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  1. Re: Why some of us stubbornly look to the King James Version of the Bible

    The most common mistake is misquotation: letting some preacher tell you what the bible says instead of reading it yourself. The second most common mistake is assuming you know what the words mean...
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    Analysts have been predicting collapse since Nixon abolished gold backing of the USD in 1971. Every use of unbacked paper money in history has led to a collapse withing 40 years. We are now in the...
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    OMG! Who knew?

    When the government goes up against the government, the government always wins.
  4. Re: The fascists don't realize they're the fascists

    First, nobody knows what a fascist is. The people who invented the word could not agree on what it meant.

    Second, no "-ist" ever thinks he is an "-ist". He thinks he is only obeying laws of the...
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    Re: The Gospel of Saint Thomas


    It concerns the Hebrew word 'tsemach', also spelled zemach, which means branch. The study is too long to post here, so let's start in the middle: there were four prophecies of...
  6. Re: Adam Was The First White Man. Blacks and Asians were created before Adam

    Nobody has actual knowledge on which to base any such statement. They are pretending to know something when they don't.
  7. Re: Why some of us stubbornly look to the King James Version of the Bible

    The big deal is that the KJV has been stable for over 400 years. It has some mistakes, but we know about all or most of them. It is a small thing to compare the words of the KJV to a directory of...
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    Sticky: Poll: Re: In your personal view, does God exist

    It's dum to have a "Christian God" option because in Christian doctrines there are many gods, and if you want to know about the Most High God you are supposed to read the book that He gave for that...
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