View Full Version : Peter Schiff on CNBC 09/24/10

24th September 2010, 11:38 PM


25th September 2010, 02:34 AM
Gotta love the intro. Best stock market since 1939! S&P up 10% this month. Cool.

The key is P/E. If you are not creating something tangible with your money by supporting manufacturing or production then you're going to lose.

Interesting to hear the general agreement of all the commentators. Commodities, emerging markets. Capital gains is an illusion due to inflation and the worse of it, its a taxable gain that in most countries attracts a disproportionate % of tax compare to dividends or income.

The problem is they believe you have to invest. The truth is you don't need to invest. It's not a must do.

Oh oh. Deflation vs Inflation argument. Part 2 is all about Gold. I'm editing as I watch.

Everyone says buy gold. They all agree the FED is just printing money. They all agree its undervalued. Buy Gold!

Buy silver, golds crazy little brother, it follows the gold moves but makes bigger moves.

Its a good watch.