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    Re: Vaccinations cause Polio pandemic

    As a parent of a unvaccinated chickdee ... this is good reading
  2. Re: WaPo: Only the right is violence prone (over Roe)

    Saul alinsky rule for radicals

    Rule 4: Make opponents live up to their own book of rules. "You can kill them with this, for they can no more obey their own rules than the Christian church can...
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    Re: Stay safe on cruises

    nobody will get a penny
    the rules that govern maritimeare hoplessy slanted against you .

    the only way incidents backfire is when they gain national attention (ie covid cruises)
  4. Re: Mounting Evidence Shows Many Vaccines are Ineffective

    If you have to be persuaded, reminded, bullied, pressured, incentivized, intimidated, lied to, guilt tripped, coerced, socially shamed, censored, threatened, paid, punished, and criminalized in order...
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    Re: Zeitgeist

    This man is a straight up Marxist with a atavistic hatred towards anything that is of the judeochristian faith
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    Re: Need veterans on crypto


    I dont want to loose this thread
  7. Re: I'm gonna call it now, The Shit Has Hit The Fan!

    “And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark

    Not there yet....... but we are inching ever so closer
  8. Re: I'm gonna call it now, The Shit Has Hit The Fan!

    Oh what a blessed day this is.....

    Gosh I remember all that stuff we use to take about.

    I think you told me about oil of oregano

    That was very good to have on hand while I was in the...
  9. Re: I'm gonna call it now, The Shit Has Hit The Fan!

    Thank ya baby...

    Been running real hard and my life has taken more twists than a slinky coiled up.

    One day I will start a thread about it

    I'm just glad the core team is still in tact.

  10. Re: Check out this way cool hand grenade I got!

    “Boast not thyself of to morrow; for thou knowest not what a day may bring forth.”

    King James Version (KJV)
  11. Re: I'm gonna call it now, The Shit Has Hit The Fan!

    You are correct in musings but the bottom has dropped out yet.

    Ever so slowly the curtain is starting to raise on the killbox we are In.

    The vaccine chokehold is absolutely breathtaking in...
  12. Re: What is your "go to" line, when asked about the jab?

    I tested and I have the antibodies

    I dont want anything messing with that.

    Most people eyes glaze over and naturally agree with me not to appear foolish
  13. Re: Excellent sites for sharing on the Covid HOAX

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    Re: Need veterans on crypto

    It's funny you say avoid dodge.....

    That was exactly the one I was looking at.

    The reason being..... I was there the day bitcoin crashed to zero.

    If my ass played with 500 bucks I dont...
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    Need veterans on crypto

    I want to play with 500 dollars

    Need info on the best app and the best place to " hold" it

    I keep hearing about coinbase to buy

    Any thoughts?
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    Re: You have to hand it to Silver Shield

    man blazed his own path and overcame a shitload of tomfoolery

    anyone can do the same
  17. Re: The Archbishop of Canterbury is a major cuck

    I bet you this joker thinks he is going to have his adoring public with him on Judgment day.
  18. Re: Mississippi RepubliCucks Cuck on State Flag.

    real sipians will keep the original.
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    Re: LOL @ protester tearing down monument!

    brings a whole new meaning to

    Let's crack some skulls.
  20. Re: Constitutional Scholar Says Trump Is Carrying Out The Globalist Agenda

    I dont know what they these people want.

    I truly am at a loss.

    I always thought if " our guy" got in He could change the system.

    I am in awe of the naked corruption that being revealed. ...
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    Re: Roy Potter- WTH is Alex Jones Doing????

    as my Moma would say over and over.

    Boy the Bible is true....

    And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:

    Thessalonians 2:11*
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    Re: Roy Potter- WTH is Alex Jones Doing????

    so what are we supposed to do?

    lock n load??

    truth is if your not rural with own means of sustaining ( including medical) RIGHT NOW your ass is toast.

    he reminds me of that other guy who...
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    Re: Fauci - This guy is gone in...

    that is the liberal platform in a nutshell

    screech about something that could never be attained
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    Re: Anyone else getting some kind of flu?

    me and my junior cub
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    Re: This is what leadership looks like

    it's absolutely painful to watch
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