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  1. Re: Tyrannical Democrats in NJ are trying to CRIMINALIZE failure to wear a mask!!!!!

    That's rich considering there is no emergency.....I know the gov is slow and late to the party, but damn...
  2. Re: Trump: Military is going to deliver vaccine in a very powerful manner...

    Which doesn't bode well for the minority.
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    Re: What a fascist USA really looks like
  4. Re: Pope Satan calls for social justice and vaccines for all

    I'll happily give the dose they have planned for me to someone who wants it.
  5. Re: Bill Gates Enemy of Humanity, Key Player in the Plot Against Us!!!


    All along when talking to people I've said this about the "experts & authorities" conflating coronavirus with Covid as if they are the same thing...they've done the same with the cases and...
  6. Re: Bill Gates Enemy of Humanity, Key Player in the Plot Against Us!!!

    I think the first thing to do is quit calling what they are planning to inject into the masses a vaccine. It's not a vaccine.
  7. Re: Chick-fil-A CEO Wants Whitey To Go Shine A Negro's Shoes.

    For now...they'll be open on Sundays before it's all said and done.
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    Re: Wtf????????????????????????????

    Also have to be born in the US, but i digress
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    Re: Hey EE_! A suggestion for you!

    Physically, Ron Paul at his age is in better shape than that portly piece of chewed up bubble gum called Trump.

    Besides, Ron Paul is an intellectual who fights battles of ideas and principles,...
  10. Re: EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Robert Kennedy Jr. Destroys Big Pharma, Fauci & Pro-Vaccine

    Surprised he say didn't it was going to be GREAT......announcing the $trillions in bailout cash, you could definitely tell he wanted to say it was the GREATEST.
  11. Re: Why did Michigan introduce a corona virus epidemic bill in June of 2019?
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    Re: Which one are you EE ? ? ?

    I haven't laughed out loud today until now.
  13. Re: Bill Gates Enemy of Humanity, Key Player in the Plot Against Us!!!

    Certificate Of Vaccine IDentification
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    Re: Covid-19 #1 killer, per day, in the US now

    "Dr. Deborah Birx from the Trump Whitehouse coronavirus task force said the federal government is classifying all deaths of patients with “coronavirus” as Covid-19 deaths, regardless of cause. While...
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    Re: I'm keeping count

    No humans in the non-human zones....agenda21 BS
  16. Re: Heroic Citizens Fact-Check the LYING MSM about Corona

    They have triage tents outside the hospital I pass everyday that made the front page of the paper last week....I haven't seen one person near or around the tents when I pass.

    Hospital parking lot...
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    Re: 2 trillion or 6 trillion??

    I understand that within the $2trillion, $500billion is for the Fed to leverage up via all of these new acronym "vehicles". (fractional reserve counterfeiting)
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    Re: Stimulus Check: Who Gets It & How Much?

    Of course along with all kinds of other dumb shit too....not sure if it was his watch or Shrubs that had 'Cash for Clunkers'?
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    Re: This is what leadership looks like

    This is a classic staring Biden....considering the talk of a new vaccine to fix everything, this new 'digital identity' being pushed by the technocrats etc...

  20. Re: Eurozone banking crisis looms as Itilian banks to be come insolvent...

    Same story, just been able to kick the can....
  21. Re: Nancy broke the law when she destroyed a government document!
  22. Re: the truth about libertarianism, "classical liberalism" and Murray Rothbard

    What he said still stands as not being in fault. Who or whatever you think is a Jew doesn't matter with what he said.

    2+2=4 is a nefarious Jew trick?
  23. Re: the truth about libertarianism, "classical liberalism" and Murray Rothbard

    Trying to find fault in anything Ron Paul said there?

    You on the other hand are implying he's advocating something bad by suggesting real market pricing works even in a crisis.

    So your in...
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    Re: excuse me sir, i think my bill is incorrect

    Another case of 'when keeping it real goes wrong'....

    that dumb fuck working at Popeyes(still?) was arrested and facing aggravated assault charges now. She has multiple fractures and other...
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    Re: Live on Mars Now

    Meh, nothing a carbon tax can't fix.
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