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  1. Drilling expansion dead in US Congress
  2. Public opinion turning against Obama on oil spill
  3. O
  4. Gulf of Mexico especially chosen for spill
  5. Cutting pipe live now
  6. BP Shares
  7. BP Oil Leak May Last Until Christmas in Worst Case Scenario.
  8. Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Economic Impact
  9. Gulf Oil Spill: Relief Wells Are Risky, Could Actually Make Spill Worse
  10. BP live feeds link
  11. Goldman sachs sold 44% of its B.P. Stock 3 weeks before the spill
  12. BP's New 9/11 in the Gulf of Mexico
  13. BP Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Lessons Learned and Needed Actions (this is good)
  14. MAP OF THE DAY: The Most Frightening Oil Projection Yet
  15. Oil Could Reach Atlantic Coast
  16. Director James Cameron says BP turned down help offer
  17. Jindal Challenges Obama Drill Ban, Cites Loss of 20,000 Jobs
  18. How big is the oil disaster? in your area?.........
  19. Breaking: Coast Guard confirms oil sheen in Florida Keys;
  20. 30 Shocking Quotes About The Gulf Of Mexico Oil Spill
  21. Obama Regime: Nuclear Option on Gulf Oil Spill? No Way, U.S. Says
  22. oil volcano...several live feeds here
  23. Jim McCanney Show (covers oil spill)
  24. Gulf oil gusher conspiracy cover-up
  25. http://rawstory.com/rs/2010/0604/bp-feds-videos-showed-magnitude-spill-secret/
