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  1. Earthquake Japan: 7.9 **Updated to a 8.9 quake**
  2. Am in Philippines, my perspective on Japan quake/tsunami/nuke plant
  3. What if the Jap reactor Blows??? what will be the effect on the Western USA???
  4. has anyone found a reliable source to track incoming radiation?
  5. Is it me or is nikkei down over 6 percent?
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  7. Japan shuts down as economic fears grow
  8. Potassium Iodide pills are recommended to protect people from radioactivity
  9. Why is there no looting in Japan?
  10. Worst Nightmare? Nuclear meltdown threat as Fukushima fuel rods 'fully exposed'
  11. The reality of the Radiation Leaks in Japan
  12. Audio on nuclear plant meltdowns
  13. Japanese don't loot because they trust their government, Americans loot because
  14. Is the Japanese earthquake the latest natural disaster to have been caused by a
  15. Workers at Japan's damaged nuclear power plant evacuate
  16. Japan earthquake: Japan warned over nuclear plants 2 years ago
  17. Dont worry- Glenn Beck shows us how Radiation is contained....
  18. Rachel Maddow Tells it like it is 2-8 Cores worth of meltdown in Reactor Pool #4
  19. Poor Israelis fear sushi shortage... How can Japan do this to us...
  20. Russia says Japan may face meltdown at six reactors
  21. Alert: Nuclear (And Economic) Meltdown In Progress.
  22. USDJPY Flash Crashes As All Support Taken Out - Record Collapse
  23. Geiger Counters
  24. Do Western Elites Really Care About Fukushima?
  25. Devastation: Pictures of Japan
  26. Tokyo Passengers Set Off O'Hare Radiation Detectors
  27. US Surgeon General Warns Be prepared for harmful radiation from Japan
  28. GM closing pickup plant for lack of Japanese parts
  29. The First Batch: Japan To Issue ¥10 Trillion In Earthquake Relief Bonds
  30. Illuminati card for Japan
  31. Protocol for Nuke Contamination: Iodine, Glutathione, Chelation, Clay, Soda
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  35. Japanese quake map
  36. Israeli firm runs security cams etc. at Fukushima nuclear plant
  37. Radioactive bullshit fallout - FKN Newz 031911
  38. .07 RD/Hr.......waesn't here before.
  39. Graphical depiction of relative exposures to radiation over several orders of ma
  40. Japanese nuclear fears freeze German real estate fund
  41. Hilarious video explains nuclear situation in Japan.
  42. Stuxnet confirmed in Japan
  43. Chernobyl Cleanup Survivor`s Message: 'Run Away as Quickly as Possible'
  44. /N/e/w/ - OLD NUCLEAR threat- FISSION from NEUTRON BEAMS
  45. When Ponce speaks, the Japanese listen
  46. The NECESSITY of Iodine supplementation
  47. Kurosawa's Dreams
  48. Vanishing act by Japanese executive during nuclear crisis raises questions
  49. 4,000 bodies still remain unidentified following quake
  50. Webcam from Fukushima 1 Plant w/ Nuclear readings.....
  51. Plutonium is good for you....
  52. Sweden tells citizens to begin taking iodide if within 150 miles of Fukushima
  53. Low-level radiation from nuclear plant found in several states
  54. Freaking out about radiation in CA
  55. 37 Frames : Great Tohoku Earthquake & Tsunami 2011 Japan… The Black Mouth
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  57. Do You Think it's a 7 ?
  58. South Korea schools shut over radioactive rain
  59. 7.4 quake rocks japan, tsunami warnings posted
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  63. Strawberries, mushrooms with Cesium-137 found in Northern California...
  64. Japanese citizens turning in cash found in tsunami zone
  65. Tokyo Disneyland will resume operations Friday after being closed since the Marc
  66. Japan to raise Fukushima crisis level to worst (going from 5 to 7)
  67. FLASHBACK: Old 1997 article called Worse Than We Knew or Let Them Drink Milk
  68. Japan orders operator of damaged nuclear power plant to pay $12k to each househo
  69. Experts: Store blood cells from Japan nuke workers
  70. 5.8-magnitude earthquake strikes eastern Honshu, Japan; 4th quake over mag.-5 in
  71. Don't be fooled by the spin: radiation is bad
  72. Images Of Devastation In Japan A Month After The Earthquake
  73. Lying Bastards are Poisoning Us
  74. Reactor #3 is GONE - it's NOTHING like we've been led to believe
  75. Radioactivity near Fukushima highest in recorded history
  76. Nuclear apologists play shoot the messenger on radiation
  77. Entire EPA radiation monitoring website is down
  78. Ellen Brown: Japan's world-biggest nationalized bank, Fukushima, Shock-Doctrine
  79. Fuel rods ejected TWO miles - Arnie Gunderson
  80. Compare spent fuel rod pools R3 and R4 - R3 GONE
  81. Chubu Electric to halt Hamaoka reactors this weekend
  82. Very high levels of plutonium found 50 km (31 miles) downrange in rice paddy
  83. For those with Geiger counters, post your measurements here!
  84. Will Fukushima be Profitable for the Medical-Industrial Complex ?
  85. Cooling system stops at No.5 reactor in Fukushima
  86. Hey guys, let's boycott TEPCO!
  87. Dear Japan :Drop LIQUID NITROGEN & DRY ICE CO2 NOW, already, please, thank you
  88. New reports of 7.3, (7.0?) EQ in eastern Japan coming in
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  90. UPDATE: EU Radiation Leak, Ukraine Plant Comes Under Scrutiny
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  99. Fukushima Reactor 4 poses massive global risk
  100. Nuclear Fight, Join In!
  101. Why don't I see some of the relevant threads in this forum?
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  108. Nuke Dump N2 Oceans: Secret USGovt 1955 Rpt: It May Not Be Adequate...
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  115. Japanese Successfully Ramp Up Campaign Against "Dolphin and Whale"
  116. Babies of Fukushima born with extra arms and legs, some not born at all
  117. Naples Italy experiencing earthquake right now after eclipse August 21 2017
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