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  1. Re: TRUMP: "Maybe it's the calm before the storm."

    “Maybe it’s the calm before the storm”. We’re truly living during interesting times and I wouldn’t want anyone else as President.
  2. Re: the company has literally reinvented the wheel.

    Gavin did great at his skateboard lesson. We are so proud of him! He liked it so much that we are going back in the morning. If any of you are in...
  3. Re: Fatal Rocket Propelled Skateboard Experiment

    I just almost learned how to skateboard I SWEAR I'M FINNA BUY 1 and BE GOOD AT IT. "Oh yeah" by Diggy feat. Lupe and Skateboard P, check it out is...
  4. Re: Spoofing the Traffic Camera - Longboarding without Limits

    Read Full Review

    Since his skateboard was in the back of my car from last night.Asked 2bring his board bla bla bla. So he's been down there w/o a board. If you could have one skateboard...
  5. Re: Forest Fire In Portugal Kills More Than 60 People

    Oh... :o
    It is really horrible.
    What is the time it was?
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    Re: Four more youths lives destroyed

    How funny :p
    She's name is Jessie Lorene Goline.
    I also want to her student. :)*#*

    Most of the newspapers don't publish this news.
    I heard this first from this thread. Lol
  7. Re: Swedish gov buys three apartments for $1.8 m for Islamist and three wives!

    Swedish gov is persecuting people that even mention migrant rape, their government is corrupt and let these people in.
    So not Swedish, not born there? How long have you been there. I have been in...
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    Re: Eternal Punishment is Against The Law

    @Eternal_Awesome Murder, by definition, is killing against the law. That's why war or capital punishment aren't seen as 'murder'. I know. i already said. goobnight. but the human. made. a night...
  9. Re: Nine Dead After Biker Gang Shootout In Waco, Texas, Restaurant

    Biking is a good habit. Most of the people love to ride bike like you.
    Me also like ride bike.
    Most of the people can't try to ride bike. I think it is not a good idea.
  10. Re: 4 American tourists attacked with acid in Marseille's train station, prosecutor s

    Funny how an acid attack on 4 American women tourists in Marseilles isnt trending. Religion of Peace.
    As they should b. All his BS tariffs n price wars WILL affect Canada. CA tourists will prob b...
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    Re: Believe your own eyes - 9/11

    I don't believe in 9/11 accident. It was a fake news. It was planed of US government.
    I think this kind of activity was created to destroy the image of Muslims in the present world.
    I didn't...
  12. Sticky: Re: Where are gold, silver, pgm prices going: big bank forecasts

    Interesting thread.
    Nice read.
    Most of the people don't know about this which you mentioned in this thread.
    It is really helpful to me.
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