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  1. 28th amendment
  2. One of Kissinger's means of persuasion
  3. Justice Stevens to Retire.....
  4. Gibbs: Washington remains "concerned" about Karzai
  5. Meg Whitman...Just what California needs
  6. CBS GOP 2012 Presidential poll, Ron Paul @ 40%, voting still open!
  7. A letter to President Obama
  8. J&J spent $1.64M lobbying government in 4Q
  9. Hillary Clinton: Next Supreme Court Justice?
  10. AIPAC - the cancer that slowly kills America
  11. Boston Tea Party gathering today
  12. Student Outreach at AIPAC
  13. The NeoCon HOAX
  14. Jews For Palin
  15. Outstanding 3-minute Video for Students
  16. Mood Is Dark as Israel Marks 62nd Year as a Nation
  17. JEWISH FEAR: Chomsky Warns of Rise of the Far Right in the U.S.
  18. Pat Buchanan: Whose country is this?
  19. VIDEO: Mexicans Riot in Wake of Arizona Illegal Alien Crackdown
  20. Article 67 of Mexico's Population Law
  21. 'Not welcome' sign out for Iran's Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
  22. Abandoned Idaho cabin gets Census visit
  24. McCain: "I Pinky Swear" on Border Security
  25. Iran's Ahmadinejad heads for U.S.
  26. PEGGY NOONAN: The Big Alienation
  27. A Supreme Court without Protestants?
  28. Congress, where 44 percent are millionaires, freezes pay
  29. Full Video: Ahmadinejad speech at UN nuclear conference
  30. My Board of Elections is incompetent
  31. IAEA Chief focuses on Israel Nukes
  32. Senator Bennett Views Porn on Senate Floor
  33. Guest Post: Is Your Senator A Bankster
  34. Jews Only
  35. Brown Steps Down, Paving Way for Cameron to Govern
  36. Bill & Hillary Clinton "earned" $109 Million.
  37. Pat Buchanan: Are liberals anti-WASP?
  38. US court grants asylum to Obama's African aunt
  39. Top Obama intelligence official resigns
  40. New Jersey Lawmakers Pass Millionaire Tax; Veto Looms
  41. We The People: A New Constitution
  42. Cornyn Says Blumenthal Story a ‘Game Changer’ in Connecticut
  43. Schiff - Republican convention
  44. Activists blast Mexico's immigration law
  45. Wall Street and the rise of Hitler
  47. Douglas Reed; Far and Wide: Lincoln's assassination
  48. Revolution: How the Jews stole Britain
  49. McKinney: 'Israel bought the executive branch'
  50. Funny Politics - The "Prosperity" Game Show
  51. Major Intrigue In North Korea, As Key Leader Is Found Dead Before Possible Power
  52. Rand Paul Interview 6.7.10
  53. GOP guidelines issued for dealing with videographers
  54. Rahm Emanuel expected to quit White House
  55. NAACP calls for mass demonstration against Wake school board
  56. Judge Napolitano on the financial "reform" bill
  57. Former Vice President Dick Cheney hospitalized in Washington after reporting dis
  58. Clinton earns $65 million in speaking fees as private citizen
  59. Kagan Declines to Say Gov't Has No Power to Tell Americans What to Eat
  60. How to solve Illegal Immigration
  61. The 24 Types of Libertarian
  63. Another Liberal Blind Spot
  64. Judge Napolitano - 'Arizona Statute is Unconstitutional'
  65. Will Oblama sue San Fransicko and LA over santuary laws?
  66. San Fransicko to ban soda pop but not pot?
  67. After Word w/ Andrew Napolitano on C-SPAN
  68. Gingrich says he's considering presidential run
  69. Emergency Committee for Israel Launches
  70. Gulf Oil Crisis Exposes Failures of Centralized Power
  71. Cheney says he underwent heart surgery last week, recuperating after the procedu
  72. When Has the Federal Government Sued a State?
  73. Tom Woods on PressTV: Nullification!
  74. Fear of 'resegregation' fuels unrest in NC
  75. Arizona immigration battle turns bitter (families fleeing)
  76. Undeniable proof of over-regulation?
  77. Gun permit allows quick access to Texas Capitol
  78. Race Played Role in Obama Car Dealer Closures
  79. Senate shelves global warming bill
  80. German politician weighs tax on the obese
  81. Mexico braces for effects of Arizona immigration law
  82. Immigrant groups criticize fingerprint initiative
  83. PETE STARK: - The Federal Government can do most anything in this country -
  84. Judge Napolitano - Virginia vs. Obamacare - 08/03/10
  85. Pelosi calls House back from break for aid vote
  86. Quayle reacts to accusations of 'renting' family for campaign mailer
  87. Stossel - Your Government at Work 08/05/10
  88. 67% of Political Class Say U.S. Heading in Right Direction
  89. America Is at Risk of Boiling Over
  90. The 10 Poorest Countries In The World: Oxford University
  91. The White House ripped CBS News on Thursday (Kagan related)
  92. Eric Holder's slush fund
  93. From a man who knows
  94. $26 billion aid bill - guess where 40% of the money really goes ...
