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  1. Australian 'angel' saves lives at suicide spot....something nice for a change..
  2. Take a break from gloom for something beautiful.
  3. Virtual tour of the Basilica of ST.John Lateran
  4. Ever Seen the Christian the Lion Video ?
  5. This is a bad sign
  6. Classical Music
  7. Lost my corkscrew...
  8. Financial Collapse Coming: Positve View
  9. 10 Unbelievable, Unlikely Animal Friendships
  10. cool dog and cat videos
  12. MOVED: TSA To Block Websites With “Controversial Opinions”
  13. The Rats Are Cornered
  14. de jure Republic of the United States has been restored!!!
  15. This guy has got it made!
  16. Brazilian men swapped at birth work, families now live together
  17. Playful whales
  18. Yahoo!!!
  19. Lost wallet returned 5 years later, with cash inside
  20. Solar Highways made of Glass.
  21. In a shift, more companies deciding to make, not buy
  22. In Louisiana, signs of regrowth seen in oiled marshes
  23. 2nd hand intel from Europe@Hague re: Return to Gold Standard.
  24. Armless Pianist Liu Wei Defies Odds On 'China's Got Talent'
  25. Today's Minnesota trophy tale: 'I freaked out'
  26. Surfs up!
  27. Can we 'choose' happiness or is it a matter of circumstance and genes?
  28. life is like a cup of coffee
  29. What do you call a guy...
  30. What will one 1/10 gold coin buy you?
  31. Surf Contest @ Lowers starts Sunday September 12
  32. Israel did 9/11, ALL THE PROOF IN THE WORLD!
  33. Great News!
  34. Tracking the 19 Hijackers – 9 Still Alive Set Record as Worst Suicide Bombers in
  35. Just a happy thought
  36. Well ... it's Good News for the Sharks & Marine Biologists
  37. Well ... it's Good News for the Sharks & Marine Biologists
  38. Well ... it's Good News for the Sharks & Marine Biologists
  39. GOAL ! Japanese Soccer PLayer Channels Pele
  40. Quiksilver Pro in Hossegor France
  41. Chelene Nightingale on The John and Ken Show - LISTEN HERE
  42. Car makers report relatively strong month
  43. YIPPIE !!! No Need For GSUS or GIM2 or Latoc or Doom Anymore
  44. Frog Found In Frozen Veggies
  45. On Joy and Sorrow - Kahlil Gibran
  46. Feeling Sorry For Yourself?
  47. Amazing Tribute To A Fallen Soldier
  48. Guy With No Arms Shoots A 1911
  49. Crabby Old Man
  50. Married 10 Years and Committed 12
  51. Heartwarming True Story, Dec 31 DRUDGE
  52. Bad Day for Junk Science - Good News For Humanity
  53. Man Shot in Head - Sneezes Out Bullet !
  54. The Days are staying Lighter Later!!!
  55. Lone Nepali Soldier Defends Potential Rape Victim Against 40 Men
  56. If this doesn't tickle your funny bone nothing will
  57. Why America Will Stay On Top
  58. tsunami survivor found on floating roof 10 miles out at sea
  59. Dignity in Japan
  60. Antarctica, 1961: A Soviet Surgeon Has to Remove His Own Appendix
  61. Shelterbox
  62. Glen Beck gets sacked by Fox
  63. The Power of Words
  64. RELAX
  65. In 'unprecedented' advance, paralyzed man takes few steps
  66. An Honest Man
  67. 300 Kids Receive Free Bikes
  68. We are blessed
  69. A 'Dear Abby' for the down and out
  70. Living and Leaving
  71. 63 yr old fights back & saves self and wife from robber
  72. Dean Clifford - the Name, the Trust, your Role in Court
  73. Qualcomm Stadium server trips, loses $1,000 and Chargers fans give it all back
  74. Brain Dead? Doctors Said Yes, Patients Proved Otherwise
  75. Terminally ill woman gets her last wish granted
  76. SilverShield: The Ultimate Exit Strategy
  77. Good deed quickly repaid on Wisconsin highway
