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  1. Being in Time, Atzmon's new book Social Engeneering Identitarianism

    This is a very interesting philosophical discussion. Atzmon describes himself as "a former Jew", is an Orthodox religion convert, and I think now lives in England and is a writer and a saxophone...
  2. New Orleans Shooting December 2 2019 - Why / how this so under-reported in media ???

    Just found out about this event.

    Have heard but not at all sure that suspect is a Black male.

    Not sure of medical status of two critically injured victims.

    This one seems very odd to me. It...
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    Re: Anyone else living with kidney stones? UGH.

    Thanks for wise, sane, balanced insights regarding kidney stones issue, Shami-Amourae.

    Have had this issue of late onset.

    Will see how this plays out.

    The Lord has helped me to get to the...
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    Re: Epstein supposedly DEAD

    The only ones going down are us.
  5. Re: Frday Dec 6 2019 Pensacola Active Shooter 4 "some fluidity in numbers"

    Saudi Military Base Shooter had Unexplained Connections to 9/11
    December 9, 2019 James...
  6. Re: Jew coup - seditious jews orchestrating trump impeachment lynching

    Particularly good TruNews youtube show for today, is now streaming live but will ready for replay in a few minutes

    Trope Fatigue: Leftist Jews...
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    Re: Why You Can't Lose Those Last 10 Pounds

    Just was looking around to see if there was a thread on the " Keto diet " , that is, the ketogenic diet. I have some long-time experience on and off over the years with this diet and can offer some...
  8. Re: Trump's anti-Shlomo rhetoric re wealth, loyalty, to joosh audience

    This anti-Zionism orthodox rabbi scholar

    says the problem is not that "U S Jews don't love Israel enough"

    Zionism and the Corruption of the...
  9. Re: Vincent James interviews E. Michael Jones hopefulness rising

    Many "patriot" commentators know the current state of peril for our whole nation and the whole world. They all use different terms to describe the evil doers and even when commentators from...
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    Saint "Francis of Assissi - The Movie"

    1:42:46 runtime

    •May 3, 2013

    Arch Crusader
  11. Re: Vincent James interviews E. Michael Jones hopefulness rising

    I think I am the only rare bird outlier old-school Catholic and long-time student of USA false flag events. I cut my teeth on 9-11 but already knew about false events of history.

    I saw EMJ take a...
  12. Frday Dec 6 2019 Pensacola Active Shooter 4 "some fluidity in numbers"

    my error in title - meant to say 4 dead

    At Least 3 Killed, Suspect Dead In Pensacola Naval Air Station Shooting | Craig Melvin | MSNBC
  13. Re: Vincent James interviews E. Michael Jones hopefulness rising


    BREAKING NEWS: Poway, California CHABAD Synagogue Shooting April 27, 2019

    channel image
  14. Re: Vincent James interviews E. Michael Jones hopefulness rising

    E. Michael Jones usually does not question false flag events and just takes the official narrative as fact, as he did about the Poway synagogue "shooting." His theory is that people are getting so...
  15. Re: Vincent James interviews E. Michael Jones hopefulness rising

    In case anyone is interested, here is something I just posted, as Dachsie1,as a comment on EMichaelJones Bitchute channel location of this same video with Vincent James.

    Dachsie1 • 13 minutes ago...
  16. True History of Jerusalem, the holohoax, the fake third Jewish Temple - v. TradCat

    Gary Giuffre

    “The vitiated conclave of 1958 – enabling act for the eclipse of the Church” – Part IV

    December 1, 2019

    Listen to the interview using the player below, or...
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    Re: new shooting: Newtown, Conn. details breaking

    Brilliant excavation work, Cheka.
  18. Alex Jones interviews E. Michael Jones Infowars Nov. 29 2019

    Feel this is a notable new twist in Alex Jones rhetoric.

    Alex Jones interviews E. Michael Jones on 11-29-19 Infowars show.

    40 minute interview...
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    Re: 200 days -where are scope memos??

    zerohedge and several other "conservative Trump supporting" media entities have posted several articles and videos claiming that the Dems are really in panic and desperation about what might be...
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    In Memory of Texe Marrs

    R.I.P. Texe Marrs
    Texe Marrs Has Gone Home to Be With the Lord

    Texe MarrsTexe Marrs passed to his heavenly home Saturday evening, November 23, to be with his Saviour whom he loves with all his...
  21. Interesting philosophical discussion E Michael Jones and Jewish convert to Orthodoxy

    41 minutes runtime

    The Conversion of the Jews - A Discussion with a Convert

    First published at 23:46 UTC on November 27th, 2019.

    channel image
  22. Vincent James interviews E. Michael Jones hopefulness rising

    Vincent James is about to be kicked off of YouTube completely.

    He and his guest, Dr. Jones, are building platforms elsewhere and are moving away from YouTube. Both are on Bitchute now too.

  23. Re: 200 websites Google does not want you to visit

    "when AJ came storming in from off cam, & took over the segment "

    That is AJ's consistent behavior pattern over the many years that I closely followed the "work" of this piece of work.

    AJ uses...
  24. A favorite YouTube homestead channel is getting abused by latest YouTube Scam

    This large Karaite* Jewish family is about to be shut down because of YouTube's new COPPA -related rules that purport to be protecting children.

    ( * Karaite ...
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    Where's the $21 trillion ?

    Dr. Mark Skidmore - Financial Crisis Might Be Best Thing
    •Nov 23, 2019
    Greg Hunter
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