  26. BP's Top Two Officials On Rig Are No-Shows At Crucial Hearing.
  27. Now A Natural Gas Well Is Spewing Uncontrollably In Pennsylvania!
  28. BP's television ad blitz $50,000,000.
  29. The blow out of the oil well was on........
  30. Florida coast suffers first impact from oil spill.===the beginning.
  31. Obama: "I Will Not Rest Until That Hole Is Plugged. Now Watch This Drive."
  32. Coast Guard Forms Panel for Ideas to Mop Up Oil Spill.
  33. Since there is now plenty of tar on the Gulf beaches....
  34. Holy cow, check out the ammount of oil coming out...........
  35. A Series Of Lucky Coincidences Involving Goldman Sachs And BP plc
  36. Sarah Palin claims environmentalists caused the Gulf oil spill
  37. BP oil spill is nothing new
  38. Breaking: BP Gulf Oil Spill Toxic Rain Falls on Cars, Ground, Central Texas
  39. Ex-oil official: Agency is a 'culture of corruption'
  40. Oil leak is supposed to be less than before.......my rear end.
  41. The Cover-up: BP's Crude Politics and the Looming Environmental Mega-Disaster
  42. Senator confirms reports that wellbore is pierced; oil seeping from seabed in mu
  43. BP buys Google, Yahoo oil spill search terms
  44. Dems intend to repackage cap and trade in 'BP Spill Bill"
  45. Flames in the underwater volcano (Gulf Oil Disaster)
  46. 2nd hr Rense tonight (8PM PT): From FL Juliyanna The Huge Oil Impact
  47. Goldman Sachs owns dispersant company poisoning the Gulf
  48. This oil spill is Humpty Dumpty
  49. FOC Oil Boom
  50. BP stock falling into the ABYSS
  51. Why Did The U.S. Refuse International Help on The Gulf Oil Spill?
  52. Approaching the point of no return on the oil volcano?
  53. BP tests oil in gulf... Ocean not saturated enough... more oil to come
  54. Jesse Jumps on BP
  55. Journalist dives into Gulf, can only see oil
  56. Crisis in the gulf.
  57. Attorney: Deepwater Horizon Managers Knew About Oil Rig Problem Before Explosi
  58. Matt Simmons on BP: "about a month before they declare Chapter 11"
  59. Bullets Shatter Glass at BP Gas Station
  60. Thinking about BP and chapter 11........
  61. 4,000 Active Oil and Gas Platforms in Gulf
  62. Witness statement says bosses knew Gulf oil rig disaster was 'gonna happen'
  63. BP faces a new nightmare as oil causes Florida swimming ban
  64. CNN "100+ residents admitted to hospital for oil fumes"
  65. Can we privately start deploying microbes to the Gulf oil disaster?
  66. Olbermann "doomsday scenario with oil leak"
  67. Gulf Oil Spill ‘Could Go Years’ If Not Dealt With
  68. Vatican Official Tied To BP, Goldman Sachs And Media Censorship In The Oil Fiasc
  69. Lindsey Williams speaks about BP Oil Catastrophe Part 1 of 4
  70. Why they cannot cap the oil well.......
  71. Team says much more oil may have flowed from well
  72. Appeasing the oil gods - it's all clear to me now, brute force is the cure
  73. FAA is closing down the Gulf of Mexico to 'unauthorized' aircraft
  74. Additional BP Tankers Aren't Expected Until July
  75. national guard staging for mass evacuations from oil catastrophe
  76. Naples, Florida and the oil catastrophe
  77. Oil Spill Health Dangers Benzene
  78. BP Spills Coffee
  79. BP can't understand why their stock is falling??? Please help!
  80. Which is the greater disaster? Chernobyl or the Macondo well blowout disaster?
  81. This guy says its not an oil spill
  82. Containment boom effort comes up short in BP oil spill
  83. Big Oil races to drill deep in the Gulf of Mexico
  84. Progress on BP Spill Containment, But Is It Safe to Swim?
  85. Boycott Big Oil? Prepare to give up your lifestyle
  86. The BP Deep water horizon, Macondo Well Blowout. and what we are facing in the G
  87. US says 13 nations and UN offering oil spill help (AP)
  88. aerial pictures of gulf disaster
  89. Freedom Domain on the BP oil disaster
  90. Dylan Ratigan & Matt Simmons "Oil could flow for 30+ years"
  91. BP cleanup cost soars as spill estimates double.
  92. BP Official Admits to Damage BENEATH THE SEA FLOOR.
  93. 30 Shocking Quotes About The Gulf Of Mexico Oil Spill
  94. unofficial "choose a date for BP Bankruptcy"?
  95. BP Disaster - Disaster Capitalism at its "Finest" (Worst) ?
  96. Black is white, up is down - do not question us concerning that!
  97. Just as we expected, end game!
  98. Evidence indicates damage to subsea wellbore (per BP)
  99. Heads up: Gulf states and Florida
  100. Disappeared body counts means -- disappeared liability for BP
  101. the canary in the coal mine
  102. Florida - summer of 2011
  103. MARTIAL LAW ALERT: Gulf Coast Evacuation Scenario.
  104. The BP Oil Spill May Be Bad, But This Cover Up is Far More Deadly
  105. ROV films oil leak coming from rock cracks on seafloor.
  106. I do not see large scale forced evacuations before August
  107. Live cam from oil "leak" ............anyone?
  108. the real reason we are in afganistan...........1 trillion in unmined deposits
  109. Could the oil spill actually stop a hurricane?
  110. Gulf Evacuations
  111. Schlumberger and the Gulf Oil Syndrome (GOS)
  112. Tenth Circle of Hell being delayed by BP oil disaster!
  113. One ton tarball. Perido Pass Florida.
  114. - WHY NOT oil eating bacteria?
