View Full Version : The Unity of Spirit and Matter: Blending science, metaphysics, and spirituality.

2nd May 2010, 05:01 AM
If there ever is/was a one world religion, it is this one... how threatening could this be in the end... keeping God as an entity separated from his creation is the core issue and can no longer be sustained. This Body-Mind fragmentation translates into every level of our lives and is wrenching the world.... Matter is a manifestatipn of Consciousness - and otherwise. The two are just different aspects of the same unifying principle. Dualities exist to teach us that we must cooperate with them, instead of rebelling against them, one confirming the other.. To resist what seems like an opposition helps the latter grow BIGGER... that is why conflicts can only grow exponentially. Keep fighting????

see you after judgment day, if we/I ever make it through :box :taunt:

What is the origin of the universe?
How was it created?
What is the relationship of Spirit to the material world?
Unity is an inspiring and thought provoking video that blends science, metaphysics, and spirituality.
Take a journey into the Big Picture of life, the universe, and everything.
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