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    Re: This has to be a stunt

    Looks like a computer generated fake to me.
  2. Colorado to declare racism a public health crisis

    This doesn't even make logical sense. Assuming that racism was actually a significant problem in this country, how can what someone else thinks of you affect your health? It's like they really do...
  3. Re: United Nations orders Trump to withdraw federal troops in Portland, July 27 ?

    The UN "urging" Trump to do something is very different from "ordering" him to do something. Trump will ignore their urges, because who has time for that nonsense?
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    Re: All time high on gold!

    I don't think the Dollar is collapsing, I think it's the direct "hot" inflation of the first round of stimulus getting priced into the markets. Still not good long term, but I don't think the end of...
  5. Thread: $20!!!

    by madfranks

    Re: $20!!!

    This makes me want to go out shopping for some silver art bars!
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    Re: Viral Nigger Worship over George Floyd

    Their ancestors would disown them if they saw this.
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    Re: how to get out of mandatory vaccines....

    That was one of Christ's tactics:

    John 10: 39 Therefore they sought again to take him: but he escaped out of their hand
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    Re: Gibs me dat gawdammit!!!

    That truly is the ultimate gibs!
  9. Re: Just after you thought that Venzuelan gold claim meant anything.

    Ha ha, don't they know you don't have to buy those things, the government makes a law and then they're free. That's how socialism works you know.
  10. Re: WARNING: The CrowHouse is a CONTAINMENT FORUM

    The only problem would be in the future there'd be no way to tell who wrote what post, me or book.
  11. Re: WARNING: The CrowHouse is a CONTAINMENT FORUM

    Well I just don't know what to do then. Neuro offered to outright buy the forum from JQP - I offered to pitch in as well. Maybe consider committing as well:...
  12. Re: WARNING: The CrowHouse is a CONTAINMENT FORUM

    That being said, at this point I'm seriously considering transferring my account to Book, so he can be back with us. I just need to figure out what I'd do in the meantime...
  13. Re: WARNING: The CrowHouse is a CONTAINMENT FORUM

    So, I've been out for the extended weekend and was about to join the CrowHouse forum until I saw this! Fred - your deleted screenshot explaining Talmudism was nothing but courteous and rational. To...
  14. Re: WARNING: The CrowHouse is a CONTAINMENT FORUM

    I think one of the biggest modern failures of our government was back in the 1990's when the internet was being born, the government should have clearly and plainly enacted legislation that...
  15. Re: We're not going to take it anymore, Twisted Sister

    You talkin' about your own avatar there?
  16. Re: Bitcoin ETF, Blackrock, and the Fed's Push for Digital Dollar

    Physical cash has already been effectively removed from circulation. Most transactions are cashless nowadays.
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    Re: Is This Real?

    I found another real footage of a cat doing things:
  18. Re: Covid Plandemic Act 2: "Kawasaki Syndrome" affecting CHILDREN??

    Three kids die from mysterious complications, three kids... around the entire world, just three kids. This is less than even a statistical anomaly, it's so small a sample it's completely meaningless.
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    Re: fred/crimethink needs help

    No, the only option we have available to us is to send a password reset to the email account he used to register. If he can't access that email account, he can't reset his password. I scoured all...
  20. Re: Looking Good for Second Stimulus Check 050420

    Has anyone here got their "stimulus" money yet? I haven't seen a penny.
  21. Bitcoin Halving - May 12, 2020 - Predicitions Thread

    The next bitcoin halving will occur around May 12, 2020, when the reward for miners halves from 12.5 BTC to 6.25 BTC per solved block. To me there's no doubt in my mind that this will result in a...
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    Re: Food Collapse...

    I've never heard about this! Meat shipped in from overseas can be labeled "product of USA?" That's incredibly deceiving!
  23. Re: Dr. Rashid Buttar Calls out the FRAUD with corona!

    Assuming humanity is able to overcome all of this, we'll look back in a few hundred years in amazement that we used to live such dirty and contaminated lives.
  24. Re: GIM2 once had over 1,000 ACTIVE members...most of the members HERE are on that li

    Me too. Tell me where to send the bitcoin. :D
  25. Re: Woman wearing N95 mask for hours passes out in her car and crashes

    I've seen people driving alone in cars wearing masks. I don't understand what they think they're protecting themselves from.
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