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  1. Re: Washingrton Expo Show Educational and Sadly entertaining HERE’S THE LIST OF 80 REPUBLICANS That Voted To Support Fed Vaccination Database That Will “Track” Unvaccinated Americans
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    Re: This is where things are headed, no jab, no go

    ( (Global): New Brunswick unveils winter action plan to curb spread of COVID-19 No Jab No Food Mandates Land Quietly in Canada
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    Re: Vaccination Extermination

    One of my vices is hatewatching establishment news propaganda. My excuse is there was no other option for news for most of my life. There are some great alt-media content creators offering guided...
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    Re: Altering Reality

    Seems similar:
    The Plagues of Egypt (מכות מצרים‎), in the story of the book of Exodus, are ten disasters inflicted on Biblical Egypt by the g-d of...
  5. Re: Congressman Thomas Massie, R Kentucky Last Remaining Patriot in Congress

    Judge acting as if he's down with the scamdemic. Sad. Especially after watching Rand Paul ask for a new vaccine a few days ago.

    "The one thing they could they are not doing that is we should...
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    Re: Will Justin Trudeau survive this?

    Coming for the children. Have not seen a vid of him for a few months. Seems like he might have gotten the real shots as well, although he was always sort of a wiggly guy and perhaps is playing this...
  7. Thread: Coronavirus

    by keehah

    Re: Coronavirus Is Big Pharma Punishing South Africa? South Africa Denied Pfizer & Johnson And Johnson. 1 Day Later, Omicron Detected There And Country Blocked From The World.
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    Re: Jootube delisted Ice Age Farmer

    And Truth counter to their narrative is censored.

    counterpunch: Censorship, the Myth of Free Data and the False Solutions on the Table
  9. Re: John Stockwell: The Third World War/secret CIA ops Declassified Military Report Exposes Hidden Links Between Wokeness and The American Regime
    November 29, 2021

    A spectre is haunting America — the spectre of “wokeism.” Seemingly...
  10. Re: This is probably the best overview of our dilemma I've seen

    If the January 6 DC Capital protesters were not protesting to help ensure the election results would be further investigated for cheating and fraud before being ratified, but instead were violent...
  11. Re: Trump: Military is going to deliver vaccine in a very powerful manner... Military leaders saw pandemic as unique opportunity to test propaganda techniques on Canadians, Forces report says

    CNN: Pentagon denies Oklahoma governor's request and...
  12. Re: This is probably the best overview of our dilemma I've seen

    "Melissa Ciummei, a financial investor from Northern Ireland, has serious concerns that injection passports will be used more like data passports to control participation in society."

  13. Re: Sex Ed and CRT type atrocities in public schools.

    I came back to this thread to post this link to the same story Dachsie already made a post on above. Enemies of the School Board

    This type of article could be posted in a...
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    Re: The Cross Examination of Tony Fauci/Bonus (Newsweek): Fauci Accuses Tucker Carlson of Killing People by 'Weaponizing Lies'

    Reuters: Fauci laughs off Ted Cruz prosecution comment
    Dr. Anthony Fauci laughed when asked about...
  15. Re: Has the Next False Flag Event Been Predicted by a TV Show Once Again

    I had to look that up. "Omicron Persei 8"

    I was hearing 'Omicron per CIA'

    Futurama was an evening show. One of the smartest primetime shows on TV I thought at the time.
  16. Re: Has the Next False Flag Event Been Predicted by a TV Show Once Again

    Omicron Variant Futurama Meme
    Bender & Fry Find Popplers! Part 3 (Futurama)

    OMICRON anagram...
  17. Re: Supreme Court Reinstates Trump Travel Ban from Muslim-Majority Countries

    Seems related. The list this time is more about race than religion though. Biden restricts travel from South Africa and seven other countries starting Monday
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    Re: What is climate change?

    The human predator's fake news 'solution' to a conservative problem.

    Assume r/K biological theory applied to human politics. r (herd) vs K (individuals or group(s). A main fundamental difference...
  19. Re: Agenda 21, Agenda 2030 & The Hegelian Dialectic "New Normal"

    "New Normal" is also stage four in The Four Stages of Ideological Subversion. Ex-KGB Explains “The Four Stages of Ideological Subversion” … It’s All Happening Now (video)
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    Re: What is climate change?

    Peak Oil with inversion and/or subversion
    Internationalists (anti-Nationalist) tax and control
    Destroyed lifestyles for the poor and middle classes, Indulgences for the rich (insignificant tossing...
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    Re: The new virus scam!

    “Fears are educated into us, and can, if we wish, be educated out.”
    — Karl Augustus Menningerkj

    Common cold - Wikipedia

    The Novel Coronavirus: What Are Novel Viruses and How Do They Impact...
  22. Re: Salvation Army asks white donors to apologize for their racism

    "It’s part of a push by the Christian charitable organization to embrace the ideas of Black Lives Matter"

    A two block radius around the Sally Ann in nearby town already looks much like the...
  23. Re: Trump DOJ ends Holder-era 'Operation Choke Point' Biden’s $1.75 trillion plan includes an $80 billion expansion of the IRS to enforce new taxes—but critics say it’s not enough U.S. Treasury amends proposal to...
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    Re: The Politics of the Blue State Bankruptcy

    And this is just the underfunding for one entitlement demanded from one level of 'public service.' Illinois pension shortfall surpasses $500 billion, average debt burden now...
  25. Re: Google, Facebook, Twitter will delete online hate speech at pressure from Germany

    WaPo: Facebook’s race-blind practices around hate speech came at the expense of Black users, new documents show

    But what about the headline?
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