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  1. The Bitcoin Tracking Thread
  2. GSUS Bit Coin Pool?
  3. bitcoin = skynet
  4. Other crypto currencies and playing the market
  5. Bitcoin Crash Spurs Race to Create New Exchanges
  6. I tried to hack BitCoin and failed - Dan Kaminsky
  7. Inside the Bitcoin economy
  8. Israel discovers bitcoin
  9. The Terracoin Tracking Thread
  10. Paul Krugman piece on bitcoin in the new york times: "The Antisocial Network"
  11. Coinsetter Lands $500K To Help Bring Leverage, Shorting To Bitcoin Trade
  12. Keiser Report: Magic of Bitcoin Gathering (E432)
  13. News on payment processors, online store solutions, merchant adoption, and commerce
  14. Use as wealth preservation, avoiding capital controls, hedge against wreckless policy
  15. New exchanges, trading platforms, software tools, infastructure development, wallets
  16. New threads
  17. Media exposure, pundits, good examples of general awareness, current rhetoric
  18. Regulations, crackdowns, seizures, government intervention
  19. Educational, academic, theoretical articles and papers
  20. The Ripple Thread
  21. CoinAlchemy.com : Turn PMs into net coins, and back again!
  22. GSUS is accepting bitcoin donations!
  23. GSUS is accepting litecoin donations!
  24. Marc Hochstein, Executive Editor of American Banker, discusses bitcoin
  25. DDoS, hacking, service disruptions
  26. Bank of Jerusalem Economists: "If [Bitcoin] does not collapse on its own, don't be su
  27. Bitcoin predictions/betting
  28. Reuters Interviews MagicalTux (Mt Gox)
  29. PayPal's director says that they're considering adding Bitcoin as a funding instrumen
  30. Meanwhile, at Mt Gox
  31. Bitcoin As Cryptographic Gold?
  32. The future of Bitcoin: new applications and rebuilding the banking system
  33. Bitcoin ASIC miners now shipping
  34. The Feathercoin Tracking Thread
  35. The Bitcoin Report
  36. Bitcoin: The Newest Tool In Chinas Currency War Chest
  37. Bitcoin: The Tyranny Test
  38. US financial regulator: We could regulate Bitcoin “if we wanted”
  39. Notes from Bitcoin 2013 Conference
  40. Digital currency exchange accused of biggest money laundering scheme ever
  41. Worldcoin Tracking thread (heads up)
  42. Physical Silver Litecoins - 1/2 Troy oz
  43. Paypal banning accounts of people selling bitcoin miners or anything related. wow
  44. Repost - see member trading. WTB BTC
  45. 'Bitcoin is a currency': Federal judge says the virtual cash is real money
  46. MCX Now - Get paid interest on your bitcoins and other crypto currencies.
  47. GSUS Bitcoin P2Pool node
  48. Ron Paul - Bitcoin Competition To The Fed.
  49. From $27 To $886,000 In Four Years: Name The Investment
  50. DarkWallet Aims To Be The Anarchist's Bitcoin App Of Choice
  51. Cryptostocks
  52. BTC/LTC Charts
  53. Using the new Bitcoin ATM
  54. The Chicago Fed responds to Bitcoin
  55. The Shitcoin Tracking Thread
  56. GSUS Worldcoin Promotion.
  57. Earn loansharking interest rates on your BTC
  58. Bitcoin rivals churn out new digital currencies but Ripple stands out
  59. where is the virtual currency theft thread?
