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    Re: 'Islam is RIGHT About Women'

    SJW brains explode. lol

    Meme this on any liberal SJW blog:
  2. Re: RT: trump could delay war until after the 2020 selections

    trump is the self appointed king of din joos. A tin god to the Christian zionists. The 'peace' bringer. trump declares herself greater than King David and Jesus Christ, trump declares itself as the...
  3. Re: RT: trump could delay war until after the 2020 selections

    This was the plan along. They have their Lusitania. And should wait until after the selection process of a new POS in November 2020. If the Dems lose, a war is probable.
  4. RT: trump could delay war until after the 2020 selections

    Iran is a “strong, self-sufficient country, with large territory and capable military,” and this means no rash moves from Washington should be expected before the 2020 election, Aitech Bizhev, former...
  5. Re: 09/24-28/19 - the period of days when THE EARTH STOOD STILL

  6. Re: Colt Cucks, Suspends AR-15 Production for Civilian Use.

    Dennis R. Veilleux is CEO and President in 2013.

    Not sure of who is presently. Could still be...
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    I am well aware that this is Trudeau's fantasy world:

    However if one of the multiCULTuralists in the video start to make fun of blacks, you don't...
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    If the shoe fits. Alt-righters hate everybody different than them, peaceful Vietnamese, peaceful Han Chinese, peaceful Iranians, peaceful Swedes, peaceful Bosnians, peaceful Greeks. They are haters...
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    Doesn't making fun of niggers partly qualify you for higher office. This should.

    Now at the present moment, what qualifies anybody for public office is raping kids like Denny Hastert, trump and...
  10. Re: they dont expel anybody from skool, except this girl

    'Don't Make the Black Kids Angry' is the rule in inner city schools.

    Her problem was she told a dumbass cracker her feelings.

    Nobody is your friend in this world, except maybe perhaps some...
  11. Re: RFK's son claims 'compelling evidence' his father was assassinated by a CIA opera

    I don't like the Kennedys, they made use of MK Ultra sex slaves of Kissinger. And they promoted nigger 'eqwaulity' and socialism. And they are supposedly of the bloodline of the Illuminati, 90%...
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    Re: WITAF is going on?

    Soon a 'dollar' may be a computer solving algorithms. And whoever was the first on the MLM ponzi scheme, will be trillionaires. The 2nd group will be billionaires. The 3rd level group will be...
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    Re: Another MAGA hoax.

    Nobody wants to be around niggers, let alone interact with nigs. Avoid the void.
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    Re: Hitler escaped to Argentina

    If the zionists let their Rothschild agent Hitler live a nice life in Argentina after Germany burns, they would have supported their Mossad agent's escape to a Jaffa beach. Jeffrey is still alive....
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    Re: Oil To Hit $100?

    Don't worry Saudi Arabia, Patriot Missiles are defending you from drone attack. No need to worry, 'murica is on the jerb to defend you.
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    Re: This was NOT a hate crime!

    This is their default behavior. TNB.

    Jim Crow kept millions of whites safe.

    They destroyed Africa, they are destroying anyplace they reside.

    trump on inner city crime, whitey to blame:
  17. Re: Trillions Pumped In And Little to Show For It

    The Negro-Jewish alliance to get whitey. The Republicans service the jew. Democrats service the nigger, nigress and niglets. Obama served both. But neither party takes away anything given to the...
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    Re: A Commie goes on a rant

    I thought it was going to be Bernie Sanders debate mumbo-jumbo. lol

    Dems are going to lose because they are out of touch insane politicians. Voter may even recall why they voted for trump in the...
  19. Re: New cities in China as our own USA cities become shitholes

    The Chinese walk their streets at night to catch of bit to eat, even at night popular districts are safe. The only thing to bite at night in Murican cities are the bullets flying by.

    These are...
  20. Thread: Bolton gone

    by C.Martel

    Re: Bolton gone

    The replacement options being pushed in the media are worse than Bolton. The replacements missed their calling to become Catholic priests, where they would have assuredly molested altar boys.
  21. Thread: Reparations

    by C.Martel

    Re: Reparations

    In my twitter conversations with the Liberal Dems, I found out that the Libs are really stupid, they only want the government to hand out free money to the really, really dumb for really dumb...
  22. Re: New cities in China as our own USA cities become shitholes

    White woman goes to the capital of cultural enrichment and gets ceremonially beheaded.

    Jews better watch out for the cultural enrichment they are spreading throughout the world, most of the world...
  23. Re: New cities in China as our own USA cities become shitholes

    The jews used to own much of the world. How they have fallen.

    The jews were first on the good side of the Germans in WWI, then betrayed the Germans...
  24. Re: New cities in China as our own USA cities become shitholes

    Jews are training nig-nogs to think. I make sure I don't. I am aware of the races that are inherently murderous and it is wise to not train them to think, but keep them as dumb.

    Asians have done...
  25. Re: New cities in China as our own USA cities become shitholes

    When you warn the Chinese about the nig nog problem in the world, they call you racist and inform you they are open to welcoming millions of nig nogs into China to 'improve' their cities, like nig...
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