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    Re: The madness continues unabated

    She was probably just imitating what she saw in the new Joker movie over the weekend.
  2. Fredo Cuomo jokes about LBGTP pronouns

    In [CURRENT YEAR] making a joke about LGBTP can get you in big trouble.
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    I'm sorry to say this forum is basically broken. And none of us have any authority to fix it.
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    What kind of question is this? Of course they would! You give the dems a new tool they can use to try and take out Trump and they'll use it!
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    In this culture though, it is a pretty bad idea to post a meme like that. At this point if you post something like that on mainstream social media you should expect backlash. I'm not saying taking...
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    Re: Diversity is NOT a strength

    And this is probably why Joe Biden said we need to get rid of common English law and jurisprudence. Because it's not diverse enough.
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    In a logical world, that might actually happen. We all know that it won't happen in our reality though. They'll never, ever admit that letting in hundreds of thousands of uneducated bottom barrel...
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    Re: Mister Metokur

    This one's worth watching!
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    Re: Diversity is NOT a strength

    What a timely article!
  10. Re: Teen climate change activist angrily berates UN Climate Summit attendees

    When I say my goodnight prayers tonight I'll try to remember to pray for this forum. :)
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    I know I started this thread, but damn, this stuff just gets to be so depressing day after day...
  12. Re: jew gets stay of execution by claiming judge is antisem

    Obviously this is because the real victim here is this poor, poor Jewish man who was abused at the hands of a vicious anti-semite who hates him for no reason!
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    Re: When around blacks, never relax

    The creature is an animal, plain and simple.
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    Look how they're shifting the narrative now. It used to be "we need migrants to work the jobs that Swedes won't do" and "we need migrants to work and pay for all the retiring Swedish pensioners."...
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    Re: Diversity is NOT a strength

    Exactly, which is why it's kind of perplexing how anyone would ever even think that diversity is strength. In every practical situation you can think of, the strongest is the most unified.
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    Re: Check the forecast for 2025

    So by 2025 the US loses over 200 million people? Clearly they're projecting that the Green New Deal passes and modern infrastructure and utilities become outlawed. That would do it.
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    Re: Nigga culture matters

    A while back I read an article written by a cucked out classical music student who argued that negro hip-hop and rap is equivalent to classical European music (Beethoven, Bach, Mozart, etc.). It is...
  18. Re: Teen climate change activist angrily berates UN Climate Summit attendees

    Bravo, and well said. This may be post of the year for 2019 here at GSUS.

    I joined GIM back in 2006, back when it was possible to find a forum online that (mostly) allowed free speech. Now...
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    Re: LarouchePAC Trolls AOC - eat the babies

    How do we know this is trolling? The lady looked serious to me. And killing babies to save the planet because the climate is changing is a big part of the democratic plan, courtesy of Bernie "burn...
  20. Re: Jewish heritage is American heritage - Joe Biden

    ^ THIS, this is the actual American heritage as far as Jews are concerned. This is what the founders believed. America was not founded as a Jewish nation. All this talk of "Judeo/Christian" values...
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    Re: Diversity is NOT a strength

    An excellent point, and one that's really easy to counter people with. Thanks!
  22. Re: Teen climate change activist angrily berates UN Climate Summit attendees

    The more I see garbage like this, the more I think Jewboo has the right idea, which is basically just sit back and watch the train wreck that is Clown World unwind before our eyes. There's nothing...
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    Diversity is NOT a strength

    Here's a fun little exercise, to study the roots of the words Diversity and Divided. Here, from the online etymology dictionary, which is the Internet's go-to source for quick and reliable accounts...
  24. Re: A Virginia police officer was suspended after allegedly turning over a suspected

    The Diversity religion is so tiring at this point. Have you ever asked anyone to explain how or why diversity is strength? Nobody I've ever asked this question to has been able to answer it.
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    Another question worth pondering is why is it that you would be called a racist if you called a black person "colored" as they walked to their NAACP meeting.
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