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    Re: Water Filters

    The ONLY safe water to drink is PURE water, i.e. distilled
    Since man has DESTROYED God's built-in distillery with pollution and chemtrails, you need to make it on your own.
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    Re: Gilroy Shooting

    an interesting choice of words, perhaps he WAS a police officer?!
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    Re: Sure to be the next blockbuster!

    The tranny that "gets the girl" at the end.
  4. Re: BREAKING! Joe Biden Planning To Drop Out Of 2020 Presidential Race

    No one has a chance as Trump has already been chosen for a next term. The whole "voting and campaigning" is just Show for you to think you have a choice in your vote.
    I mean C'mon guys you ALL...
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    Re: Trump/Bitcoin tweet storm

    Bitcoin's role has indeed changed, it is being positioned as a "store of value" i.e. Digital Gold.
    It can still be used for transactions if necessary but primarily it's role is LIKE physical Gold...
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    Re: Trump/Bitcoin tweet storm

    My guess is that he was instructed to say this.
    His son-in-law, Jared Kushner is a vested partner in Robin Hood. (Trump knows this)
    An exchange based app. aimed at mostly YOUNG people (millennials)...
  7. Re: Everyone has a civil right to have a mental illness

    The peg goes into the hole.
    Two pegs cannot produce children
    Two holes cannot produce children
    Pretty simple, even a child can understand
  8. Re: MSNBC puts deepfake pimple on Tulsi's face during the debate

    Trump is the chosen one for another term, All this democrats Vs. Republicans is a show for the goats
  9. Re: Facebook worldwide digital currency Libra coming!

    Libra coin is just a regurgitated "Gift card" in a digital coin format.
  10. The Digital Asset Bull Run has begun

    I'm calling it!! The Great Crypto Bull Run has begun!!
    The crypto winter is over!!

    If your (crypto) bags are empty, congratulate yourselves on missing out on the biggest bull run in THREE...
  11. Re: Paris: Notre-Dame Cathedral Burns, Charred Timbers of Medieval Spire Collapse

    What's really behind the ND fire
  12. Re: Guess how many Blackhawk helicopters Uncle is giving the Taliban

    You're welcome Mr. JEW
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    Re: The Bitcoin Tracking Thread

    99+% of everyone in the world has zero or LESS than 1 Bitcoin so I find this particular statement rather amusing as who is needing to find out how much you paid for EACH Bitcoin (as if you have so...
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    Re: Magazine 'pez dispenser'

    Minor problem right now, X-Via from Ripple is changing all this, they also have X-Rapid, X-Current and soon X-pool which will be a pool of XRP for ALL banks in the world to "pool" into and make...
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    Re: Flat Earthers Won't Go Away

    Here's a few which clearly state the earth is NOT a "spinning ball"

    1) The phrase UNDER THE SUN appears 27 times in the book of Ecclesiastes
    Ecclesiastes 1:9 The thing that hath been, it is...
  16. Re: No matter how paranoid or conspiracy-minded you are...

    I can imagine quite a bit
  17. 100% absolute proof NO ACTORnaut EVER goes into "outer space"
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    Flat Earth dis-info cover up
  19. Re: Ok guys, time to start reporting to authorities when you release your sperm.

    Another push to keep people DEBT SLAVES.
    An older man can (often times) PROVIDE for a wife without dragging her into a lifetime of DEBT.

    A younger man most often cannot!!

    Thus why TPTB push...
  20. Re: Here now! Free health care for everyone!

    Just a friendly reminder, EVERYONE and I mean EVERYONE is born with FREE Health care.
    You are FREE to take care of your health as ONLY you (and your God if you have one) are with you 24 hours a day...
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    Penis enlargement Kills man

    If you were not satisfied with your "size" for 65 years, why mess with it now?
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    Re: lol...the latest hate crime

    It's a simple pollen/chemtrail residue.
    Very common now-a-days

    Ho hum
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    Re: lol...captain marvel down in flames

    I "marvel" anyone pays one iota of attention to this worthless shit!
    Comic books are one of the MANY replacements Satan has for God's word.

    Matthew 4:4 But he answered and said, It is written,...
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    Re: By all appearances Mars was nuked

    They need new C.G.I artists to PIXEL in some other stuff for the deceived religious star wars/star trek Sci-Fi followers to grovel over and continue to PRETEND they found/hid something they don't...
  25. Re: ROBERT DAVID STEELE: What Trump's About To Do Is SHOCKING! (Powerful Interview)

    I recently listened to this guy (before this post) and my main problem with him is that he started his talk with this statement
    "Trump is behind the scenes working on a GOLD BACK DOLLAR"

    I know...
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