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2nd June 2010, 07:05 AM
Here's a really cool site:


Welcome to our Elements Coin Series page. In 2006 we embarked on an ambitious project to produce standard-size coins made from as many different metals and elements from the Periodic Table of the elements as we could. So far we have been able to offer many different metals/elements in coin form and are continually marching through the periodic table with the ultimate goal of making these coins out of every element possible.

We have partnered with Penny Press Mint (see website), a small minting operation that strikes most of these fantastic coins for us from the various metals that we provide. These coins are beautifully made as you will see by viewing the high-resolution photos below. The raised lettering and graphics have a frosted appearance which is a nice contrast with the shiny background. Most of the coins have a nice cartwheel luster, just like newly minted coins that show the luster line as it is twirled around under bright light.

Some of the elements we have used for coins are, to our knowledge, the FIRST EVER coins or medals struck with that particular metal/element! (Gadolinium, Indium, Rhodium and Ytterbium are examples)

Almost all of the metals and elements we use in these coins are at least 99% pure with many being 99.9% pure and higher. The thickness of all the coins is the same, except for the precious metals - gold, palladium and platinum. Those are thinner to keep the weight at exactly 1/10 troy ounce (3.1 grams). We do offer as varieties these metals in the standard thickness as the other coins in the set.

These coins are very close to the diameter of a United States 1-cent coin (penny) with actual dimensions 3/4 inch diameter (19mm). These coins are made from punched blanks that are then struck on a coin press to create the images on the coin.

On the obverse, or front side of the coin, is the element name, Periodic Table symbol, atomic number & weight, melting point and density values. On the reverse, or back side, is a graphic representing the Periodic Table of the Elements which will be standard on all coins to be made in this series.