The "Judeo-Christian" version is "another Christ"...
  89. Negroids and/or other pre-Adamites in the bible?
  90. Teen Suspended For Wearing Rosary Beads To School
  91. The hippocracy of some posters or are they just blind?
  92. 2012 Event Horizon
  93. Love is not easily provoked
  95. Chrislam?!
  96. Crypto-jewry in the Catholic Church
  97. The Satanic cult that rules the world
  98. How We Can Know That Jesus is God
  99. Matthew 18:10 question
  101. Astral projection
  102. What if you were to discover that the Serpent is good and YHVH is the bad guy?
  103. Why two creation accounts?
  104. You are a satan worshiper if...
  105. Sincere Apology to the pure disciples.
  106. Empire State Building says 'no' to illumination in honor of Mother Teresa
  107. The Zionists control everything but Zion
  108. Catholic Author on the signs of our times
  109. sheperds chapel
  110. A little something for greenbear about why there is no rapture
  111. Prayer request
  112. Cool Christian / Catholic Apparel
  113. Hard questions.....
  114. The Hoax of Armageddon
  115. Second Adam
  116. Vatican beatifies Blues Brothers ... well almost
  117. 2 classic SONGS! The old....and the new
  118. Sharia law in the UK?
  119. 'Oldest' images of Christ's apostles found in Rome
  120. vacation explanation
  122. Separation of Light From Darkness Has Finally Begun
  123. Ergun Caner Is A FRAUD!
  124. Cairo is Arabic for Mars... Iraq & 2012 Sumerien Tablets
  125. Reversion to Type {Judaisation of the Church}
  126. Demons
  128. Vatican sees third straight loss
  129. The truth about the Nephilim (edit: avoid Bill Schnoebelen, he is a fraud)
  130. Muslims seek to add holidays on NY school calendar
  131. Congress debates biblical stance on immigration
  132. here is HOW ET/One World spirituality does SOUND like... where is the evil?????
  133. I was wrong about dualities principles
  134. Google Biblical Earth: artist recreates Christian stories seen from space
  135. Hell as an invention of the church
  136. I started reading the bible again
  137. What are your thoughts on Asatru/Odinism/old school european religion?
  138. Illegal Immigrant Catholics
  139. Please Tell me what you think of this
  140. The ZEITGEIST Sourcebook: Part 1--The Greatest Story Ever Told
  141. Was Jesus Jewish?
  142. Mosque Near Ground Zero Gets OK
  143. Court backs Minnesotan, throws out 'expressive' permits at parks
  144. Interview w/FL Pastor planning "Burn a Koran Day" (audio- excellent!)
  145. Freewill and Backward Causality
  146. Free Toilet Paper
  147. Bertrand Comparet European Heritage - Christian Identity
  148. The Magnificat
  149. TAQIYYA - lying for islam
  150. Races of Old Testament
  151. Rape Me,Christ
  152. The Hollow Men
  153. Free Portable Bible on your USB Thumbdrive
  154. Muslim investors profit by adhering to faith
  155. The Reality of the Quran
  156. Success formula
  157. Thanking God
  158. Does God Love Israel?
  159. ‘Sinner’ singer given 39 lashes by rabbis
  160. The J word Do you have the courage to speak the truth about the lie?
  161. "Separation" Of Church And State?
  162. I've had it! - I just ordered a Quran from amazon.com for delivery by 9/11
  163. More Poverty = More Religion
  164. Fruit of the Spirit
  165. Differences between the KJV and NIV
  166. Where the hell is Jesus Christ?
  167. A Freemason's 33rd Degree Initiation - Jim Shaw former 33rd Degree
  168. Christian Zionism: The Tragedy & The Turning, Part I
  169. Good Deeds and Evil Deeds
  170. Some Ramadan 2010 pics
  171. Cartoon draws ire of Jewish group
  172. How much do you know about religion?
  173. Saw a burka today
  174. Druids
  175. Algerian court frees 2 Christians charged with eating during Muslim fast - BBC
  176. Developers release renderings of controversial Park51 community center
  177. American muslim based voice........
  178. Athiests know more about religion than those who practice them!
  179. Pay Tithes or get SHOT
  180. I hope none of you go to this kind of church
  181. Rand Paul accused of Occult involvment
  182. The Book of Enoch
  183. The wine of babylon.
  184. Why is Chocolate soooo good!!!
  185. He who has an ear
  186. San Diego judge unseals files of priests accused of abuse
  187. Was Jesus and his Disciples into Bling?
  188. Baby Killed as family jumps from Paris window after 'devil sighting'
  189. Fritz Springmeier
  190. Merry Christmas Comrades
  191. Ruppert: God On The Table: Attempting A Useful Discussion of Mankinds Spiritual
  192. Christian America 2010
  193. Verses You Don't Hear In Church
  194. Exorcists wanted: apply to Catholic Church
  195. key subject that turns a mediocre education into a brilliant one; Logic
  196. The Identity Challenge
  197. Why won't God heal amputees?
  198. Largest gathering in the world peaks
  199. Mark 7:24-30
  200. The Talmud Unmasked by a Catholic Priest
  201. Marting Luther on the Jews
  202. Thanks!
  203. Do you believe that the Devil exists? How about Satan?
  204. "So be it. It was the work of God," he said.
  205. The War on Christmas
  206. Need help in choosing a Bible for my Mom
  207. CHUTZPAH: National Hanukkah Menorah
  208. Shadows in the world of shadows
  209. Has anyone read: The History of God's People & the coming New World Order?
  210. To the Bible pushers.........
  211. Did God create evil ? 1 min video. Must see
  212. Aliens
  213. biblegateway.com
  214. gnosticism discussion on veritas radio
  215. Thanks For coming Jesus!
  216. Ukrainian Catholic Midnight Mass...
  217. Does Religion Have to Involve "God" or Are Fellowship & Truth Enough ?
  218. Buddhist Reflections on "Mara", the Dark One
  219. Negative energy destroying my appliances!
  220. A poem of Heaven
  221. The Phoneix Archives
  222. What's the deal with Kabbalah judaism?
  223. Originals
  224. Cleverman
  225. History of Letters and Words in the English Language
  226. Mormonism's Temple of Doom
  227. Decode these symbols (Daystar TV Network, odd logos)
  228. Jesus for the few: Christianity as exclusive
  229. Why did God create (and still perpetuate) evil?
  230. How can an omniscient God exist at the time as TRUE FREE WILL?
  231. Jeff Markin: Back from the Dead, Reborn into the light
  232. Live Not By Lies
  233. Christians Spreading Word of Jesus at Super Bowl
  234. Can any orthodox Christians help me with this?
  235. What you wish you knew then?
  236. Latest Dees image
  237. King James Version of the Bible - Was James King of England ?
  238. Pope Benedict denies Jesus is the Christ (Messiah), gets in line with Judaism
  239. To all Christians
  240. Do you know what 'transhumanism' is?
  241. A little about satan, lucifer, the dragon, the serpent, king of tyre
  242. What is Christ Consciousness?
  243. The case for Book of Mormon socialism
  244. Chrysostomos of Etna: Introduction to Orthodoxy & Psychology
  245. New American Bible changes some words such as "holocaust"
  246. Pope's new book: Violence never in God's name
  247. PTC Attacks 'Good Christian Bitches' Pilot
  248. Ringing Earth - Tibetan Monks in "spirit cave" hear new sounds
  249. Can someone explain Matthew 15:24 to me?
  250. Was Jesus a Heretic? The urgency of asking questions