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12th April 2010, 04:12 PM
by Evelyn Rusli on Apr 9, 2010
The claws are out. Adobe’s Platform Evangelist, Lee Brimelow retaliated today against Apple blocking Flash developers on the iPhone with a post on his Flash Blog.

Brimelow holds little back, lambasting the company for trying to exert a “tyrannical control over developers…more importantly, wanting to use developers as pawns in their crusade against Adobe.” He says any real developer could not support Apple’s moves in “good conscience.”

“Personally I will not be giving Apple another cent of my money until there is a leadership change over there. I’ve already moved most of my book, music, and video purchases to Amazon and I will continue to look elsewhere. Now, I want to be clear that I am not suggesting you do the same and I’m also not trying to organize some kind of boycott.”

Brimelow may not be explicitly calling for a boycott (although he is requesting a change in leadership— is he looking at you Jobs?). But he is issuing a call to arms to developers. The lines are clear: you either stand with us or against us and if you’re against us (and complicit in Apple’s policies) then you’re not a real developer.

And if his sentiment wasn’t clear throughout the post, he caps it all off with: “Go Screw Yourself Apple.”

I don’t expect Apple to respond directly to Brimelow’s rant— it’s not Adobe’s official statement (however, Adobe has clearly seen the post and filtered it: the second paragraph notes “[Sentence regarding Apple's intentions redacted at request from Adobe]“). Nevertheless, they are fighting words. The company must be furious that Apple is potentially locking it out of its products. The problem is there’s very little that Adobe can do besides stomp its feet. At the end of the day, Apple is not obligated to support Adobe’s developers.

The software developer, for its part, is coming to terms with what this all could mean for their bottom line. In a 10-Q filing (released today) Adobe says:

“To the extent new releases of operating systems or other third-party products, platforms or devices, such as the Apple iPhone or iPad, make it more difficult for our products to perform, and our customers are persuaded to use alternative technologies, our business could be harmed.”

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Saul Mine
12th April 2010, 05:42 PM
Apple has a long history of alienating its customers. I'm told the first Apple computer had the case welded shut to prevent tinkering. It's amazing that the customers keep coming back for more of that treatment. I had a chance to buy Apple stock when it was really cheap and I passed it up because I refused to believe they could stay in business while blowing off their customers with every product.

12th April 2010, 06:13 PM
I actually owned apple stock back in the late 90's when it was cheap.
I bought it cause it was a bargain. A few years later, I sold it to Buy a home.
Wish I had it now though....I'd sell it...and buy silver.....lol

1970 Silver Art
23rd April 2010, 09:28 PM
I used to have an 4 Gig. Apple Ipod Nano but I lost it to a '70's Silver art bar "addition". ;D I like the Apple laptops. I currently do not have any Apple products but the nest Apple product that I plan to eventually buy will be an Apple laptop. I like those Apple laptops but they can be expensive compared to the laptop PC. I do not mind paying extra FRNs for an Apple laptop.

24th April 2010, 04:26 AM
I like Apple stuff. I use Apple stuff. I have owned Apple stock on and off and always made money on it. Most recently made 90% in just 4 months on the 2007 hype of the iPhone. Wish owned some now - too pricey.