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  1. Ripple > Coming Soon, the NEXT Google of the Financial world

    Just an FYI:
    Remember when people starting pimping Palladium?
    Did you get in?
    You're happy now.

    Missed that opportunity?
    Here's your next opportunity, DO NOT MISS OUT!
    Ripple is going to IPO...
  2. Re: Rosemary's Baby - Roman Polanski - Occult/satanist societies film

    They NEVER tell it like it is

    ""A young couple move into a new apartment, only to be surrounded by -peculiar neighbors- SATANISTS and occurrences."
  3. Re: 21 Natural Alternatives to the Flu Shot

    If you have any God given common sense and the ability to read God's word, you would know that bypassing your God given IMMUNE system (which starts in your mouth) with a needle full of garbage pumped...
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    Re: Flat Earthers Won't Go Away

    I saw with my own eyes at about noontime one day not too long ago BOTH the sun AND moon in the sky, they were BOTH very close to each other and the moon was crescent.
    I asked an older guy nearby...
  5. Re: Did we really go to the moon?............. V

    and if the moon was FILLED with UFO's, you could SEE them with a powerful telescope, now available to common folks.
    What you do SEE, on occasions, is the ability to see THROUGH the moon...
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    Re: Walmart Santa Cocaine Sweater

    Big F'N deal
    The shirts which said DADDY'S LITTLE SLUT produced for LITTLE girls is WAY WORSE!!
  7. Re: Anyone else living with kidney stones? UGH.

    Drink 1 gallon of PURE (distilled) water per day (1 gallon per 150lbs of your body weight) and that kidney stone will get dissolved.
  8. Re: MERRY CHRISTMAS! Trump Praises: "Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ"

    If only trump would differentiate the DIFFERENCE between Catholics and Christians.
    I guess that would be asking too much
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    Re: Flat Earthers Won't Go Away

    No, your EYES have LIMITED seeing distance!!!
    That's why men have witty inventions, like Binoculars and Telescopes.

    BASIC common sense. Lose yours?
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    Re: Flat Earthers Won't Go Away

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    Re: Live on Mars Now

    The NASA/Hellywood movie making sorcerers are strong with this one.
    The "new" fairly tale adventures keep on coming!!
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    When he got to the part that he said we killed Bin Laden's son "for saying bad things" I stopped listening.
    Surely it was for a laundry list of atrocities but NO, it was for "saying bad things"...
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    Re: The Bitcoin Tracking Thread

    There was a drop in the Hash-rate of BTC by 40%.
    It's back after a day and higher than ever and no one knows why.....yet.
    The price, however has not gone back up as of this post.
    This, however...
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    Re: Water Filters

    The ONLY safe water to drink is PURE water, i.e. distilled
    Since man has DESTROYED God's built-in distillery with pollution and chemtrails, you need to make it on your own.
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    Re: Gilroy Shooting

    an interesting choice of words, perhaps he WAS a police officer?!
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    Re: Sure to be the next blockbuster!

    The tranny that "gets the girl" at the end.
  17. Re: BREAKING! Joe Biden Planning To Drop Out Of 2020 Presidential Race

    No one has a chance as Trump has already been chosen for a next term. The whole "voting and campaigning" is just Show for you to think you have a choice in your vote.
    I mean C'mon guys you ALL...
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    Re: Trump/Bitcoin tweet storm

    Bitcoin's role has indeed changed, it is being positioned as a "store of value" i.e. Digital Gold.
    It can still be used for transactions if necessary but primarily it's role is LIKE physical Gold...
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    Re: Trump/Bitcoin tweet storm

    My guess is that he was instructed to say this.
    His son-in-law, Jared Kushner is a vested partner in Robin Hood. (Trump knows this)
    An exchange based app. aimed at mostly YOUNG people (millennials)...
  20. Re: Everyone has a civil right to have a mental illness

    The peg goes into the hole.
    Two pegs cannot produce children
    Two holes cannot produce children
    Pretty simple, even a child can understand
  21. Re: MSNBC puts deepfake pimple on Tulsi's face during the debate

    Trump is the chosen one for another term, All this democrats Vs. Republicans is a show for the goats
  22. Re: Facebook worldwide digital currency Libra coming!

    Libra coin is just a regurgitated "Gift card" in a digital coin format.
  23. The Digital Asset Bull Run has begun

    I'm calling it!! The Great Crypto Bull Run has begun!!
    The crypto winter is over!!

    If your (crypto) bags are empty, congratulate yourselves on missing out on the biggest bull run in THREE...
  24. Re: Paris: Notre-Dame Cathedral Burns, Charred Timbers of Medieval Spire Collapse

    What's really behind the ND fire
  25. Re: Guess how many Blackhawk helicopters Uncle is giving the Taliban

    You're welcome Mr. JEW
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