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  1. Re: Dr. Oz Challenges 'Petty Tyrant' Fauci to Debate on COVID-19

    When Fauci was spreading lies about aids
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    Re: Vaccination Extermination

    Leftist 'journalists' and pundits are horrible terrible people. While we have gotten used to the fact they will ignore any reason or truth to 'own the right', but if it comes down to issues...
  3. Re: Heroic Citizens Fact-Check the LYING MSM about Corona

    Good critique of the last 2 years of corporate news and public servant bullshit around cold and flu season. Professor Ehud Qimron: “Ministry of Health, it’s time to admit failure”
  4. Re: Mob robbers hit convenience stores in St. Paul.

    If the items make it to the stores or warehouse.
  5. Re: U.S. government panel now pushing "vaccinations for all!" No exceptions.

    A couple of recent news items support the idea its not about cold and flu safety but about satanic western politicians and public servants forcing western citizens to submit to not properly tested...
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    Re: Depleted uranium is destroying life

    NATO War Crimes don't just stop when the western countries being open border invaded and native genocided stop diverting their military and security to war-crime for NATO and anti-Nationalists.
  7. Re: The mass psychological & social effects of Ebola

    Now with more Aborginal abuse!

    Mark McGowan, the State Premier of Western Australia had an indigenous elder translate his message from English to “Aboriginal-English.”
  8. Re: Cab someone explain to me what constitutes an Invasion that we should go to war o

    I was watching a travel vlog in South America yesterday, and while the houses were constructed more cheaply than in North America, I noticed the roads were just as good but prettier (less brutalist...
  9. Thread: The Great Reset

    by keehah

    Re: The Great Reset David Sassoli, European parliament president, dies aged 65

    EU parliament president David Sassoli's Christmas message, the last before his death
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    Re: What's Dr. Bill got up his sleeve

    'Covid-19' is no different than the common cold. Historically, since the 50's when the science was advanced enough to tell, new viruses are discovered every year.

    The CEO from Pfizer is promising...
  11. Re: The Birth Of Cultural Marxism: How The "Frankfurt School" Changed America The Left and ‘Discriminating Tolerance’

    Have you seen recent Democrat, NPR, TYT, CNN, MSNBC, etc. corporate news narrative around January 6 and the election?

  12. Thread: The Jew Coup

    by keehah

    Re: The Jew Coup

    Greenblatt is the Mashiach?

    i.e. 6:30-8:15

    Anti-Defamation League: Jonathan Greenblatt Discusses Domestic Extremism One Year After Jan. 6 on "Deadline: White House"
  13. Re: The mass psychological & social effects of Ebola

    Feb 3 was just before Democrats and corporate media joined the scamdemic and it was still mainly promoted by particular alt-media persons, some having abnormally and suddenly become overtly...
  14. Re: The mass psychological & social effects of Ebola Dr. Robert Malone Fires Off Warning Shot on The War Room: Latest Disease Spreading Across China an “Ebola-Like Hemorrhagic Fever Virus”

    WaPo: How former Trump adviser...
  15. Re: Is Dr. Robert Malone controlled opposition?

    Good reason? Linking to a flat earther?

    However that article does generally make a valid point that the business of making and injecting vaccines in people should not become so virulent it...
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    Re: This is where things are headed, no jab, no go

    Australia is well beyond China-Esque. If you are not fully jabbed you cannot leave your house to go to work. All the while even government officials admit the latest cold virus variant is as bad as...
  17. Re: German Journalist Blows Whistle On How The CIA Controls The Media Former CBC journalist lowers the boom on its 'radical agenda'
    Jan 04, 2022
    In a column posted to social media, Speaking Freely: Why I resigned from the Canadian Broadcasting...
  18. Re: German Journalist Blows Whistle On How The CIA Controls The Media

    Update to supplant censored video in OP.

    German Journalist Blows Whistle On How the CIA Controls The Media

    Not as dramatic as Udo...
  19. Re: Probe: Seattle cops improperly faked right-wing radio talk Seattle police faked radio chatter about Proud Boys as CHOP formed in 2020, investigation...
  20. Re: Boris Johnson slams 'nuts anti-vaxxers' as he urges 'everybody' to get a flu jab

    Echoes of Churchill.

    "Let's slow down Omicrom's spread.
    And at the same time, let's reduce the harm Omicrom can do to us by building up our vaccine defences.
    We're jabbing in hospitals,
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    Re: Will Justin Trudeau survive this? Justin Trudeau and Ben Mulroney had a threesome years before they each married, operatives rumor Sophie Trudeau’s cousin alleges a wide-ranging Liberal...
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    Re: UK Column News - 3rd January 2022 Sir Tony Blair: Over 500,000 people sign petition for former PM to be stripped of knighthood
    Honk honk; Jimmy Saville and Tony Blair
  23. Re: Canine heartworm preventative totally prevents the CCP bio-weapon Surprise: FDA Warns That Pfizer’s Experimental Covid Pills Cause Life-Threatening Reactions When Used with Many Common Medications
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    Re: The warning we ignored

    Academic Agent: Demoralization: What Yuri Bezmenov Didn't Tell You

    Soviet Union was the old left. The ideological subversion attack on the...
  25. Re: Kuachua Brillion Xiong -Lone gunman arrested in Iowa, false flag averted ? Dec.

    Actual quotes from interview with Cass County Sheiffs things seem pretty benign and normal (4) other than the alleged driving...
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