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16th September 2014, 11:12 AM
I am going to post some random observations about WTC 7 in this thread.

To me, the matter is not at all settled about exactly what caused the destruction of WTC 7.

I will frame my comments and thoughts in response to what someone posted on another website.

Parade Magazine’s Latest Bunkum, on 9/11
Parade Magazine’s Latest Bunkum, on 9/11
Parade of Lies, Part 8
by DC Dave
The most recent article in this series, “Parade Magazine in Full Propaganda Mode,” was about that pervasive propaganda organ’s writing on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Now, just a few days before the thirteenth anniversary of the 9/11 incident, we have come full circle….SNIP

September 11, 2014 at 7:31 pm
In part…

“By the way… There is no doubt in my mind that building #7 was the intended target of Flight 93. There is nothing about building 7 that could make anyone believe that a ‘little’ fire caused it to simply FREE FALL! It was wired, and set for destruction because of the information that was in side of it needed to dis-appear, but with no PLANE crashing into it, they had to go ahead and “PULL IT”. And ALEX JONES, and ALL that say other wise are either unthinking fools, or GATE KEEPERS”

I will add to these random thoughts by responding to this posting.

I will say again that there is much conflicting and unsettled information about everything about Building 7.

The early theories about Flight 93

Everyone kind of thought, but nothing much was written about it that Flight 93 that was said to have crashed in Shanksville because the passengers did the "Let's roll" thing and deliberately and courageously sacrificed their lives to prevent the plane from going to whatever its destination target was - NYC Building 7 or maybe to the D.C. or the Capitol.

Early Shoot Down theories by the military.

Dr. Fetzer and some others said there was evidence of plane debris near Shanksvile but not at the Shanksville spot that is now identified as the crash site. There was debris spread over a large area and there were local people who said they heard and saw something and did find the debris. This kind of debris field would point to a shoot-down of the plane


F-16 Pilot
Claim: In February 2004, retired Army Col. Donn de Grand-Pre said on "The Alex Jones Show," a radio talk show broadcast on 42 stations: "It [Flight 93] was taken out by the North Dakota Air Guard. I know the pilot who fired those two missiles to take down 93." LetsRoll911.org, citing de Grand-Pre, identifies the pilot: "Major Rick Gibney fired two Sidewinder missiles at the aircraft and destroyed it in midflight at precisely 0958."

This Major Rick Gibney was said to be part of the Happy Hooligans, a special military unit for shooting down such planes.
Dr. Fetzer mentioned Rick Gibney and the Happy Hooligans in his early coverage but never seemed to reach any conclusions. Dr. Fetzer has not at all mentioned this in a few years and has apparently dropped this angle completely.


I, Dachsie feels that there are many unexplored areas in researching Building 7.

It does appear that the way they reportedly had to "pull" WTC 7, as Silverstein stated, was a Plan B. It was so suspicious looking on every level. Even Silverstein using the words "pull it" clearly indicating a classic planned controlled demolition with pre-placed explosives throughout WTC 7.

For my years of reading about 9-11, I come to see the many many twisted layers of misinformation and disinformation that have been part of the original overall 9-11 PLAN by Zelikow and company. I take almost nothing at face value anymore.

I do not even rule out that Larry Silverstein may have made that ostensible big mistake in saying 'we decided to pull it' as not a mistake at all, but as some kind of deliberate misinformation to set people up for a rabbit trail to get them away from another more authentic and productive angle of research.

I do not take the "dancing Israelis" part of 9-11 as authentic but as misinfo/disinfo and fakery. And likewise, I am beginning to not take what Silverstein seeming said in an unguarded off-the-cuff statement to be taken at face value.

Remember, 9-11, and the WTC 7 and Flight 92 part of 9-11 are all part of an extremely sophisticated CIA psy-op and deceiving layers and misdirection stories are woven throughout all that has unfoled over the years since the event. The psy-op is still very much an active operation. The "9-11 truth movement" and all truth seeking efforts are deeply, I don't know how deeply, in the clutches of Cass Sunstein and others.


If what happened to WTC 7 was Plan B, what was Plan A?

This is an area of inquiry that no one has much ever talked about.

The person I quoted at top here believes as many do that
"building #7 was the intended target of Flight 93".

We really do not know much about that.

Flight 93 Shanksville and Flight 175 North Tower WTC 2 are reported by Pilots for 9-11 Truth to have still been in the air after their alleged crashes and were far away in the air from those crash sites .

Dr. Fetzer has made this Pilots data a key foundational part of his researching of the planes of 9-11.

"Pilots has not only discovered that Flight 175 was over Pittsburgh at the time of its “encounter” with the South Tower but that Flight 93 was over Champaign-Urbana, IL. "

I will make more comments later on this subject.


Videos of NYC WTC "strikes" and building destruction.

I know of only one video that I have full confidence in as being authentic and as having no fakery in it at all. That is the video of Bldg. 7 going down that is in all versions of the Loose Change videos. I do not go along with the Loose Change videos line of reasoning but that video was taken by a person who lives in my town and that I know personally to be an honest and reliable person. He was in NYC on that day and took the video from his hotel room. That is the one video of ALL videos, especially building destruction sequence videos, of 9-11 that I full trust.

That video gave every appearance in the world of being a classic controlled demolition from bottom up. However, all the videos we have of the Towers 'going down" are top to bottom destruction sequence and to not at all appear to be a classic controlled demolition, but something much different from WTC 7.

Dr. Fetzer thinks WTC 7 was destroyed classic controlled demolition and the Towers were probably destroyed by small mini and micro nuclear bombs.

Almost, but not all of the info about rate of fall of the buildings comes from videos. That is a problem for the Towers as there is so much evidence for many kinds of video fakery with Tower destruction and hit videos.

Anyway, this leads to an important issue...

The issue of whether ALL of the WTC buildings were destroyed by the same method

I believe there is STRONG REASON to understand that ALL of the WTC buildings, including WTC 7 and the Twin Towers, were destroyed in the same manner. I am not at all clear on what that method of destruction was but the idea that they would have used the same method on all the buildings is very strong and has not been properly explained or explored.

I find it very hard to believe the the Towers were destroyed as a classic controlled demolition and there are many reasons to like the nukes theory, but I cannot believe that only the WTC 7 was wired with many explosive charges for a controlled demolition but the other buildings were not.

I will discuss this more later, but I just want to get this down.

I do not believe in all the buildings were controlled by classic controlled demolition


I do not believe that we have solid proof that WTC was destroyed by classic controlled demolition.

I do believe the idea that all buildings were destroyed by the same method, leaving aside for now what that method may have been, is VERY STRONG.

The End for now