View Full Version : Rich Hill AZ, professional produced prospecting Vid.

22nd October 2012, 01:29 PM
This will crank your gold fever. A gold pan, a crevice tool, and a location. Does it get any better? ? ? Oh, yeah, it helps to live in Arizona desert. LOL


22nd October 2012, 04:09 PM
I'm watching at the moment. Great video. Potato Mountain. The presenters right into the old gold rush stories.

22nd October 2012, 04:12 PM
Folks were wintering near the Tombstone area years ago when the Douglas copper mines closed down. Out of work miners all over the desert looking for gold. The few my father ran into wanted to know what he was looking for and he said when he showed them some turquoise and azurite and some old marbles and ceramic dolls they looked mighty disappointed.

One hint ... the guy in the video found an old stone hut. You want to look carefully around these and even do some digging around the foundation because miners always like to collect specimens and when they get home they throw them in a corner and forget them.

Tiffany operated a turquoise mine around Courtland/Pierce. The folks spent a month sifting through the tailing pile (and scorpions) and found 10 lbs worth of turquoise. Azurite you find by walking along a road after a rain. The azurite was worth 4 x the price of gold at the time. Don't know what the price is now but it is mighty pretty. We have one 5 lb chunk of green chrysicolla with a solid vein of silver running through it.