  95. It Isn't About Islam and Muslims
  96. The Queen's Riddle...
  97. Judge Napolitano - Google Earth & the Future of Privacy Rights - 08/11/10
  98. Judge Napolitano's History of Liberty
  99. New Third Party
  100. David Duke for President?
  101. Blagojevich convicted of lying to feds
  102. "Stossel" - New Threats to Freedom
  103. Fallout from Target controversy spreads
  104. An Interview w/ Bob Murphy on The Politically Incorrect Guide to Capitalism
  105. John Boehner says Obama economic team should resign
  106. SOCIAL SECURITY: "like a milk cow with 310 million tits!"
  107. Sandra Teague Convicted Of Illegally Accessing Obama Student Loan Records
  108. Alaska Senate hopeful wants land, not cash
  109. Orrin Hatch Backs 'Ground Zero Mosque,' Breaks With GOP Colleagues
  110. Ten Bailed Out Banks Spent $16.3M Lobbying in 1st Half 2010
  111. John Stossel: Good Intentions Gone Wrong (Americans w/ Disabilities Act)
  112. John Stossel: Debating the Americans w/ Disabilities Act
  113. Thomas Woods at Nullify Now! 09/04/10
  114. Judge Andrew Napolitano on Fox News 09/07/10
  115. Walter Williams on The Keith Larson Show 08/25/10
  116. A Statist Attack on John Stossel
  117. 8 Things Employers Aren't Allowed to Ask You
  118. Tom Woods discusses nullification on Radio Free Market 09/04/10
  119. Montanan bar defies fascist smoking ban
  120. $1 Burger a Human Right?
