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  1. Re: Bold Or Not Bad Assumptions Lead To Bad Decisions

    As long as they hire people who work and don't spend the day staring at their phones, I don't care which American citizen they hire. Every business around here ( Toledo) has help wanted signs out and...
  2. Re: Do you know where the fluoride they put in water supplies comes from?

    Our water dept. doesn't use fluoride , not because of health reasons but because it's too expensive. They also ozonate the water rather than chlorinate it.
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    Re: Prettiest State in the US?

    Technically a territory, not a state.
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    Re: The Right to Flee

    That might work in Austin but I don't see it in the rest of the state.
  5. Re: USAF planning to fly fleet of 90 year old bombers

    Aircraft, with proper care, can fly a very long time. There are planes from the 1920s that still make regular flights. Normally, they aren't operational warplanes. This should tell you that the...
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    Re: Promotion of the hand to mouth existence

    I think it is due more to the state of the workers. My cousin is working at the pizza joint down the road and has been working massive amounts of overtime because the little boys and girls can't seem...
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    Re: Toledo Block Party

    They're just a bunch of wanna-be Chicagoans.
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    Re: The Magnet Challenge

    I tried it with the J&J and it didn't stick.
  9. Re: "Gas Run Has Begun" - Fuel Stations Run Dry Amid Hacked Pipeline

    Farmland prices drop a lot.
  10. Re: Have you ever wondered how many of those lemon motif dresses Dr. Jill has?

    Can't say as I have.
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    Must have been a fat thief. Around here, they don't seem to use jacks.
  12. Re: This is how stupid the ChiComs think American rubes are

    The drive through testing sites will be fun.
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    Re: wow, apmex is out of silver.

    Didn't something like this happen before? They paid out in FRNs instead of giving physical silver.
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    Re: Merry Christmas Everyone

    Merry Christmas to all.
  15. Re: Wow! Here Is A Guy Who Got The Experience He Paid For

    Nobody spends a week in the emergency room. Maybe in the hospital but not the emergency room.
  16. Re: Car mowed into a group of protesters in Seattle last night

    Are we sure he just wasn't looking at his cell phone?
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    Re: LOL @ protester tearing down monument!

    I have to admit that I watched that vid multiple times. I don't normally watch them at all but that was funny.
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    Re: Who are replacing Joe Biden?

    It will be someone you never heard of, just like BO and King Billy. The important thing is no easily researched backstory. He or she will be presented as the next best thing since sliced bread and...
  19. Re: Faking Corona Deaths and Screwing with the numbers....

    I've run across a report that Italy folded all their deaths from cancer into their CV statistics.
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    Re: queen isabella spinning in her grave

    Somethings screwy. What's a Kaminsky doing in there?
  21. Re: Check out the lineup for POTUS Trump rally in Ohio.

    The wife and I wanted to go to that but she doesn't have much patience in crowds anymore and I can't stand that long comfortably. We watched it on the net instead.
    My leftist SIL said she...
  22. Re: Top Izzy expert: US can't defeat Iran in conventional war

    I can't with this computer and I don't watch videos anyway. It's a poor method of getting information and far too slow. As for anti-ship missiles, meh. What do they have in tanks, ground attack...
  23. Re: Top Izzy expert: US can't defeat Iran in conventional war

    I've heard this before somewhere. Oh yeah, The US can't win a land war in Iraq.
  24. Re: Devil's Breath drug can block free will, wipe memory

    The Germans did extensive research into scopolamine and similar compounds to use as a truth drug. These reactions don't sound similar. I have to wonder if it's the same drug.By the way, they found...
  25. Re: In A War with the Trees ... Guess Who Wins?

    Part of their training is about landing in trees and pine trees are better than most. You also have to know how to consolidate after a bad drop.
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