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  1. congress woman shot in arizona
  2. Arizona Shooter Jared Loughner is Jewish
  3. Gabrielle Giffords speaks and asks for toast,
  4. Jared Loughner- Not Competent to Stand Trial
  5. Appeals court halts forced medication of Tucson shooting suspect
  6. Rep Giffords Operation Safeway EXPOSED
  7. Site puports to expose ZSM hoax "news" footage, common actors
  8. Gabrielle Giffords to resign from U.S. Congress
  9. 12 shot dead at 'Dark Knight Rises' screening in Aurora, Colorado
  10. Olympic False Flag Or Total Diversion
  11. Colorado Shooter Was Counselor At All Jewish Camp!
  12. Incongruent aspects of the movie massacre
  13. Colorado SHOOTING Unveiled- a film by KijaniAmariAK
  14. 3, 2, 1: NBC News Injects Race Into 'Batman' Shooting
  15. Obama: AK-47s belong on battlefield, not streets
  16. Link to PatColo's Decd 2010 Olympic Thread
  17. US Apologizes for Fake-Bomb Panic in Norway
  18. BREAKING: Shooting at Sikh Temple in Oak Creek, Wis.
  19. Fort Hood
  20. new shooting: Newtown, Conn. details breaking
  21. Sandy Hook actors.
  22. Another mass shooting at a theater in San Antonio!
  23. Sandy Hook Donation Sites UP Before Shooting!
  24. Sandy Hook "truthers" accused of harrassing Gene Rosen:)
  25. Five Year Old Terrorist Goes On Shooting Rampage - Is Caught!
  26. Sandy Hook Gene Rosen 2008 at Fema Camp
  27. Large Explosions Reported At Boston Marathon - Photos Released
  28. The Boston Bomb Party by lame cherry
  29. What happens when you give 4chan images of the Boston Marathon?
  30. Large explosion reported at fertilizer plant near Waco, Texas - @CBSDFW
  31. Stunning Video - Missile used in Texas - Closer Look @ Video
  32. Links between Boston explosions and texas explosions
  33. shooting at MIT
  34. Alex Jones... I'm confused
  35. BOSTON BOMBING - Did you notice this? ....... V
  36. police chopper equipped with a thermal imager
  37. Government Ordered Information Blackout
  38. U.N. chief scolds envoy for implying U.S. policy sparked Boston attack
  39. CNN Caught Red Handed Interviewing Crisis Actor : Boston False Flag
  40. Gun deaths per State based on Gun Laws debate
  41. Crime Wave Strikes Boise, Idaho
  42. Another "School Shooting"
  43. MALAYSIA AIRLINES loses contact with flight carrying 239 en route to Beijing
  44. Hollywoodization of Terror, News, Media Fakery, Hoaxes
  45. Sixteen Boston Bombing leg Amputees / VicSims / Amputee Crisis Actors ?
  46. California gunman kills 6 in drive by shootings
  47. Isla Vista / Santa Barbara shooting A Robbie Parker re-do?
  48. Wolfgang Halbig on The Power Hour show Wednesday June 4 2014 - Sandy Hook
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  50. New VT COMPREHENSIVE article by James Fetzer about Sandy Hook Hoax June 14, 2014
  51. Sandy Hook Lead Investigator Dead - the dead witnesses schtick begins
  52. 9-11-01 Bits and Pieces
  53. 9-11 articles, videos, etc.- 13 years out - 2014
  54. Nathan Folks, Crisis Actors, Carlos Arrendondo, Boston Marathon Bombing
  55. 9-11 Random Thoughts about World Trade Center 7, Salomon Brothers Building
  56. [B]We Need to Talk about Sandy Hook [/B]
  57. BEST 9-11 Video Bar None - Ken O'Keefe - updated version December 2014
  58. Grey State Psyop
  59. Jim Fetzer article and my reaction
  60. Gray State Psyop- the "Go Fund Me" Caper
  61. georgia woman, daughter foil false flag op
  62. Oscar for Best Movie of the Year - The Deadly 9-11 Virus
  63. Another one: Louisiana theater shooting
  64. Chattanooga shooting hoax
  65. Waco, TX biker shootout
  66. Charleston Shooting Hoax
  67. Delta U Professor shooting??
  68. Live stream: Community college shooting in Roseburg, Oregon
  69. Britanny Maynard Right to Death with Dignity Hoax??
  70. French police report shootout and explosion in Paris
  71. san bernardino mass shooting
  72. Head Choppers
  73. GOP preparing for contested convention
  74. 9-11 in the Academic Community - docu from 2014
  75. The New Pearl Harbor -- Best 911 Documentary - Full Movie
  76. Orlando Gay Nightclub Shooting: Gunman Dead, 'Mass Casualties'
  77. President Trump re. 9 / 11 August 2017 - lies responding to lies
  78. Jim Stone: Another fake high school shooting event.
  79. Great video on chemtrails
  80. 1984 Issue of Penn Magazine is now available
  81. Sandy Hook Kwik Takes Jim Fetzer series short videos reviewing Sandy Hook Oct 2019
  82. Frday Dec 6 2019 Pensacola Active Shooter 4 "some fluidity in numbers"
  83. New Orleans Shooting December 2 2019 - Why / how this so under-reported in media ???
  84. Newtown CT resident awakens to Sandy Hook False School Shooting Event Truth
  85. Wolfgang Halbig Arrested "peddling conspiracy theories about the 2012 tragedy"
  86. Mayor Bill de Blasio Says NYPD Officers Shot In 'Assassination Attempt = Suspicious
  87. Sandy Hook - The Dismal Response Theory 021720
  88. Parkland Florida High School "Shooting" February 14, 2018 UPDATE 2-2-20
  89. FEMA is planning a mass casualty drill in Ravina Nebraska for March 3 2020
  90. Coors Beer Factory Milwaukee Feb. 26 2020
  91. The Corona Virus - Covid-19 mother of all false flags
  92. PBS to Air Controversial Film on New 9/11 Study / 19 years late & few billion short