  60. US has Already Ceded Dominance in Bitcoin Trading
  61. OK, which one of you is this?
  62. Chinese Investors Flock to Litecoin
  63. Wallets
  64. Namecoin up 300% Today
  65. The Networking Effect and Litecoin
  66. Bit o Zimmy... I'm launching a new virtual currency...Yay!
  67. Bitcoin Virus
  68. MCXNOW is Shutting Down For a Period of Time
  69. Scam Alert! MCXnow
  70. Right now the Litecoin price is at par with Silver Spot price...
  71. Feathercoin
  72. One bitcoin now an ounce of gold.
  73. Bitcoin is Currently a Mania
  74. bitcoin is scary and complicated. Now there's a simpler alternative
  75. Physical silver bitcoins
  76. E-Gold Founder Launches New Gold Backed Currency
  77. Mining Bitcoins & Alt-Coins
  78. What is the best exchange
  79. Leaked Documents Show Dutch Rabobank Blocked Bitcoin for ‘Ethical Reasons’
  80. Infinite Coin?
  81. Bitcoin Report Volume 62 (Fake Crypto?)
  82. DIY Crypto coins
  83. Why Bitcoin...Will Inevitably Become Tools Of The Rich, Powerful, and Criminal
  84. Apple Coin
  85. Bitcoin Report Volume 63 (Economic Dinosaurs)
  86. Ron Paul: Bitcoin could 'destroy the dollar'
  87. Is Europe’s Second Largest Bitcoin Exchange BTC-e Having Banking Issues?
  88. Quark coin leading the pack back up tonight
  89. Bitcoin Report YouTube Series
  90. cryprocoin-domain name auction (not dotbit)
