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    Re: Lebanon going bankrupt now

    If Bernie gets elected, this is more likely. His proposals would require massive monetary inflation to fund, and all the havoc that comes with it.
  2. Re: Bill Barr Indicts 8 For Illegally Funneling Foreign Money To Adam Schiff And Mult

    You mean the republicans are actually fighting back for once? Count me surprised.
  3. Re: Citizens in Germany...own over 8900 TONS of gold.

    The market for fractional gold just got bigger!
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    Re: It is high time to ban rocks!

    Ban sticks too while you're at it. After all, sticks and stones can break your bones, and it's just not acceptable to allow these on our streets in [CURRENT YEAR].
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    Re: Barbara Spectre is back (WARNING!!! GRAPHIC!!!)

    My eyes are bleeding!
  6. Re: Tennessee EvangelCuck Governor Wants More Refugees.

    I still can't comprehend how it's only racist when White people want to keep their neighborhoods and communities.
  7. Re: cohen: it's not the nigs, it's the businesses that cause crime

    The problem is, correlation is not causation. He's trying to blame the preponderance of low-income business to crime-prone individuals, without determining if the crime-prone individuals are the...
  8. Re: nigger down! st louis county now more vibrant

    Come on MR, Fred is right on this. You were detained until they decided to let you go, and maybe this time you got lucky. If you had tried to leave before they granted you permission to do so, that...
  9. Re: nigger down! st louis county now more vibrant

    Social engineering on display, yet again.
  10. Re: Conflict in the Middle East: Hot New Take

    I mean, if she wants the US to leave Israel alone, I'm not really opposed to that.
  11. Thread: Irony

    by madfranks

    Re: Irony

    Thanks, I laughed sensibly at many of those. :)
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    Re: George Lopez is a piece of shit beaner!

    Is this a guess on your part, or did this actually happen?
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    Re: The Best of 4Chan

    Amazing how a good meme conveys so much meaning in such a little package. LOL
  14. Re: NYT: Australia is Committing Climate Suicide

    To once again speak to the stupidity of people who think laws can stop fires from occurring, why don't the Aussies just pass a law making it illegal for large fires to exist within the bounds of...
  15. Re: NYT: Australia is Committing Climate Suicide

    Of course, nowhere in the entire article is it ever actually discussed specifically how this fire would have been stopped if carbon taxes were enacted or whatever other nonsense laws they want to...
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    Re: George Lopez is a piece of shit beaner!

    Send the secret service after him, arrest him and charge him with threatening the life of the president! If this isn't a threat to the president, what is??
  17. Re: Why you don't want to use the biggest, baddest pistol round

    Even on PCP, I struggle to imagine how it's physically even possible to continue moving forward after absorbing 14 hits with a .45. I know it's not common at all, but damn he must have been like the...
  18. Thread: We Wuz Kings

    by madfranks

    Re: We Wuz Kings

    Someone quick call the ADL and let them know that stating that the notion of ancient african kings is a discredited theory makes them the very racist bigots they purport to be combating! Were they...
  19. Re: A couple of faggots bring in the new year

    Nothing surprises me anymore. We're way beyond the days when this sort of thing would cause genuine outrage.
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    Re: The plot thickens!

    Something fishy is definitely going on... I hope we get some more details in the coming days.
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    Re: What's a "crazy check"??

    This topic doesn't come up much but absolutely this sort of thing occurs all the time. I've read about people who are overweight using their weight as a "disability" to get SS disability checks. ...
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    Re: The Clinton cover-up

    Bull crap, Hillary knows she's got the deep state and media behind her on this, she's never going down, she's never going to have to answer for her crimes.
  23. Re: Sheldon Adelson's wife wants there to be a "book of Trump" added to the bible !

    Save them from not getting everything they want, all the time, everywhere.
  24. Re: Jim Stone: Tesla is a great car and other stories

    Not a chance! He's already apologized but no way he resigns.
  25. Re: Trump slams Dem (((joo))) who cheered rising white-male suicides

    If Twitter were run by right-wingers, and deleted Obama's tweets, you better believe the Dems would have legislation already written and ready to go to bring them to heel. I really wish the...
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