22nd February 2011, 01:57 AM
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So, we rely on our ignorance to create a paranoia about the Chinese that doesn’t exist. Now, let’s fast-forward to where we are today…

In 1933, during the Great Depression, China had a little problem. They had dissension in their country. So the United States and China could mutually help each other. We needed to restart our economy and the Chinese had a ton of gold and they didn’t want it to fall in the wrong hands. There was an internal struggle behind Chang Kai-Shek and the rebellion that Mao Tse-tung had led. Now, there was some assistance by the Chinese elders…, they wanted to use Moa Tse-tung and communism to unite China because up until that time, China was very fragmented. So the Chinese were very pragmatic. They used communism as a tool. We think of communism as something horrible. The problem is, there is no absolute and political theory. There is no absolute socialism. No absolute democracy. No absolute capitalism. No absolute communism. There’s no absolute ANYTHING. But we think in terms of absolutes when we want to demonize things we don’t understand.

So, the Chinese elders wanted to unite their country. They had a problem. The United States had a problem. So in 1933, the Chinese said “Look, we’ll lend you the equivalent of 46 trillion dollars to restart your economy.” So, they speared the gold to the Philippians, and across into Mexico, and then back up into the United States. And that forty-three trillion was parked at the Federal Reserve Bank and used to issue money to restart our economy in the depression. Now, they lent that money on a seventy-five year lease. So…., from 1933 until 2008 it was seventy-five years. But…, at the time…., everybody inside the US government knew about this and didn’t want to talk about it. Then along comes George Bush Sr. He becomes President of the United States and when he starts giving the speeches about the New World Order…. And One Thousand Points of Light… And if you go back there’s a speech almost INDENTICAL to that in number…, in 1941. And it was the same thing…, A New World Order .. One Thousand Points of Lights… When I heard George Bush give that speech during his reign in 92-96, it was chilling to hear those words come out of his mouth…., because I had just read those when I was in the Service in Germany. Now, the reason he was arrogant about saying those words is that he believed that the last of the Chinese dynasty family had passed away. And that he would NOT have to pay back the gold that we had borrowed from the Chinese to restart our economy. So his intention was to steal their gold. This goes on until Clinton becomes President and one day discovers that there is an heir to the Chinese family in Taiwan. And their going to have to pay that gold back. Now the wheels start going into motion.

Around 1999…, early part of 99, there was a company called Heavy Lift out of England. And they had leased one of two Antonov225 Russian aircraft. And that airplane was speared away to a little place called Stewart Airfield and it was fifty miles north of New York City, up the Hudson River. And what they tried to do in 99 is every Friday night, four garbage trucks would go into the bottom of the World Trade Center and four pallets of gold…, that belong to the Chinese…, are loaded on those garbage trucks. They go two blocks down to the pier, and by this time it’s eleven o’clock at night, and most people think they are going to go out and dump the garbage. But they turn around and go up the Hudson River about fifty miles along the shore of NY and they get off there and they drive two miles over to Stewart and they put the gold on the Antonov225. The Antonov225 is a very easy plane to find, there was only two of them ever built. One remains in Russia and the other was leased by this British company called Heavy Lift. The airplanes on Saturday night…, would take off under the cover of darkness…, go out over the ocean, and they would pretend they were coming from the Ukraine nonstop to the Mojave, California. And they would call the air traffic controller (and we don’t have any radar over the ocean, so there’s no way to verify that the airplane actually flew across the ocean) and no controller would ever look at that flight plan and see figure out that that airplane didn’t have that kind of range.

Anyway, the point is…, that the airplane will land in Mojave. Saturday nights at 9:30. Every Saturday night. And they’ll offload the 64 tons of gold and then the gold would be hidden in the ammo bunkers of the Mojave airfield because it used to be a Marine Core air station during WWII. And this went on during 1999 and 2000…, taking the gold out of the bottom of the World Trade Center. Then, when this thing was empty…, it was time to pull the plug. So, in other words, it is highly evidenced that they stole all this gold. They imploded Tower I and Tower II. And they threw in Tower VII, as an added bonus. So, the CIA record, and treasury record that were there, were destroyed.

Now, there was a lot of things behind 911 that make it impossible. The first thing you have to realize is that if you believe the story that a bunch of guys with box cutters are going to attack the cockpit, maybe there was something you don’t know about that was in that cockpit. Behind every airliner, behind the seat of the captain, is a fire axe. And believe me…., if the captain comes out of that cockpit with a fire axe, the guy with the box cutter doesn’t have much of a chance. So the story of the guys taking over the airplane with a bunch of box cutters is just fantasy. Second is this; You cannot make a cell phone call from an airplane. If you’re below eight-thousand feet and under two-hundred knots…, maybe. But if you’re above eight-thousand feet and you’re doing four-hundred fifty-five knots…., you’re not getting a cell reception at all. You can’t do it to this day unless they have a cell repeater on the aircraft itself, which didn’t exist back then.

