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  1. Re: University develops miracle device that can heal organs and tissue

    For us commoners, never...
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    Re: US Summers Are Getting Much Cooler

    Here in Indiana when I was a kid, August was the swelter month. High 90s for days on end with occasional 100+. This Friday we are supposed to have a high of 65F with mid 70s all next week, 3 nights...
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    Re: Who's having hot dogs today?

    Brings the literal ingredients (lips and assholes), to a whole new meaning...
  4. Re: BLACK ATTACK- thread for documenting SAVAGES in Amerika

    Maybe he will use his prison issued scivvies.
  5. Re: Bitcoin 'Crashes' To 1-Week Lows - The Difference Between Fear And Concern

    I just ordered a Trezor and it should be here in a week, hard wallets are SCARCE! Which suggests tons of people are getting on the crypto train. I originally ordered a ledger nano 2, but even the...
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    Re: Finally D. Satan Rockefeller is dead!

    Looks like a goddamned vampire.
  7. Re: U s judge orders unsealing of clinton email probe search warrant

    That judge is gonna be found dead from natural causes with a pillow on his face.
  8. Re: Hero or Zero... Man walks (kind of) off with 1.6 million in gold nuggets.

    Staged event just to let everyone know how risky it is to have gold.

    *YOINK* Annnnnnd its gone! *GASP*
  9. Re: THERE WILL BE NO RECOUNT IN PENNSYLVANIA: Jill Stein Perpetrating Election Fraud.

    I just hope everyone went long popcorn, butter and powdered pink Himalayan salt.
  10. Re: Russian fighter crashes on first day of opertions in Syria.

    It's the mileage.
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    Re: So, tomorrow is the day then?

    Blo Pony sucks, errrmm pun intended I 'spose...
  12. Re: Russian fighter crashes on first day of opertions in Syria.

    The carrier that China owns was built by Russia, they sold it to China for scrap when the USSR collapsed. I personally saw it being towed near Hong Kong at the time, it was an awesome sight to see. ...
  13. Re: Erdogan declares war, holding US nukes hostage at Incirlik airbase

    False coup to seize absolute dictatorial control of Turkey?
  14. Re: Erdogan declares war, holding US nukes hostage at Incirlik airbase

    I can't help but wonder if one or two of those nukes have been armed and readied for detonation pending an attack on the base. Preventing nukes from falling into enemy hands is some serious shit....
  15. Re: Dumb girl pees in Trump tower pool, thinks she is admired & did something good.

    I'd be a complete ass if I was Trump, I'd have that pool emptied and sanitized to the extreme sparing absolutely no expense due to the bio hazard her piss represents, then send her the bill with a "...
  16. Re: Texas Governor Calling For Convention Of The States To Rein In Washington

    It would also allow them a chance to repeal the 1st and 2nd amendments, a Constitutional convention today would result in calamity what with nearly every goddamned politician whoring themselves to...
  17. Re: Martin Armstrong: James Comey Had No Problem Keeping Me In Prison Without Any Cha

    I can't help but wonder how many people are gonna wake up in the morning only to find out they have been suicided over this.

    So much for morning coffee huh?
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    Re: Billion Dollar Cruise Ship

    It doesn't look capable of cross ocean cruising just coastal, I bet it's a flat bottom sea sick vessel. Still, that's one big son of a bitch, I'd hate to have to clean the thing...
  19. Re: Scenes From The Venezuela Apocalypse... sad... scary... could come here...

  20. Re: Scenes From The Venezuela Apocalypse... sad... scary... could come here...

    Some, yes. I expect people will turn to cannibalism before many die, and then many will die. This will probably be the next stage for Venezuela as their learned helplessness will prevent them from...
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    Re: President Jackson about to be Jewed !

    Need to come up with some "colorful" names for these new notes.


    Dark Cash?
  22. Thread: Dindu Question

    by Plastic

    Re: Dindu Question

    Gibmeedat x 2
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    Re: So windy here for the past 8 hours...

    I'll gladly take your wind if you take my shitty northern Indiana snow storm, this snow has to be 25% lead it's so heavy.
  24. Re: Russia May Use Nukes to Oppose Saudi Invasion of Syria

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    Re: When a Majority Becomes a Minority

    Maybe ww3 would be a good thing after all, a massive strike against our cities would be akin to cleansing our colons, get rid of the shit so to speak.
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