  121. YOU Spent $800,000 on African Penis-Washing Program
  122. Judge Napolitano: Do Opponents of Health Care Overhaul Have a Case?
  123. Machines' Debut Is a 'Royal Screw-Up'
  124. John Napolitano on Where Have the BP Relief Funds Gone?
  125. License to Describe: Defeating Washington D.C.'s Tour Guide Licensing Scheme
  126. Tom Woods speaks about nullification in Eau Claire, WI 08/28/10
  127. Animated News: Tea Party Express
  128. John Stossel on Public Education
  129. Who's picking up the tab for the tea party?
  130. Military gay ban becomes election-year hot button
  131. Emanuel, Eyeing Chicago Run, Could Leave the White House in October
  132. John Stossel: The Battle for the Future
  133. Tom Woods discusses nullification @ the North Dakota Policy Council 09/11/10
  134. Judge Napolitano on DADT w/ Dan Choi
  135. Palestinians Want to Suspend Negotiations
  136. Our Wise Overlords are Just Here to Serve Us | Thomas E. Woods
  137. Deregulated Roads: The Netherlands Experience
  138. Experts say Rahm Emanuel not a legal resident of city
  139. Who Owns Congress?
  140. Can Feds Suspend Foreclosures? w/ Judge Napolitano
  141. Judge in Michigan: Obamacare is Constitutional w/ Judge Napolitano
  142. Judge Napolitano on Fox News 10/12/10
  143. Billboard illustrates virtually every attack ever leveled at Obama
  144. Libertarian vs. Socialist heated debate ensues
  145. Tom Woods Rocks Orlando Florida Nullify Now Event 10/10/10
  146. Judge Napolitano & Jack Cafferty on Fox News 10/19/10
  147. Obamas pitch to Latinos: Get out there and punish your enemies
  148. Politics/Drudge
  149. Just got off the phone with a political pollster
  150. Judge Napolitano - Treasury Dept. Secrets
  151. 65% Favor Getting Rid of Entire Congress and Starting Over
  152. What Reason.tv Saw at the Stewart-Colbert Rally to Restore Sanity
  153. Judge Napolitano - Chris Christie Scraps Billion-Dollar Tunnel Project
  154. Tom Woods and Charles Goyette on Antiwar Radio 11/03/10
  155. How the Republicans Will Sucker the Tea Party
  156. Thom Hartmann vs. Seton Motley on Net Neutrality
  157. Stossel episode on Political Correctness
  158. Obama White House Hands out 111 Obamacare Waivers - Hides It on Website
  159. 12 Ridiculous Government Regulations that are Almost Too Bizarre to Believe
  160. Judge Napolitano - Airport Pat-Downs & Body Scans
  161. Ron Paul on Fox News 11/18/10
  162. Judge Napolitano on the Hedge Fund Hyena Raids 11/22/10
  163. Judge Napolitano on The Alex Jones Show 11/23/10
  164. John Stossel discusses taxing the rich on The O'Reilly Factor 11/23/10
  165. Nullification: An Overview | Thomas E. Woods, Jr.
  166. Stossel on The Tragedy of the Commons
  167. Judge Napolitano vs. Bill O'Reilly on the "Christmas Tree Bomber"
  168. Ron Paul stands up for Julian Assange
  169. Yowza Boss!
  170. Huckabee Kissing ZOG Ass
  171. Ron Paul: Lying is Not Patriotic
  172. John Stossel - Top 10 Politicians' Promises Gone Wrong
  173. The Idiocy of Anarchism
  174. Libertarian Blind Spot
  175. Truthout Chimpout - not a video
  176. The Children of Moloch vs. People of the Center
  177. Senate GOP to try to force health care repeal vote
  178. Obama is the Messiah afterall.
  179. 'Sarah Palin' gets trademarked
  180. At CIA, grave mistakes, then promotions
  181. Rahm Emanuel wins Chicago mayoral vote
  182. Hillary
  183. President Barack Obama gets locked out of White House
  184. He's back! Arnold returns to acting in 'Governator'
  185. Obama: "I just miss - I miss being anonymous,"
  186. netanyahoo speech ?
  187. Biden's brother hospitalized after powder scare
  188. Our Enemy, The State
  189. Paul Craig Roberts - The Next War on Washingtons Agenda
  190. Jamaica PM suggests island could vote soon on cutting ties to British monarchy
  191. John McCain says US should be 'ashamed'
  192. Romney narrows VP choice, Condi emerges as frontrunner
  193. Power Elite
  194. David Ben-Gurion
  195. Prescott Bush
  196. John Foster Dulles
  197. Theodor Herzl
  198. Adolph Hitler
  199. Drunken Fools Staggering in Vomit
  200. Trotskyites for Romney
  201. The Ultimate historical congress Infographic
  202. The Ultimate historical congress Infographic
  203. Rand Paul Thinks It's OK To Kill U.S. Citizens With Drones On American Soil
  204. Voting in the USA
  205. Jewish Names, Good Webcast explaining them
  206. AltInvestorshangout: Orgins and History of Marxism and Leftism
  207. They still reelected him...lol.
  208. The Sea Hag in 2016
  209. PUTIN just another oligarch Jew
  210. Never Forget 9/11 - The True Story of Pinochet
  211. Vote...again.
  212. Mass Immigration Turning Virginia Blue
  213. A letter from Hitler to his Commanding Officer...
  214. Jeb Bush Linked to Drug Cartels . . . . . . . . . .
  215. SJW Feminists whine about mean tweets, ignore real rape culture
  216. trump, huck only repugs against social security profiling
  217. Non-Aggression Principle is Bullshit
  218. Open Borders - A Jewish Issue
  219. Which Would Be Better?
  220. Fun
  221. Remember That Taxation Without Representation Thing? Its Happening Again
  222. Socialism
  223. "Somebody needs to pay for all my children!"
  224. Obama Administration to Revise Total GDP Growth Down 2%
  225. We're at DefCon3! Why wasn't I told?
  226. Clinton's $100 Million Voter Registration SECRET
  227. The fruit of 8 years under Obama
  228. Chillin With The Neighbors
  229. "They Bus People Around to Vote"
  230. Trump Speech - Florida 10/13/2016
  231. But Obama said there's no such thing as voter fraud....
  232. Trump Promotion by Alt-Right extroadinaire Alex Jones et al.
  233. Trump gets 306 Electoral votes....or does he??
  234. Their own people say Islam is evil??!!??
  235. Jews and Non-Jews warring at the White House...
  236. Marijuana and the Negro...
  237. Kansas age limits on running for Governor.
  238. I'm An Englishman
  239. This WALL in Israel was paid for by American Taxpayers
  240. The lobby: How Israel influences politics in Britain and USA.
  241. a link to C J Bjerkness thread and select video's
  242. Netanyahu Optomistic Israel Can Use Political Pressure to Shutdown ICC WarCrimes Pr
  243. How Donald Trump Deceived His Christian Followers
  244. My helmet only works if 75% of bicyclists wear them.
  245. Biden Family Connection to China's Lithium Battery Manufacturer and The Afghanistan W