So there were three airplanes. The fourth one was actually a drone that was launched from an abandoned field in West Virginia and that’s what hit the Pentagon. The lights standing on the streets are ninety feet apart, and a 757 has a 175 ft wing span. If you look at that Pentagon photo of that white thing that hit it, it went between the light spans. So whatever it was, was less than 90 ft across. It wasn’t 175 ft across like a Boeing 757. Now, here’s the BIG dirty little piece of the secret; Five of the supposed hijackers have been found ALIVE in Saudi Arabia and Morocco. If they were on those airplanes…, how are they alive today? So these are tough questions that you’ve got to ask yourself. I had access to the air traffic control tapes before they were destroyed. I had access to the radar data recordings on where those airplanes turned around, and how they evaded air traffic control. And I have worked with NORAD many times. And their story of not being able to intercept these airlines for 2 ½ hours is pure nonsense. I have intercepted Russian Bear Bombers off the coast of California in less than seven minutes. So, I don’t believe it takes them 2 ½ hours to find an airliner. And that’s the facts. You can Google that all you want.

There’s a physicist at the University of Utah that has found that there was an explosive discovered in the dust called nano-thermite. Nano-thermite is an explosive that can be painted on the concrete, and it vaporizes from the concrete, when it’s detonated. There’s only one place that Nano-thermite was made at that time, and that was in Israel. Now these are the facts. You can go out and Google them all you want.

Now there’s nothing new with this because the Germans did the same thing in 1939 to the German people called gleiwitz. And what the Germans did is a very similar scheme. They took German soldiers and they dressed them up as Polish guerillas and then they took Polish prisoners and dressed them up as German soldiers. And miraculously they didn’t have handheld video cameras back then, but miraculously there happened to be an 8mm camera there when these alleged Polish guerillas came in and killed all these German soldiers. And then they took over the Gleiwitz radio station and broadcast to all of Germany that they were going to bring down Hitler. So, all of Germany heard on the radio that the Polish guerillas were going to attack their country. And miraculously that film of those Polish guerillas attacking German soldiers played in every movie house in Germany. And four months later…., there wasn’t a single German who said “no” we won’t attack Poland. And on September 1, 1939, the Germans attacked Poland with a vengeance. Because they believed the story, and that’s what happened on 911.

They created this whole thing. Bush and Clinton financed Al-Qaida. But those guys were not even on the airplane. If you look at the video…, the security camera from the airport, I think it was in New Hampshire, that these guys supposedly got on…, if you notice…, take a look at that video. Somebody blurred out the time stamp and the date stamp on that video. Now why would they do that? Why would they destroy all the air traffic control tapes and the three Black Boxes that were found on the street in New York city? Why were they speared away by the FBI? A Black Box can take an impact of 2,500 G’s. That impact was less than 25 G’s. Those Black Boxes were intact. But if somebody had opened to those Black Boxes and listened to the recording, what they would have found is that somebody had taken over the aircraft from the ground. Oh Yea! How did they do that? Well, you go back to the sixties and seventies when I cut my teeth in aviation, there was tons and tons of hijackings and bomb threats. And somebody over at DARPA did the Sense Advanced Projects Administration, came up with a genius idea. In the flight management computer of an airliner, we would embed a secret piece of software called Homerun (codename.) And Homerun was designed for us to take over the airplane from the ground using normal DHS frequencies so if they were hijacked or the crew was disabled, we could land the airplane safely without the entire cargo passengers being killed. We had that capability. Every Boeing 757 and 767 that rolled off the assembly line had that software in it. That’s why those two aircraft were used. That’s how it was done. Once you use Homerun you control everything. You control the door locks. You control the radios. You control the navigation. You control the lights. You control everything on the airplane like you’re on board. But you’re actually remotely doing it.

Specifically, that’s what I worked on…, was the remotely powered vehicle. And the reason I know about that is that one of the technicians that worked at DARPA worked with me for three years. And I knew all about it. Now that’s the technology that we had that you didn’t know about and that made that possible. Those airplanes were remotely controlled and then the intelligence agencies concocted all of these other conspiracy theories and put them on the internet to hide the real problem…, the real story. They created cuts of the video of what looks like would be a bomb or a rocket under a 767. They made a little light flash to make it look like an explosion when it hit the World Trade Center and put out eight or nine different conspiracy theories to hide the real one. Up until now you’ve probably never heard of Homerun or that it existed for the last thirty years.