  115. They're not capping this one and it's been on fire since 1971!
  116. BP Death Clouds Already Onshore! Benzene-3400ppb & Hyrdrogen Sulfide-1200ppb TOX
  117. Oil spills are all the rage
  118. Obamatron says come on down... nothing wrong in gulf...
  119. Data released by EPA confirms lindsey williams
  120. BP Spraying Corexit over populated areas?
  121. Boston Molasses Disaster - 1919
  122. more info on the oil volcano
  123. BP hires private security contractors to guard ‘black water’.
  124. The Pirates of Dark Water
  125. Oil Disaster Will Be End of Life As We Know It
  126. The situation begs the question: Why isn't someone like Gen. Honoré in charge???
  127. Okaloosa County isn’t taking oil spill orders any more.
  128. Richard C. Hoagland: the oil catastrophe hasn't begun yet
  129. Power Blackouts And Water Shortages Threaten Florida
  130. BP Suspends Oil Spill Recovery After Ship Fire
  131. The short film BP (and the USG) doesn't want you to see
  132. HAM Radio info for the Gulf
  133. BP gulf oil spill dual valve adapter for broken BOP riser flange.
  134. Dr. Masaru Emoto's Healing Prayer For The Gulf
  135. 120,000 bpd; 40% Gulf covered; Need to nuke
  136. Inhabitants of the Earth... Get Out Now!
  137. Ron Paul: Oil and Gold
  138. About the nuke option
  139. Jones Act Slowing Oil Spill Cleanup?
  140. Halliburton Buys Boots & Coots a week before the Gulf Disaster
  141. No way to stop it, end game in sight
  142. Citi Plans to Halt Some Foreclosures Near Gulf Spill
  143. NASA Satellite Image of oil along the coastline between Miami and Virginia
  144. Oil Odor in Mobile
  145. If it can rain fish then what about tar balls?
  146. Alex Jones' disappointing oil crisis coverage
  147. Gulf Oil Disaster Picture thread
  148. BP “horribly negligent” when completing well
  149. Follow the oil spill here with a lot of maps and sats photos...........
  150. “Billion potential barrels of oil” under BP’s ruptured well"
  151. Senator Bill Nelson "there’s reports of oil that’s seeping up from the seabed…"
  152. Possible Motivations to Create Environmental Mega-Disaster
  153. BP, Nalco Sued Over Dispersant Used in Gulf Spill
  154. Gulf Oil Spill "Could Go on for Years and Years" ...
  155. Judge favored by BP has financial ties to oil industry
  156. Oil disaster by the numbers
  157. First dead whale found
  158. ...And In the On-Deck Circle for the BP Compensation Trough...
  159. Trustees for America filed Lis Pendens against Crown re: BPetrol at Hague 6/15
  160. Jindal tries to save LA beaches, USCG stops it over extinguishers, vests regs
  161. Disposal of tainted sludge (BP saying waste is not toxic)
  162. What is worst name to call a oil rig
  163. Dead whale found near oil spill..........
  164. 3 articles - "ecological disaster beyond comprehension" - and then some
  165. Foreign flagging of offshore rigs skirts U.S. safety rules.
  166. BP scaring the crap out of people: dispersants having laxative effect on Floridi
  167. Air quality - Gulf Coast
  168. Asphalt volcanoes & speculation
  169. saw multpiple convoys this morning
  170. Florida Gov visits microbe plant
  171. BP Aware Of Cracks In Oil Well Two Months Before Explosion
  172. BP exec says relief well within 200 feet of blown well
  173. BP Oil Spill - One step ahead of the end game - Thinking outside the box
  174. Tony Hayward relieved of day-to-day responsibility for spill
  175. Scientists Warn Gulf Of Mexico Sea Floor Fractured Beyond Repair
  176. CNN's Larry King to host 2-hour telethon Monday to aid victims of the Gulf of Me
  177. Oil-Gate: New Facts Diabolical
  178. Kevin Costner Kicks Obamas ASS
  179. is Florida about to Die?
