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  1. Re: Ok, I admit I don't keep up with trends - Welcome to Clown World!!!
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    Re: John McCain is Dead!

    She probably buried him long ago as he blamed her repeatedly for his campaign loss.
  3. Re: Gold drops below $1200 this morning

    All the metals have crashed through their supports. Silver is at $14.50, gold at $1180. GSR is over 81. Gonna go visit the coin shop today.
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    Re: Trump with bikers today

    This all comes just as he called a boycott of HD a great thing since they're moving operations out of the country. They planned it well before he was in office but are now using his tariffs as a...
  5. Re: Gold drops below $1200 this morning

    I'm looking at silver flirting with a sub $15 price.
  6. Re: Donald Trump's Hollywood Walk of Fame star destroyed with pickaxe

    What kind of society do we live in when the vandals are cheered as heroes.
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    Re: Denver Coin Show May 2018

    What were the premiums like?
  8. Re: PM markets poised to totally collapse?

    The silver price collapsed in the 1800s when miners found huge veins of it in Nevada. Simple supply and demand - scarcity leads to higher prices, abundance leads to lower prices. Exploiting...
  9. Re: they did something to stormy, check out the eyes

    A porn star on cocaine? Stop the presses :rolleyes:
  10. Re: Nice Little Local Coin Shop Find

    The finest in all the land.
  11. Re: Nice Little Local Coin Shop Find

    I'll sell ya one for $50 :rolleyes:
  12. Nice Little Local Coin Shop Find

    Seeing the silver spot in the 16.40s today I decided to take a trip to the LCS and see what they had in the bullion bucket. They were selling spot + 50 cents so I picked up about ten rounds.

  13. Re: A Weapon of Math Instruction

    No more weapon shaped symbols in math. In fact, we need to modify the term "bullet points" as well. We don't need students getting triggered. Oops, better not use the word "triggered" anymore...
  14. Re: New Photos of Michelle and Barack O. for Washington Gallery as of Feb 2018

    As if the "portraits" weren't embarrassing enough.. You just can't make this stuff up.
  15. Re: Provident Metals has Pandas for $4.29 over melt until February 9

    They also have junk silver on sale right now. It's actually a bit below spot.
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    Re: Selling silver for profit

    Is there a guide somewhere for this?

    If I buy 100ozt of silver at $20/oz and sell it for a loss at $15/oz I realize no capital gains, do I still pay taxes on the sale? What if someone gifts me...
  17. Re: I bought a few silver Krugarrands.. Just for kicks and giggles... will post pics

    These things were selling for around $60 a month ago. Now you can get them all day long for $50. Why the sudden price drop, I dunno. Debating whether to pick up a few more.
  18. Re: I bought a few silver Krugarrands.. Just for kicks and giggles... will post pics

    I just bought one of these coins. I kinda just wanted to own the first silver rand ever made and the low mintage kinda locks in the value. I'll probably purchase one for every year of issue here on...
  19. Re: Shocker! Little girls not interested in Fat Ass Barbie

    Is that what the doll looks like? That's not a "curvy" Barbie. That's a morbidly obese Barbie full of gluttony and stressing our health care system.
  20. Re: What do you do when you find bars of gold bullion in an Iraqi tank?

    In the comments the tank owner says there were too many witnesses to not call the authorities. Not sure what the ideal course of action woulda been in that situation.
  21. Re: Everyone is so proud we bombed Syria

    Trump himself said just a few years ago that we should not be meddling in Syria, it would lead to WW3 and is not worth it. What changed?
  22. Re: I bit the bullet and sold my silver

    Just sayin, imagine if you had sold in 2011 at the peak..
  23. Re: Do an image search for 'American scientists'

    This came up a while ago for a different search term that showed a disproportionate number of black faces. People deduced the reason it shows so many blacks is because they title pictures of black...
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    Re: Counterfeit Coins- Fake Silver

    I test using the specific gravity test and found one fake Sunshine round. The dealer reimbursed me with a Engelhard so it worked out for me.
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    Re: Rest in peace Mom

    Sorry for your loss, TT. May she rest in peace.
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