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2nd June 2014, 09:23 AM
Wolfgang will be on, I think, Hour 2 of 3 hour show of Joyce Riley's The Power Hour radio show on June 4. Listen live or listen to archives GCNlive.com

Supposedly he has some new information that will make the Sandy Hook school "shooting" matter rise to the level of "criminal." A crime has been committed even if I do not know the legal name for the crime. I would guess something along the lines of "conspiracy to commit fraud" or "racketeering."

Wolfgang has been out of publicity pretty much since his visit to Newtown, but has since raised his donations goal from $100,000 to $250.000. He said it will take this much to file the many civil law suits he plans to engage. But now it sounds like he also may plan to file a criminal lawsuit as well.

WH's fund


now stands at

$23,175 raised by 468 people in 2 months.

I was a bit disappointed in his not giving his supporters more information about his legal plans and strategies. I realize you can't show all your cards in this kind of battle, but many of us do not see expending huge amounts of money for maybe getting one or two civil case wins.

Also if a civil case is won, what monetary damages would be asked and awarded and who would that money go to. Would it go to Wolfgang Halbig alone?

On a related note. I have heard many people say that the crisis actors are just doing the acting work to make a living and that they are not guilty of anything. When the crisis actors, after the event, start websites and donation funds and go on TV and radio news furthering their lies and their story, they are participating in the fraud and are just as culpable as the top perpetrators and planners.

IF it can be proved conclusively that one or more crisis actors were indeed just acting during Sandy Hook and Boston events, we will have established a major strong evidence of criminality and fraud.

Right now, it looks like we are at a lull and there is no real action going on.

4th June 2014, 09:13 AM
Listened to WH on Hour 3 of todays Power Hour show with Joyce Riley.

Apparently the criminal matter that WH is now addressing is this...


New York Man Arrested In Connection To Threatening Calls
May 20, 2013 3:18 PM

"A New York man has been arrested and charged with making threats to state officials.

Avon police arrested 22-year-old Jonathan Reich of Flushing, NY early Monday afternoon on charges of harassment in the second degree.

Reich’s charge comes as the result of an initial complaint received by the Avon Police Department on February 1.

After investigation, Reich was suspected of making threatening phone calls to two Connecticut state officials, as well as to certain families affected by the Sandy Hook tradegy. The calls were believed to be in reaction to the investigation into the events of last December.

The court has set Reich’s bond at $50,000. He is scheduled to appear for trial in community court on June 5. "

Wolfgang is going to help with money for legal help for this 22 year old who was just about to graduate from college.

Apparently Reich made some phone calls to Dr. Carver, the medical examiner, and others asking them questions about Sandy Hook. It is highly doubtful that the phone calls were "threatening" so this appears to be a total set-up.

It seems Connecticut police made the arrest. Not sure if arrest was made in CT. or if CT police went to New York resident of Reich to made the arrest.


Another matter that may "rise to level of criminal" is that Noah Pozner's father, Lenny Pozner, has been emailing and telephoning Wolfgang repeatedly and WH has wisely not responded. Very recently Lenny Pozer came to WH's gated community and attempted to get in and make an unannounced visit to WH's home. LP did not get in but WH thinks this is an attempt to set him up. It has been announced by CT polic that anyone who contacts parents or SHES victims or contacts CT city and state officials or even anyone who is active on social internet sites would be charged with an offense, so WH is not going to let that happen.

Joyce Riley is going to try to get Lenny Pozner to be a guest and Wolfgang Halbig to be a guest on the same show where they can discuss whatever they want to discuss. Pozner has a website.

Apparently WH legal fund is going forward with some civil cases but it is unknown the exact nature of those cases.

10:11 CST 06-04-14 Sandy Hook Justice fund balance ...

$23,425 raised by 471 people in 2 months.




4th June 2014, 10:11 AM
thanks Dachsie, will listen later, good to hear he's discussing new areas, not just a rehash of former interviews, the 16 Qs, etc.

Listening to JFriend with Fredrik Toben live now, will go until 10 Pacific. MP3 will be up shortly after,