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21st August 2011, 03:47 AM
Actually, I'm just joking by the title. I thought this was funny/sad. Apparently there's a new marketing push to make zinc rounds and bullion the latest craze with the success of suckering tons of people into buying over priced copper rounds and bars.




Provident Metals is proud to announce the sale of zinc bullion and the first of its kind, 1 oz Zinc Rounds. This brilliant 1 oz round resembles the silvery white color of palladium coinage. For a limited time provident is offering two of the most iconic designs for sale available in numismatics. The Walking Liberty and the Morgan Dollar designs.

Most coin collectors will recall the 1943 steel penny and its bright white color. This wartime penny was actually coated with zinc to protect the steel from corrosion. The zinc-coated steel penny was only minted for one year. The US Mint immediately returned to pure copper planchets in 1944 and used them until 1982. Since 1982, pennies have been made from zinc with an extremely thin layer of copper applied for aesthetics.

Zinc is trending upward, like copper (http://www.providentmetals.com/bullion/copper.html), due to high industrial demand for its anti-corrosion properties. Zinc is traditionally used in batteries and all galvanization processes. You may find zinc in the body of your car, bridges that use suspension technology, guard rails, chain linked fences, roofs made from metal, and lamp posts just to name a few galvanization examples.

For the first time you can buy zinc in coin form, from Provident Metals. Be one of the first people in the world to own a 1 oz Zinc Round.
I'm starting to see these things sell on E-bay, but I haven't seen anyone insane enough to bid on them yet.

Okay okay, so these rounds are selling currently for $1.53 a coin. Each coin has (based on the current price) a melt value of $0.0615. So that's a 25x markup! Holy shit!

I hate bringing this all up, since I'm a big fan of Provident Metals, but this is just a new low to sink to. Really.


21st August 2011, 04:16 AM
Coming soon.


27th October 2011, 08:21 PM
Looks like they stopped selling Zinc.

27th October 2011, 08:54 PM
damn, I missed getting in on those precious rounds... Oh here's some...


15 Solid and Shiny 1 AV Ounce .995 Zinc RoundsProof-like mirror finishMinted in the USA2011 Design... The description of the item on sale:- 15 Solid Fine Zinc (.995) Rounds, 1 AV Ounce each.- The coins will come in a plastic tube, as shown in picture.- Airtights are sold separately...


Silver Rocket Bitches!
28th October 2011, 08:46 AM
At .88/lb they should just make a 1 kg coin.


28th October 2011, 10:16 AM
If you want zinc bullion, why not just buy rolls of Lincoln cents? Each cent has 2.4 grams of zinc in it, and there are 28.3 grams in an AV ounce, so you only need 12 cents to make one AV oz of zinc. So one roll of Lincoln cents has over 4 AV oz of zinc in it, and it only costs you 50 cents.