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  1. Re: We should be grateful for our bestest friends in the whole wide world

    AGD’s. (Anti Goyim Drones)
  2. Re: Dozens dead in border clashes with palestinians

    Those poor Jews. They are God's chosen after all. We better send them more money and weapons.
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    "The world is not secretly manipulated by Global Elite". Oh yeah? Where did the UN come from then?
  4. Re: Lyme disease is a gift for the most deeply spiritual people on the planet

    My son's longtime lady friend got Lyme in the oughts. It destroyed her health. It's taken a long time for her to recover and lead a semblance of a normal life. It seems to affect everyone a little...
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    Re: are nukes a hoax???

    The thing that I question is the ability to deliver the weapons via ballistics. I very much doubt the trustworthiness of the missiles. I think many will fail and perhaps rain destruction upon our...
  6. Re: Lyme disease is a gift for the most deeply spiritual people on the planet

    I got Lyme Disease in the 90's. It's no gift.
  7. Re: Ex-Pfizer Chief Science Officer Dr. Michael Yeadon warns massive depopulation via

    That is definitely the best interview I've seen with Yeadon. He laid it out perfectly and made a lot of sense. Pretty much says what we here have all come to think regarding the whole affair.
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    Re: Winter is coming.

    Women! Vodka!
  9. Thread: Polio FRAUD

    by woodman

    Re: Polio FRAUD

    Janine Roberts covers it pretty well in her book "Fear of the Invisible".
  10. Thread: Weather Talk

    by woodman

    Re: Weather Talk

    That would be trully miserable. It has been rather hot here, Northern Michigan, during the days and quite cool at night. Low fifties, high forties some nights, most nights in the 50's to lower 60's...
  11. Thread: The Jew Coup

    by woodman

    Re: The Jew Coup

    Ours is a captured government. Soros is responsible for thousands of deaths and crimes. Directly. I guess when you are the one who got the prosecuters their job, then you become immune.
  12. Re: Michael Hudson speech: The End of Western Civilization

    Caught this speech/interview from the Unz Review. Very impressive. I think I want to order some of his books.

    Inflation and the Fed Plan to Cut Wages: A Depression is Coming, by Michael Hudson -...
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    Re: Gonzalo Lira: The Netherlands Is On Fire

    It is completely out in the open for all to see. All governments have been captured by the Hostile Elite and they are shutting down our capacity to feed ourselves. This is a blatant and clear war...
  14. Re: Do you know where the fluoride they put in water supplies comes from?

    The skin really soaks it up. I tried weighing myself before and after shower and there is quite a difference. I have a well so all I have to worry about is excess iron.
  15. Re: Do you know where the fluoride they put in water supplies comes from?

    Yup, the flouride is industrial waste, scrubbed out of smokestacks and wherever else they need to get rid of it.
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    Re: From Putin's recent speech

    God speed Russia. I hope the West falls, just as Sodom and Gomorah. Not all of us are polluted, but it is best that our countries are obliterated than to fall to the Satanists.
  17. Re: The Birth Of Cultural Marxism: How The "Frankfurt School" Changed America

    Perhaps the British public is right about the percentages of Muslims and Blacks. Could be the pollsters are skewing the results to try to breed complacency when it truly is a take over. Hard to...
  18. Thread: Save the jews

    by woodman

    Re: Save the jews

    Jews Must Live : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive
  19. Re: Secret speech by chairman of China's military commission

    Did a little research. It seems China developed and successfully tested the neutron bomb in 1988. Considering how duplicitous the US and China have been about their research labs, it would be...
  20. Re: Secret speech by chairman of China's military commission

    It would be interesting to find an article detailing neutron bomb technology. Neutron bombs would fill the bill for either a Chinese or Elite take-down of the US. Of course a well placed EMP would...
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    Re: Total enslavement of the planet by 2030

    Naomi Wolf - We're Now in the Last Stage of a Tyrannical Takeover (
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    Re: Welcome to the Hyperinflationary Depression

    Well, it's getting hard to keep any dry powder. The prices are going up everywhere, even at Aldi and the packages are shrinking. Not sure whether to buy needed things now before supply dries up and...
  23. Thread: The Jew Coup

    by woodman

    Re: The Jew Coup

    Great post Monty. Another thanks deserved.
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    Re: WW4 kicked off in Ukraine...?

    ^^It is a resource war and also a payback for Putin's actions against Jewish oligarchs that were raping Russia.

    In essence, your usual banker's war brought to us by the usual suspects.
  25. Re: Biden's Doctor Tries To OUTSMART Rand Paul, Fail Woefully

    That creature was not even honest enough to say that they would not answer the question. Disgusting piece of shit. America should go the way of Sodom and Gomorrah. There are good people though...
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