  91. Profit taking?
  92. Buy and sell bitcoins near you
  93. Bitcoin: What you're not being told
  94. Wall Street Months Away from Jumping into Bitcoins
  95. Ripple’s Big Move: Mining Cryptocurrency with a Purpose
  96. What Bitcoin Arbitrage Can Teach Us About the Crypto-Currency
  97. Bitcoin Investment Trust
  98. Bitcoin under attack
  99. Norway's government says Bitcoin isn't real money
  100. Central Bank Bitcoin Ban
  101. Bitcoin Bottoming From $400-600?
  102. Gary North calls this the end of bitcoins
  103. Subway purchased with bitcin
  104. Next coin the next best thing close to a Bitcoin that has become too overbought
  105. Bitcoin – The Future of Money – Disrupt 2013, Athens Greece- Andreas Antonopoulos
  106. Bitcoin Analysts Contribute to a Post-Legal Tender Era
  107. Check out this bitcoin theft
  108. Master Coin, masters them all by rising from out of nowhere!
  109. A Trip Through The Bitcoin Mines
  110. Bitcoin Exchanges In India Shut Down After Regulator Warning
  111. Get Free Cryptos Here: Crypto Faucet Links
  112. Kitco now covers Bitcoin
  113. Kittehcoin Giveaway - 250 Kittehcoins to first 7 responders
  114. Ron Paul Coin Released December 28th
  115. James Turk Endorses Bitcoin/Cryptos
  116. China's E-Commerce Giant Alibaba Just Banned Bitcoin
  117. Overstock.com now accepts bitcoins
  118. Will Electronics Retailer Newegg Follow Overstock’s Lead and Accept Bitcoin?
  119. Cryptoarticles, may want to take a gander.
  120. Bitcoin regulation, here we come: Singapore clarifies tax policies
  121. $100 Worth Of Litecoin A Year Ago Is Worth $30,000 Today
  122. Pump and Dump Thread: Post What Crypto You Think Will Be Hot
  123. CEO of Bitcoin Exchange Arrested - Charged with Money Laundering
  124. Russian Central Bank warns against using Bitcoin
  125. The Potcoin Tracking Thread
  126. Indie Exchange Hacked, Looted, and Shut Down
  127. Bitcoin – A Jack of All Trades is the Master of None
  128. Why Bitcoin Must Die. Long Live Bitcoin 2.0.
  129. Why hasn't someone launched GoogleCoin?...
  130. Bitcoin Flashcrash
  131. Freestate Project: Bitcoin Users Demolish an iPad and MacBook
  132. Bitcoin Flash Crashes, Drops By 80% In Seconds
  133. Major Multinational Bank Trials Integration with Bitcoin
  134. QoinPro - Free bitcoins
  135. Cyber attack on bitcoin a big warning to currency's users
  136. JPMorgan Chase has patented a digital payment system that could rival Bitcoin.
  137. *Auroracoin*
  138. Credits - CRD alt-coin launched
  139. PayPal Going Crypto
  140. New Malware Is The Biggest Ever Attack On Virtual Currencies
  141. Flappycoin - the next addictive Crypto-coin
  142. How Bitcoin Smashes Mobile Payments Barriers
  143. Schlichter: "Bitcoin Is Cryptographic Gold"
  144. Credits Tracking Thread
  145. BTC China Launches Litecoin Trading
  146. 28 Year Old CEO Of Bitcoin Exchange Dead
  147. Another Bitcoin Bank "Loses" Its Deposits - Flexcoin Closed
  148. Is Mt. Gox the Pets.com of Bitcoin?
  149. Actual, real, economic benefits of using bitcoin
  150. Counterparty the distributed financial system
  151. JPMorgan's Biggest Concern Is That Bitcoin Will Succeed
  152. Chinese Exchange Huobi to Commence Trading Litecoin
  153. How Bitcoin is Changing Everything
  154. The Spaincoin tracking thread
  155. Bitcoin the perfect scam:
  156. CoinEx got hacked (again)
  157. Marinecoin Tracking Thread
  158. Aphrodite Coin tracking thread
  159. Mike Maloney- Bitcoin Destroys Banking Leeches
  160. Jeff Berwick - Bitcoin: An Evolution in Money and Banking
  161. China to ban bitcoin
  162. Bad news for Crypto Rush users
  163. The crypto of Israel
  164. Bitcoin Should Get Ready for an Attack
  165. Black Coin
  166. The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin Official Trailer
  167. LocalBitcoins hacked?
  168. Bitcoin Exchange Halts Customer Deposits Tied to China Merchants Bank
  169. Bitcoin Will Destroy the FED
  170. $10 in free bitcoin for college students
  171. Rent Your Coin Miner
  172. DISH Networks to accept bitcoin payments
  173. Two Charts Show How Different Bitcoin and Fiat Payments Really Are
  174. First bitcoin ATMs coming to Los Angeles
  175. Monero Coin *XMR* (Private, Untraceable)
  176. Will ASICs Boost Litecoin Value?
  177. 348 payments systems
  178. COIN (new ETF) adds to the tension between bitcoin and gold
  179. Bitcoin ATM
  180. Remember the good old days of Anonymity
  181. Is the Fed scared of Bitcoin?
  182. Apple Pay
  183. Bitcoin Conference- Rick Falkvinge
  184. New physical BTC - 1 oz 9999 fine gold, 1 BTC
  185. Bitcoin bottomed?
  186. Bitstamp Suspends Its Bitcoin Exchange Following A Suspected Hack
  187. Innovative way to get Bitcoins without Mining
  188. Bitcoin Blues Over?
  189. Coinbase Lunar??
  190. davincij15: Bitcoin and Altcoins - Up or Down?
  191. Why a Bitcoin Is as Good as Gold
  192. Bitcoin Violates the Principle of Fungibility
  193. Hacking Team broke Bitcoin secrecy by targeting crucial wallet file
  194. Jeffrey Tucker: Bitcoin Is Replacing Precious Metals As Safe Haven
  195. Bitcoin Prices Are Going Dramatically Up, BTC Jesus Prophecies
  196. Don Harrold – His Bet on Bitcoin Paid Off
  197. Bitcoin best performing currency of 2015
  198. Time to dump your Bitcoins
  199. 40 banks test bitcoin tech for trading bonds
  200. Barack O’Bomber Complains Bitcoin Is Like Having A Swiss Bank Account In Your Pocket
  201. Tell me about Bitcoin
  202. 2016 Has Brought a Bitcoin Awakening
  203. Bitcoin HELP
  204. Happy Bitcoin Halving Day!
  205. One bitcoin is worth more than one ounce of gold
  206. Ethereum Crash Incoming!
  207. Some questions/thoughts about bitcoins
  208. ATTENTION! Bitcoin holders who held bitcoin on August 1st, 2017:
  209. Bitcoin $4000+
  210. Bittrex, coinbase etc
  211. Ubiq (UBQ) ?
  212. Mining Rigs
  213. Bitcoin's Earliest Adopter Is Cryonically Freezing His Body to See the Future
  214. Glancepay for Bitcoin purchases
  215. What icos trackers do you use?
  216. Exchanging QBits into GoldenShield
  217. Bitcoin cash BCH
  218. US moves to criminalize non-disclosure of virtual currency ownership
  219. What if
  220. Waves Platform very promising for 2018
  221. Bitcoin Futures Begin Trading Tonight
  222. “Money doesn’t just appear out of nowhere.”
  223. Ripple coin
  224. Bitcoin Halving - May 12, 2020 - Predicitions Thread
  225. Bitcoin ETF, Blackrock, and the Fed's Push for Digital Dollar
  226. Polka Dot - The New Ethereum?
  227. The Rich People's Bags Are Full - Buy Bitcoin NOW - Last Chance!
  228. Russia to pilot Blockchain voting on Waves
  229. The Crypto Crypt
  230. Cancel Culture Coming to Banks - Got Crypto?
  231. Rubic
  232. Cardano
  233. Cake Wallet - Monero Atomic Swaps
  234. Shami
  235. The Best Buys at the Moment
  236. Banks Versus Crypto
  237. Brave / BAT
  238. Why Is Time To Sell All Your Bitcoin And Exit The Cryptos
  239. Haven (XHV)
  240. Bitcoin Becomes Legal Tender in El Salvador
  241. Central Banks Versus Stablecoins
  242. Crypto Existence?
  243. What happens when ETH flips BTC?
  244. United States CBDC