  180. BP hosing populated coastline with Corexit at night
  181. Gulf Oil Showing Radiation In New Test
  182. sickness follows spill workers home to texas
  183. Rikki Ott reports residents falling ill (6/14)
  184. wave & wind finder for gulf
  185. As oil spews in Gulf, BP chief at UK yacht race
  186. As oil spews in Gulf, BP chief at UK yacht race
  187. Who Died And Made BP King Of The Gulf Of Mexico?
  188. North America faces years of toxic oil rain from BP oil spill chemical dispersan
  189. How the ultimate BP Gulf disaster could kill millions = 3 pages.
  190. Oil spill cleanup aid from overseas comes with a price tag
  191. Many foreign offers to help with oil spill still hanging, website indicates
  192. Did White House Shake Down BP for $20B Fund?
  193. Philosophical view of BP oil spill
  194. Oil Cleanup Workers Not Paid On Time.
  195. BP Oil Spill: As Pay Czar Promises Money, Workers Turned Away From BP Claims Cen
  196. Matthew Lynn - BP Needs to Tell Whining Americans to 'Take A Hike'
  197. Death cloud followed by tsunami
  198. Joel Skousen debunks Lindsey Williams
  199. Palm Beach Florida to post signs warning of oil in the water
  200. Marine Center Director: “Never seen anything like this”; 10 whale 23 miles....
  201. Internal BP Document Confirms Matt Simmons' Worst Case Prediction Of Spill Rate
  202. BP Executives And US Regulators Bushwhacked All Forms Of Life
  203. Behold A Pale Horse
  204. In 1903, Cabalist Banker Prophesied Gulf Apocalypse
  205. Very high level of concern for the integrity of the well
  206. Corexit = 2-Butoxyethanol, a neurotoxin, along with arsenic, cadmium, cyanide
  207. Could aliens clean up Gulf spill?
  208. Oil Found in Oyster at Restaurant?
  209. Webbots and the oil spill
  210. Oil reported just offshore Cuba.;
  211. God's Work? Luck? Or Lawbreaking?
  212. MSM (HuffPo) talking about Methane/Tsunami worst case scenario
  213. BP's First Nightmare Is Now Named Alex:Tropical Storm Heading For Gulf Of Mexico
  214. BP is burning endangered sea turtles alive.
  215. One has to wonder about the BP thing....
  216. Obama Administration Knew About Deepwater Horizon 35,000 Feet Well Bore, Green-L
  217. Good Article on Economic Effects of Gulf Oil Spill
  218. John Stossel on Bill O'Reilly - BP Shakedown
  219. 1
  220. The Gusher Camera Viewing thread
  221. Each day, another way to define worst-case for oil spill
  222. Bashing BP (For Doing Exactly What Government Led Them to Do)
  223. Cap is off the blowout oil well in the gulf
  224. Ron Paul calls $20 billion BP escrow fund a 'PR stunt,' 'suspicious'
  225. Oil soaks miles of Pensacola Beach
  226. Methane
  227. Deadly Fumes from T.S. Agatha to hit FLA
  228. Fisherman's Wife Kindra Arnesen Takes On BP Over Spill Health .
  229. Will the Rothchilds owned Zionist Puppet, Peter Mandelson be the next BP chief?
  230. suspicious oil spill, suspicious suicide
  231. "FEMA has prepared an evacuation plan for Floridians..."
  232. virtually all valdez clean up workers dead, avg age 51
  233. Several clips, interesting video
  234. Judge Napolitano on the Shakedown of BP 06/24/10
  235. Oilpocalypse: Divers' underwater video of BP oil spill disaster
  236. Relief may not come soon for BP's runaway well
  237. Matt Simmons "we need to evacuate the Gulf"
  238. Benzene And Hydrogen Sulfide: The Real Dangers From The Gulf Of Mexico Oil Spill
  239. Methane in Gulf "astonishingly high": U.S. scientist
  240. Urgent - Radioactive Oil From BP Blowout!
  241. Judge Napolitano v. Shepard Smith on the gulf oil spill
  242. EXCLUSIVE! OIL SPILL IN GULF - Hand of God? Connection to Israel?
  243. weather channel special tonight on oil spill(evacuations discussed)
  244. Blood of Earth....BP oil spill....
  245. Interesting pic of the Surf
  246. Sen Lemieux "Govt is refusing help with oil spill"
  247. Oil on Pensacola Beach
  248. Gulf Coast Toxicity Syndrome (very good)
  249. Panama City FL - People Vomiting, Respiratory Illnesses
  250. listen live to Gulf Area fire and rescue calls (sick folks)