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    Re: We Are All Muslim

    Good video from a former government anti-terror expert, discusses the activities of the Muslim Brotherhood in Canada, and has a good take on the current state of Europe and North America in general...
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    Re: Geez, the irony of it all

    Progressive and corporate journalists will dismiss and slander the average law abiding male's conservativism as racist, bigoted, homophobic, nazi, etc. and ignore his actual politics and ideas.
  3. Re: From the party of gun control - A liberal wet dream

    Damn you. God damn you all to heck!
  4. Re: Congress needs to get back to work to help solve this problem

    Those that benefit from random attacks on innocent people are totalitarian government and financially the public servants and contractors they employ. In addition those who wish to see society...
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    Re: Australian Economics

    Morrison is banning cash so Australians can’t escape bail-in, negative interest rates, July 30, 2019

    At the 26 minute of this youtube video IOTP highlight the...
  6. Re: Between 15 and 20 people shot at El Paso Walmart, suspected gunman in custody, Te

    There are 4 armed men standing around during the chaos in the area in this clip shown on MSNBC

    CIA mockingbird media are certainly...
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    Re: New Zealand Mosque

    Global sharpshooters trained in Christchurch as mosque shooting unfolded
    Mar 19 2019

    Paramilitary Police Training Drill Took Place On SAME DAY As Christchurch Mass...
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    Re: Australian Economics

    Ken O'Keefe Exposes the Financial System
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    Re: Food Tampering Is A "Thing" Now.

    Everyone agrees the left cannot meme, but hey big-tech will make that illegal, and this Food Tampering campaign indicates the dirty stinky contaminated left can troll!

    The moral foundation work...
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    Australian Economics

    Two good channels from Australia that cover Economic News.

    The first, CEC Australia, from Eastern Australia I have been watching for years. This video discusses the housing and social situation...
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    Re: YouTube to ban 'hateful,' 'supremacist' videos

    Instagram Purges Meme Accounts, Shutting Down Pages With Millions of Followers
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    Re: Globalism is dead, what comes next?

    Interesting use of the term "put paid"; global financialism proceding as they planned.

    <strike>Socialism's</strike> Globalism's Endless Refrain: This Time, Things Will Be Different

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    Re: lmao! dont mess with the old man

    Saw the video title "Asshole Biker...", but it was not the type of video I expected, that bike's asshole was not oversized-modified.

  14. Re: John Stockwell: The Third World War/secret CIA ops

    Surprisingly relevant and very good British Channel 4 documentary with CIA whistle-blowers and corporate mainstream journalists on Fake News, 'Russian Hacking' and 'Antifa' as CIA destabilization...
  15. Re: Why in the fuck does my thread disappear in 1 day? Anyways new post

    My living expenses are under $25,000 a year.
    ~$2,000 of that is for a couple hours of a Dentist's time.

    I filed a police report once after being attacked by an oral surgeon and loosing a healthy...
  16. Re: Why have we white cacusians turned into such a weak race?

    I'm just editing this old post, since I think the graph is important to understanding the hatred of the left, since the image no longer displays, nor can I actually edit my post (so I need to make...
  17. Re: Georgia Peach - long time AM radio host red pilled, fired by joo station

    Thanks for posting about this tactic PatColo.

    I stopped listening to my local corporate media in 2016 after the last AM radio DJ I knew of who would occasionally have a guest on who was not...
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    Re: Pretty powerful video

    Communism is Fascism run by Jews.
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    View Post

    Day two was easier to watch, it did not have an outbreak of crazy-eyes amongst the school.

    Both days, there was less anti-European racism than I expected.

    Main take away: The Democrats are...
  20. Re: The population growth in the 21st century is jews and negros (and fags)

    In God's view, or at least a more scientific Natural Law view, the west has become lower quality habitat than most of the third world.–sink_dynamics
  21. Re: Why have we white cacusians turned into such a weak race?

    One cannot make the case that the most boomers have no agency.
    They will fight like cornered rats to avoid red-pill type awareness or changing any destructive behaviour.

    As another had said:...
  22. Re: Why have we white cacusians turned into such a weak race?

    Most EVERTHING the boomers did (present boomer company excepted of course) was for selfish short term gain.
    The sort term is over now.
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    Re: YouTube to ban 'hateful,' 'supremacist' videos

    The article is both a story of a mid-20's man's political awakening and a hit piece against YouTube and Conservatives. Interesting article in that when one separates out the attack on...
  24. Re: Why have we white cacusians turned into such a weak race?

    You mean awoke to the Jewish problem to figure out the white liberal problem? Something happened to my post since I posted it yesterday. Only the link was showing, Had to re-post the graph I was...
  25. Re: Why have we white cacusians turned into such a weak race?
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