  78. Little SLV^GLD is in the oven
  79. I layed on the horn !
  80. Paralympian eyes Olympic glory after "miracle" crash
  81. Greeks Abandoning Fiat Currency - Transitioning to Bartering and Time Banking
  82. Anonymous donors pay off Kmart layaway accounts
  83. Sportsmanship
  84. Amazing photos of Kanzi the bonobo lighting a fire and cooking a meal
  85. Motivational Video
  86. Change your Words, Change your World
  87. Life is Like Coffee
  88. Incredible Dolphin Rescue - 30 Dolphins Stranded and Saved
  89. Paul Stamets: 6 ways mushrooms can save the world MUST WATCH
  90. Angel formation appears in Clouds
  91. The 2 Second Club
  92. VIDEO: Amazing Rescue of a Stray Dog, With Incredible Ending
  93. The Hemloft
  94. Amazing photo shoot.
  95. Abundance
  96. What Doesn't Kill You, Makes You Stronger
  97. Do you Live in Fear or Love
  98. Blue Ball Machine
  99. Profound Photo
  100. I want to drink red wine....
  101. "Do it Anyway"
  102. Ever have one of those just amazing experiences?
  103. Private open currency
  104. Utah Town Ordinance Calls for Guns in Every Home, Every Classroom
  105. TSA to drop X-ray airport scanners by June because of privacy concerns; other scanner
  106. "Nuclear Power Is Dead"
  107. Tranquility after the storm
  108. Love the greatest potential in a participatory interactive cosmos
  109. 7 Principles of an Eagle
  110. AntiRacist Hitler
  111. Lawyers are six times more likely to kill themselves than the general population
  112. high diving giraffes
  113. Babylon before Hitler
  114. I think this thread belongs in this GSUS section
  115. Photo of Myles Kerr and Boden Fuchs goes Viral...
  116. Police officers replace boy's stolen bike
  117. Positive compilation of Russian dash cams
  118. Gun Control Rally Turns into NRA Gun Rights Rally in Ohio
  119. Good Deed Doer's ...are they full of vices?
  120. Jaw-Dropping Commercial
  121. Fireman Saves Kitten
  122. Sea Otters
  123. William Thomas Todd, 91
  124. "I got into television because I hated it so..."
  125. Flashmob of one in Oberhausen
  126. chindit13 says...
  127. White Female Clerk Shot, Returns Fire & Kills Black Robber
  128. Little girl in wheelchair crying...
  129. I imagine the best place for this video is in this GSUS Section
  130. Ukrainian Protestors Topple Lenin Statue
  131. somebody seems to have Reasons For Hope
  132. Most Feared City in Nebraska
  133. Ninth Circuit Strikes Down CA Law Restricting Concealed Carry
  134. Just one thing
  135. Just because
  136. WI Lumberjack rescues BLACK BEAR with milk can stuck on head
  137. Dedicated to all the new parents
  138. Family Catches Christmas Burglars, Holds Them at Gunpoint in Middle of TV Interview
  139. Whorehouse Sues Local Church Over Lightning Strike
  140. What a great day today is.
  141. Luke Rudkowski: Things are improving despite how most things seem to be getting worse
  142. Great news! Somalia gets it's first ATM machine
  143. I found an honest mechanic
  144. Enjoy your BACON. Thank you, lard !
  145. Cinco de Mayo
  146. Inspiring and Amazing Cancer Recovery video and article
  147. Launching off the beach
  148. China Stock market slump could be an opportunity to invest
  149. Drones over Dolphins
  150. Billions in Change Official Film
  151. Santa
  152. Top That
  153. Negro Christian Choir uplifts lovesick suicidal White Cuck Singer
  154. IT IS NOW A LAW:Insist to speak to a customer service representative in the USA.
  155. "I miss DaD"
  156. Horse Trainer
  157. the united States of America belongs to us if we have the guts to take it back
