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  1. Constitution for these United States
  2. The Declaration of Independence: The US CONstitution FLAW
  3. Private property isn't estate
  4. Both wings of the same vulture
  5. Marxism 101
  6. Disinformation Eradication - Ignorance Amputation Pt. 1
  7. Are you a "person liable"?
  8. America, the most Dangerous Nation
  9. Follow the debt.....
  10. Adrian Salbuchi's call for a new Republic
  11. John Quade explains the difference between a citizen and a soveriegn.
  12. Land Patents
  13. Worst Case Scenario
  14. Take stupid out of Democracy
  15. Question: At what point does a man gives up or waives his Natural Rights?
  16. Acting as a Sovereign in a court of record and access to common law
  17. Public schools telling lies regarding Constitution and money
  18. Test Your American
  19. The US CONstitution has been suspended
  20. PAC: The Red Amendment
  21. UCC 1-207 Question
  22. "We don't need any grounds. We're the United States."
  23. Is U.S. Now On Slippery Slope To Tyranny?
  24. Tax laws and statutory "wages"
  25. Property Taxes on Housing by State
  26. Pastor Manning calls For Congress to Review Jury Transcript and Arrest Obama
  27. How long b4 the framers become widely dismissed as racists/white supremacists?
  28. Question with boldness - Oppose ignorance
  29. All land is not estate
  30. People's Democratic Socialist Republic of America
  31. Why Government Is Rarely The Solution
  32. Transforming America
  33. Pledge of Allegiance = unAmerican
  34. Defining Lawful Money
  35. There is No "Fourteenth Amendment"!
  36. What Ever Happened to the Constitution? | Andrew Napolitano
  37. Judge Napolitano - 14th Amendment - 08/10/10
  38. How the Constitution is subverted by Dr. Tom Woods
  39. Wheat, Weed, and ObamaCare: How the Commerce Clause Made Congress All-Powerful
  40. DBS and 1215.org: Lots of key info about sovereignty and how to secure it.
  41. Carl Miller Non-lawyer,
  42. The Money That Is Sold Abroad Is You!
  43. Seized for non payment of property tax
  44. WaPost writer: "Constitution has no binding power on anything"
  45. About Allodial Tittle........
  46. Fraudulent Court system exemplified on a traffic ticket case
  47. Constitution Question I just read...
  48. About Allodial Tittle........my findings.
  49. Dave Merrill on redeeming non-endorsed, non-expandable lawful money
  50. Luis Ewing hasn't had a drivers license since 1996.
  51. We’ve Gone from a Nation of Laws to a Nation of Powerful Men Making Laws in Secr
  52. Man removes his property from tax rolls and link to book that guided the process
  53. The fine print: North Dakota may not be a state
  54. Law vs Legal / Republic - Brother Gregory
  55. Property the Holy Grail audio by George Gordon
  56. Constitution Halts Sheriff
  57. legalese
  58. As sands through the hourglass.....
  59. U.S. statutes only apply to land owned by the U.S.A.
  60. Pro-se winners talkshoe 12/07/2012 09:00 PM EST 3:12:06 EPISODE43
  61. House-to-house search in usa neighborhood
  62. The Soveriegn Individual is NOT a Citizen
  63. We Are Your Enemy
  64. "Visions of Benjamin Franklin" as learned in our public schools now...
  65. Sharpton: Make a Federal law against whites killing blacks in self-defense
  66. Constitution Seminar, common law + other topics
  67. Freedom
  68. A great source for historical insight into "our" laws, customs and religion.
  69. Not The Soda
  70. In Roman Law- Commerce is considered both a crime and sin
  71. Making our Constitution Great Again
  72. Essential Knowledge for Every American to Know from Judge Anna
  73. Wait! Wait! Listen to me!
  74. Best paper summarizing the fraud upon the American people.
  75. Anna explains the fraud committed by the corporation called THE UNITED STATES
  76. Admiralty law on land
  77. qwsa
  78. What 300 Million Americans Need to Know . . .
  79. Reclaim your good name and bring it back to the lland.
  80. Judge Anna von Reitz: Come out of Babylon
  81. Judge Anna von Reitz: Postmasters and Post Masters, Who Has the Post Master?
  82. James Comey and Loretta Lynch Should Be Impeached
  83. Ralph Winterrowd: how they replaced the republic with a democracy
  84. INVOKE the Constitutional LAWS of the Republic
  85. Ralph Winterrowd: Our scam corrupt court system run by Lieyers.
  87. Your Two Documents Of Birth
  88. United States National: a Remedy That Cannot Be Stopped or Side-Stepped or Ignored
  89. Trump Supporter needs Shield and Club
  90. Remedy: Shed your all capital NAME by redeeming it
  91. Your Political Status and Your Oaths
  92. Issues of Sovereignty – by James Belcher
  93. Mayhem and Misunderstanding in Illinois
  94. About the Supposedly “Missing” Original 13th Amendment
  95. Kris Anne Hall 14th, 15th and 19th Amendments: Unnecessary, Irrelevant and Dangerous
  96. Why Clinging to Your Chains is Not the Answer
  97. There is no law that forces us to be US CITIZENS.
  98. Collapsing the Fraud — April 15th is a National Holiday
  99. Social Security Numbers can only be issued to federal “employees” / “citizens”
  100. Is the U.S. Federal gov at war with us? Mike Brown thinks it is.
  101. Everything you know about the united states and its laws is wrong !
  102. How to Correct Your Political Status and Why
  103. The Bail Reform Act of 1984 is not an ACT OF CONGRESS; Here is the proof
  104. The united states “c asino”
  105. Escaping the Traps of Corporate Impostor Government
  106. Step by Step -- What You've All Been Screaming For -- Part One & Part Two
  107. An Education on the Birth Certificate from Frank O'Collins:
  108. Anna at the Texas Republic meeting
  109. your DD214 is not a discharge from "US citizenship"
  110. Take your UN and put where the sun don't shine.
  111. Sui Juris by Pamela Gaston THE TRUTH IN THE RECORD
  112. Anna: In order to operate in your private capacity you need an indemnity bond
  113. The "Secret" of 1954..all the courts in America stopped hearing Common Law Pleas
  114. Anyone subject to government regulations is owned by the government
  115. Anna von Reitz: Answers to Questions
  116. 18 USC 911 Whoever falsely and willfully represents himself to be a citizen of the US
  117. USA: We failed to self-govern; Those aren’t your courts
  118. Remedy negates fraud and ignorance of remedy, gives probable deniability.
  119. :FEDERAL - POSTMASTER - GENERAL :Russell - Jay: Gould
  120. Is everything here irrelevant now in 2018?
  121. Boris explains how the lieyers were just protecting our interests.
  122. gemstoneuniversity.org: An education site for a private society PanTerra D'Oro
  123. The Ralph Winterrowd show.
  124. Colorado Senate passes bill to essentially eliminate Electoral College
  125. How the State steals your car and gives you a piece of paper for it, called Title.
  126. "Dual Sovereignty Doctrine" obviously is Double Jeopardy
  127. Gibson's Suits in, Chancery
  128. Ron Gibson on allodial title via your land patent
  129. The very first thing the very first Congress did it at the very beginning
  130. Anna von Reitz: FAQ
  131. US Citizen or US National?
  132. Anna von Reitz; My (BJ) take: Is it possible to bring back the republic?
  133. The First American Public Law in Over a Century
  134. Greatest Story Never Told - Until Now
  135. Chris Hauser on commerce, trusts, conditional acceptance, 1099A, etc.
  136. Roger Sayles; govt by deception via the treachery of words.
  137. Jesus said, "Swear no oaths,"