Keep in mind that the whole reason for that issue of 911 was to hide the theft of 43 Trillion dollars in gold. Also, part of that is real assets. But, this has been going on in different fashions from the Savings and Loan scandals that was orchestrated and run by Neil Bush, to the modern day banking scandals and the mortgage problems today. This is all done with FIAT currency which created artificial wealth. As they do this…, the people who are actually working for a living…, are becoming more and more as slaves. More and more of their sweat is being used to create wealth for these people. And so they’re able to launder this money over seas and all kinds of accounts. And so, in order to stop that, we have to have first; a currency that’s backed by something that cannot be counterfeited. So that’s gold or silver. Second, we have to have an international regulatory agency that allows for the supervision of bank accounts which is what Basel III, and Basel III, do. And so, all these things occurring at the same time, make it impossible for these bad people to continue financing their operations because the whole thing now becomes transparent…, it’s not transparent now. And all these things I am telling you about that were done in the past…, they will not be capable of doing in the future. So we’re not just talking about money. We’re talking about transparency of banking. We’re talking about unified walls. We’re talking about a level playing field of value of currencies. Somebody said that they thought that this was going to lead to a global currency…, it will NOT. Currencies are designed to be sovereign instruments. Like a public utility. And therefore, the reason we’re going through all this revaluing and rebalancing is so all countries can have their own currencies if they choose to, but those values will be set at a reasonable expectation of what you’ll get in return for it tomorrow. And by doing the Basel II and Basel III requirements and by creating a currency that is backed by assets, we eliminate the ability to create wealth out of…., nothing. We eliminate the ability to create debt out of nothing. We eliminate the ability for people to manipulate…, market…, for their own self interests.

If you’re in the American stock market now, you’re going to lose your butt pretty soon because this market is highly manipulated. And the only people who are in it right now are going to be left holding the bag. And these kids, they’re in their mid-thirties right now, have never seen a recession before. They’ve never seen a depression before. And all these MBA’s that they have don’t mean a hill of beans. Because they don’t understand the root of where money came from. The Chinese had printed money over 200 years ago and the reason they had printed money is so it was easy for their tax collectors to collect their tax. They couldn’t carry around 100 lbs, or 200 lbs, of gold. So they created paper money to have the ability to collect taxes more efficiently. That’s the original reason paper money came about. It wasn’t designed to create wealth out of nothing. And so, where we are today, revaluing the Dinar, and the payment of the settlements, and the Prosperity Packages, is to put a whole new currency out on the street to level the playing field for everyone. And so if you have a legitimate business and you have a legitimate bank account, and you can prove where your money came from, then the money you have in the bank account will just convert over into the treasury dollar. There won’t be anything more difficult then that. But if you have money over seas and you can’t prove the origins of it, then, that money is worthless. In order to make this all happen we have to go through the processes of what we’re seeing unfold today.
To Be Continued…


22nd February 2011, 03:09 AM
Interesting. Rumsfeld's statement that the pentagon lost 2 trillion the day before 9/11 comes to mind.

22nd February 2011, 03:32 AM
Seems reasonable enough, apart from 43 trillion in gold, $ 43 Billion maybe? That would be about 1000 tons of gold, a sizable amount...

22nd February 2011, 03:40 AM
43 trillion in gold

yeah, also, is that in 1933 or 2011 "dollars"?

22nd February 2011, 04:20 AM
"And their going to have to pay that gold back."

This is where I stopped reading.

Silver Shield
22nd February 2011, 04:27 AM
Nice fairy tale...

This reminds me of that story of the hidden trillions that Reagan hid that was going to save us all.

Leo Wanta I think?

22nd February 2011, 05:56 AM
BS meter is pegged.

22nd February 2011, 05:57 AM
When I heard George Bush give that speech during his reign in 92-96, it was chilling to hear those words come out of his mouth…., because I had just read those when I was in the Service in Germany.

What reign was that? Clinton was president from 1992 to 2000.

22nd February 2011, 08:25 AM
I'm not buying the story for the simple reason, If the politicians had 43 Trillion stashed, we'd be at least 86 Trillion in debt right now

22nd February 2011, 09:43 AM
I'm not buying the story for the simple reason, If the politicians had 43 Trillion stashed, we'd be at least 86 Trillion in debt right now
I think the US is around 86 Trillion in debt, counting unfunded liabilities, private, public and corporate debt, but 43 Trillion in gold is almost 1 million ton of gold which is about 10x the amount that has been mined in the world

22nd February 2011, 11:47 AM
Wasn't this part of the National treasure? I saw it in the movie, it must be true :oo-->

Half Sense
22nd February 2011, 01:25 PM
I think the FBI "speared away" the black box the author was using for a brain.

mick silver
22nd February 2011, 05:48 PM
i think this story has alot of bs in it .............. 43 t................

22nd February 2011, 05:51 PM

This a lot like Contact 2's interview that I posted about in the Conspiracy Forum.

I swear you won't get kooties if you venture there. :D