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  1. Re: zio-persecuted Canadian Arthur Topham interview podcast A “slap on the wrist”
    March 24, 2017
    At a sentencing on March 13, Arthur Topham, the man convicted of deliberately promoting hatred against Jewish people on his now-defunct...
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    Re: Facebook & Google are CIA Fronts

    It was Gab I was recalling. Facebook apparently was met with the same and just capitulated to German bureaucratic 'public servant' tyranny. Germany Wants To Force Gab To Censor,...
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    Re: Communists rise up against...

    White and vaccinated communists are now on the communist purge list? Column: I wish I could be angry with the unvaccinated. Being Black makes that complicated
  4. Re: How Afghanistan Defeated and Destroyed America

    Too soon? FBI could not even wait a month.

    And how the heck are we supposed to tell news from satire these days? FBI director Christopher Wray fears Afghanistan WILL again...
  5. Re: Western Stasi Street Theatre and Psychological Operations

    Regarding the microwave memo (above post) the employer could, probably for under a hundred bucks, give any employee a keychain size broadband microwave monitor and alarm, as there are radiation...
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    Re: The True Legacy Of David Rockefeller

    So was it 'the good old days' when the Council on Foreign Relations seemed to limit its activities mostly to destroying western economy, western fiat currency and persuading western military to...
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    Re: Facebook & Google are CIA Fronts

    Mask off. No longer pretending its bots or other inauthentic activity or protecting leftists from mean words or 'dangerous' behaviour being censored.

    I recall that leading up to this the German...
  8. Re: Jsnip4 September 18th rally, next false flag ? Don't Go there

    Two satirical takes on a clip from the Fed-Fest rally.
  9. Western Stasi Street Theatre, Psychological Operations and Directed Energy Assaults

    NewYorkTimes: Pentagon Asks Personnel to Report Any Symptoms of Mysterious Ailments
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    Re: Project Blue Beam is here:

    Project Blue-Beam circa 30's:

    The Spokesman-Review - Oct 18, 1931
  11. Re: Prince Jared and Princess Ivanka party with and schmooze...

    'Anti-Semitic' Business Insider uses anti-Semitic trope to distract from accusation of Trump accusation that Jared Kushner was a supremacist for mostly ethnic Turk's anti-Semitic invasion and...
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    Re: The US of A, The End

    Is incompetence and confusion an improvement? Gov. Greg Abbott backpedals on pledge to shut down border crossings and blames Biden administration for confusion
  13. Re: college enrollment falls for 5th straight year

    You need to see this from the 'correct' perspective lol.

    Besides lowing the fertility rate and furthering the genocide of western citizens and increasing societal conflict from false entitlement,...
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    Re: IMF Pushes Plan to Plunder Global Wealth

    An example supporting the OP (and Monty's sig):

    Toronto Star: With no new budget in two years, Justin Trudeau has been spending with our eyes closed

    calgaryherald: Corbella: Trudeau may...
  15. Re: Corporate Media: We Censor Candidates Who Challenge Status Quo

    Perhaps not just new catapult spending but 'legitimization' of the 'intelligence' agency's 'journalist' degeneracy and harassment assets within the modern western Stasi system.

    This will also...
  16. Re: college enrollment falls for 5th straight year

    More (((nwo))) inversion for collapse.

    The Atlantic: Colleges Have a Guy Problem

    madnesshub: Affirmative action for male students is new 'dirty little secret': US colleges 'worried' as men...
  17. Re: "Anti-maskers" portrayed as irrational and unstable, even possibly dangerous


    Dr. Fauci gives medical advice for the 2019 cold and flu season.

    David Rubenstein: "to prevent getting an infectious disease and having to have you as my Doctor is what? Umm, wearing a...
  18. Re: klaus-schwab-and-his-great-fascist-reset; Adolf II Davos boss Klaus Schwab is not part of the Rothschild family
    (google translated) A Conversation with Henry Kissinger on the World in 2017

    @ 1:25 (0:18 on...
  19. Re: "Anti-maskers" portrayed as irrational and unstable, even possibly dangerous


    "What happens when the live TV broadcasting of politicians calling for the continuation of mask mandates starts earlier than expected..."
  20. Re: Antifags intentionally setting fires on west coast At Least 45 Christian Churches Set on Fire In Canada as Attacks Escalate Woman arrested for arson after fire destroys Surrey Orthodox church Washington:...
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    Re: Another episode of VACCINE POLICE!

    More examples of recent Idiocracy: Rutgers student says he’s being stopped from taking virtual classes because he’s not vaccinated

    WaPo: Ohio judge reverses colleague’s decision on...
  22. Re: Heroic Citizens Fact-Check the LYING MSM about Corona

    Jimmy Dore and friend do a good job exposing the predator’s and prey’s fake medical news against Ivermectin in support of big pharma toxic experimental clot shots that do not even much delay getting...
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    Re: New Covenant of America

    More politicians seem open to 'opt out' medicare options these days. Or so they threaten if you resist or question going 'all in.'

    Politifact: The Internal Revenue Service spent $60,000 on a...
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    Re: America Under Siege: Antifa

    The Second Civil War (movie 1997)

    Just watched.


    Phil Hartman does a decent President Biden.
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    Hmm... just spitballing here... Secretary of the Treasury Janet L. Yellen Sends Letter to Congressional Leadership on the Debt Limit

    Reuters: Democrats will not raise debt...
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