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  1. Re: A new free speech forum where images can be posted

    My instincts told me to sit and wait awhile before joining The Crow. I'm glad I didn't waste my time joining even though it appeared for a few days that this forum was about done.

    I hope Ares can...
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    Re: Thank Obama and the Democrats

    Filthy animal. Not human at all. Should be hanging from a tree.
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    Re: Ezra Pound Uncensored

    Damn, MAGNES has resurfaced! You are a legend. I thought you may have been banned (without the distinction in your profile) for ruffling the feathers of a group of members here.

    Your reading of...
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    Re: Intravenous vitimin C Cure for COVID19

    I don't consider 3 grams of vitamin C a massive dose. I take 5 grams per day.

    In early February I wasn't feeling well. Had flu like symptoms which including what felt like a chill coming out of my...
  5. Re: Remember the good old days (pre 2020) when:

    Remember when:

    You would meet, greet, or make a deal with another man, a firm handshake was exchanged?

    Fauci wants that tradition abolished to stop spreading germs. Or, is it just another ploy...
  6. Re: Did we all just miss a pretty YUGE milestone?

    Looking at the members list:
    JQP joined (created) 3/31/10
    madfranks joined 4/1/10
    I joined on 4/3/10. I think someone emailed me to give me the heads up.

    The first 6 months here were fun and...
  7. Re: Did we all just miss a pretty YUGE milestone?

    I hear you. My memory isn't nearly as sharp as it used to be.

    Perhaps someone (JQP) can chime in with the official answer. My memory is telling me that GIM was taken down very late on March...
  8. Re: Did we all just miss a pretty YUGE milestone?

    It was early April. There is actually a stickied thread from Gaillo that was created on April 8th.
    I thought it was April 1st when everything went down. This forum was up the same day or the next...
  9. Re: chloroquinine and gin and tonic; corona virus

    Ahh, G&T is one of my favorite topics. I always knew it had health benefits. :cool:

    I highly recommend Junipero Gin (even though it's made in Frisco) with Fever Tree Indian Tonic. I prefer lemon...
  10. Re: We need to make a list of the enemies of the people

    Wouldn't it be easier to make a list of friends of the people? :)

    The list would be very short...........
  11. Re: 20 million now quarantined in China from Coronavirus

    I suspect you'll see a high profile celebrity/athlete sacrificed in the next week or two to keep the Goy obedient.
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    Re: Guns- tell me what I need to get

    Yes, I agree in this particular situation you need to buy something immediately. However, do NOT play with or load the gun until you understand the 4 rules of safety.

    Ammo is another story where...
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    Re: Guns- tell me what I need to get

    Shotgun or full sized semi-auto for home defense.

    Smith & Wesson model 642 is a very popular .38 revolver for carry. I know a lady that carries one in her purse. Since it has an enclosed hammer it...
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    Re: Guns- tell me what I need to get

    First and foremost, review and understand the 4 rules of gun safety. There are tons of videos that show examples of the 4 rules.

    In an ideal and normal situation I highly recommend that you go to...
  15. Thread: Intel

    by RatHoler

    Re: Intel

    I think some time next week we will reach a tipping point as far as the American populace goes. Most people that I deal with on a daily basis are becoming more and more skeptical and angry about this...
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    Re: Morning report

    Went to the bank just after it opened, no panic there, yet. Talking to the teller, I told her about the Manhattan bank run, it looked like it kind of freaked her out to hear those words.
    Joe & Jane...
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    Re: What will a national lockdown look like?

    This is the unknown. We're in unprecedented times.
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    If Lockdown becomes a reality it will be interesting to see how many people (and for how long they) obey the quarantine.

    Moulinyans and other marauders will hit the grocery stores, super centers,...
  19. Re: 20 million now quarantined in China from Coronavirus

    How many closet alcoholics and other drug addicts out there are in full panic mode? Then we have the prescription meds addicts.....
    Interesting few weeks coming up if there is a shutdown/lockdown....
  20. Re: 20 million now quarantined in China from Coronavirus

    If we go full quarantine, I would expect the announcement would come in the evening (7:00 or 8:00 eastern) across all the major networks instead of a late afternoon press conference. Trump might...
  21. Re: The Complainer Thread. Post your complaints here!

    Unfortunately there is no solution. Deep down we all realize that. Perhaps that is why this forum (nearing its 10th anniversary) has very few regular contributing members. The rest of us are here for...
  22. Re: 20 million now quarantined in China from Coronavirus

    It seems to me that there has been considerably more talk (angst) and videos about Corona this weekend. More and more family and friends have also mentioned it.
    My nephew just texted me to find out...
  23. Re: Toilet paper and me.........ok, ok, make fun of me......... V

    Women throwing punches over toilet paper in Australian markets .

    Plenty of videos on YT you can search including this news report.
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    Re: When monkeys attack

    Exhibit A for the term "Pavement Apes"

    It's the jungle gene. It will never change.

    Keep your Glock on you at all times.....
  25. Re: 20 million now quarantined in China from Coronavirus

    Unless you are 90+ years of age, no one in the US has really gone thru horrible times. Yes there has been a few years of rough going here and there, but nothing catastrophic has really happened in...
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