  158. Jews in Decline
  159. Zen Sand
  160. Brian Regan...hilarious standup comic
  161. Pat Metheny - "Are You Going With Me"
  162. Skyim Belongs to the Nords
  163. 6 White Pills - RamZPaul
  164. Big-Ass Firework Goes Airborne
  165. Orcas hunting! seal jumps in the boat
  166. Boises Municipal Park renamed for Olympian Kristin Armstrong
  167. Gypsies forced out of Ukrainian village
  168. Relaxing and Inspiring to watch at the same time...
  169. Good News...Reason For Hope
  170. Adidas Break Free
  171. Did Obama Leave a Parting Gift for Taxpayers? You may want to check this out:
  172. Coconut suger
  173. Go outside and get some fresh air and sunshine
  174. Arizona Legislature Ends Income Taxation On Gold And Silver
  175. The Present
  176. Professor predicts humanity wiped out within 10 years due to climate change! :)
  177. Good news? Bwaahaaaaaa
  178. Meanwhile in Nature...
  179. Buddy
  180. Jordan Peterson - Leftist Mumbo Jumbo
  181. Tim Berners-Lee tells us his radical new plan to upend the World Wide Web
  182. Enough.
  183. Poor dog
  184. Irony
  185. Science Paper Booboos !
  186. I Think My Dog's a Democrat
  187. There are a few TRUE American heroes and patriots left - Here is one of them
  188. Funny little 2 minute video
  189. You've got a friend in me
  190. DIY Face Mask Tutorial With Kay
  191. New fun song about Biden
  192. QUESTION EVERYTHING 2020 CONFERENCE, Austin, TX (14-15 November 2020)
  193. Irish Girls
  194. We're not going to take it anymore, Twisted Sister
  195. John Wayne does Wyatt Earp
  196. Couple defends themselves with their weapons and BLM backs down -- SWEET
  197. God Bless the USA - I'm Proud to be an American
  198. nice song title
  199. U.S. officially withdraws from World Health Organization
  200. Trump trumps Minnesota Governor Walz's chutzpah 16 million request for federal funds
  201. Disturbing and disappointing but truthful commentary is Good News
  202. Greta has been repurposed.
  203. Missouri upholing of Second Amendment - Exemplary for right to keep and bear arms
  204. Baby girl shows how to overcome not enough love in the world
  205. Eminem's Ballot
  206. New Pro-Trump "YT Channel - done in Q style
  207. Exclusive from Gen. Flynn: This Is My Letter to America
  208. Democrat Convention on Zoom - Positive Insight -
  209. RENEGADE STATE: The Four Families of California
  210. Say what?
  211. Seattle pays ex-pimp $150,000 to offer alternatives to policing
  212. DJT visits Saginaw Michigan - Homesteading Disabled Vet family attends
  213. "We're Not Going to Take it Anymore"
  214. "New Revelations on the COVID Death Count" by J.P. Sears
  215. I Don't Care WHO You Are...This Should Flippin' BLOW YOU AWAY!!!
  216. Deadliest boogie combo ever!
  217. October LBT history month - Oreo special edition cookie
  218. Stealing Millions through Real Estate Fraud | Matt Cox | Part 1 | Fresh Out Interview
  219. American Hero
  220. TRUMP TRAIN | Worlds Longest Semi With Trump Livery
  221. Emily & Henrietta
  222. Mosaic of Kamala Harris
  223. More Great News Nov 11 2020 7:30 pm Central
  224. Do you Know this man?
  225. axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand
  226. "OKLAHOMA TERRITORY" 1860 Western movie Enjoy
  227. "We hold these truths to be.. well, you know, you know the thing"
  228. Gretch the Wretch and Satan Santa gaslight the kiddies
  229. A Communist Christmas
  230. If Califofornia was a person
  231. Happy New Year
  232. Best Jingle Bells Boogie - Woogie !!! Christmas, public piano, St. Pancras, London
  233. Where's Nancy?
  234. THE LAST DAY OF THE REPUBLIC -- from The Force Awakens
  235. Reasons for Hope
  236. "troops had disrespected him " ?
  237. Dr. Patrick Slattery gets interview pf Biden on January 20 ?
  238. "Tear it Down" by Poker Face
  239. Hitotorical fact supports truth
  240. United States Is a Corporation? How Trump and Kennedy Tried To Change The Country
  241. NewsMax just threw itself in the garbage forever
  242. Discussion of Multi-Level Marketing
  243. Elisey Mysin, Russian chuid piano prodigy plays Rachmanivov
  244. Is this "Decadent White Privelege" ?
  245. If you like very old Western movies, you'll enjoy this old jewel today.
  246. Nothing fishy here
  247. Two Great Italiano Crooners
  248. Wow so much TERRIBLE vaccine news. Fraud! Covid "Prototype"?
  249. 5 year old boy plays 'Abide With Me' on a 5 Manual Allen Organ
  250. Stand and Deliiver, Eric Clapton and Van Morrison