View Full Version : Post Crash--Investing In Palladium And Rhodium?

26th June 2011, 03:22 PM
I've got about $40k just sitting and waiting for the coming crash. I'm thinking 1/2 palladium and 1/2 rhodium. The rhodium would come from Kitco, the palladium from a jeweler I know in Seoul. I've dealt with her for several years and trust her, so no problem on getting cheated.

It's a longer term gamble, but I am an ESL teacher and travel a lot. Lots of silver is just too heavy and gold is a target for confiscation/robbery. My apartment was broken into and about 20 oz of gold was stolen, so I'm kind of skiddish on buying more gold.

At least the palladium, I can get in "lump" form and hide in plain sight with some silver bars. They look and weigh pretty much the same. I can put much more money in the same amount of weight of silver looking bars than silver. (Maybe some platinum as well.) My main goal is portability and ease of hiding/movement. Any thoughts?