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  1. Re: Being the wife of a drug lord is so fucking glamorous...

    I think Octomom is better looking.
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    Re: Breaking: Don Cherry Canceled.

    Well it's the truth isn't it?? ???
  3. Being the wife of a drug lord is so fucking glamorous... merits its own Talmudvision show!

    The message: being a drug lord is something to aspire to, just don't get caught.

    Supposedly El Chapo's wife is a former 'beauty pageant winner'...all I...
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    PC is a mental illness now in epidemic stages.
  5. Re: hi honey, what did you learn at school today?

    Definitely not a hate crime...right? /s
  6. Re: The Meaning of Life in 10 words or less

    We measure (observe) reality into existence.
  7. The Meaning of Life in 10 words or less

    The universe exists so that we can measure it.

    (measure synonymous with observe)
  8. Re: Is a travel trailer a stupid idea for TSHTF scenario?

    The dinghy in that photo is much more expensive than just the camper he's considering.
  9. Re: Is a travel trailer a stupid idea for TSHTF scenario?

    Mercedes Sprinter vans are great...when new. I would avoid buying a used Sprinter van, only the Mercedes shop can work on some aspects of it and EVERYTHING about the Sprinter is expensive to get...
  10. Creepy Joe Biden just cannot help himself

    Recently caught sniffing a young girl's hair, not once but with two little girls, one Creepy Joe doubled down on -
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    Cartels are an emerging threat

    I’m referring to north of the border. We Norte Americanos REALLY have no idea as to the scope of the problem. At this rate imagine where the cartels will be in five short years.
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    Re: Homo privilege

    Here's the scenario: Killary jumps in and gets the nomination, then she chooses Mayor Buttplug to be her vip.
  13. I know this video has been posted before

    Worth re-posting, we won't be seeing this sort of thing being taught in .gov schools here. FWIW the comments are a hoot, one of which is "There are only three genders, male, female, and retarded."
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    Re: Epstein supposedly DEAD

    That wasn't a truth bomb it was a truth nuke.
  15. Thread: Fyi

    by midnight rambler

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    I like these guys

    From their homepage:
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    Homo privilege

    Homo privilege is where a two term mayor (the only elected office he's ever held and 15% of that time he was deployed to the sandbox) of a mid-western city in industrial decline with a population of...
  18. Re: When you let black folks get a hold of Country music

    I think that's cultural appropriation.
  19. Re: Joo York Shitty/Bronx jury sends a message

    And oh yeah, I'm noting an effort to normalize being a piece of shit.
  20. Joo York Shitty/Bronx jury sends a message

    That message is: pieces of shit should never be shot no matter how deadly their conduct..."he was unarmed."*

    Yay! $11 million payday! For being a piece of shit!

    *wrong, he was armed with a...
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    Re: Hey Mamboni...

    Well then it's official - with AJ onboard it's for the lunatics.
  22. Re: Kosher-MAGAs Implode - Charlie Kirk, Turning Point USA
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    Com'on man, you fully realize your betters know what's best for you. Don't fight it. They really are superior beings.
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    Re: Friendly Fire

    Got a link to the video?
  25. How to turn your Sodomite lifestyle into a mega payday!
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