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    Re: My primary EDC has evolved into this

    I just keep it simple.
  2. Re: Jim Fetzer, The Assassination of Soleimani: What really happened and why it matte

    Look for the secondary effect of getting us completely out of the Middle East. Trump has to make it seem like it was everybody's idea but his.
  3. Re: Midget joo gets his agenda on the fast track

    Bloomberg's campaign is dead in the water. Did you see that dynamic speech he gave? Me neither. Could he be a front for the Hillary campaign? SurvivalBlog was speculating that he might name...
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    Re: Water Filters

    I think one of the survival supply places was selling the "Bucket Berkey" when there was a shortage of Berkey stainless steel units. The buckets were a screw-together type, which I thought was...
  5. Thread: About Trump

    by Half Sense

    Re: About Trump

    There's no going back to the pre-Trump era.
  6. Thread: About Trump

    by Half Sense

    Re: About Trump

    Like the article suggested, when Trump went straight at the Swamp, it backfired. Doing it sneaky takes a lot more time, a lot more subtlety, alienates a lot of supporters and surrounds Trump with...
  7. Re: Another one bites the dust. John Conyers dead.

    3. Adopt direct democracy with total elimination of the political class.
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    Re: Privacy Tools

    I use various privacy tools, but then I post whatever the fuck I want on this board and others. I also have a very frank and open phone conversation with my 93-year-old pappy every week, and he is...
  9. Re: Can someone explain this tweet fro POTUS Trump?

    Trump is using tough talk to END a war?
  10. Re: Who will Killary tap for her running mate this time?

    It will be the other way around.

    Hillary: Let's team up and you can be my VEEP.
    Warren: Why should I be the VEEP - I'm the front runner and you aren't even in the race!
    Hillary: Yes, but...
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    Re: Lever actions for self defense

    I have a Henry .22 with the Octagon barrel. Nice rifle.
    We also have a 16" Rossi 92 Trapper in .357. The stock is a little short for me but fits my wife like a glove and she loves shooting it....
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    Re: Lever actions for self defense

    Lever Action tricks & fun with Weston Summers
  13. Re: John McAfee sends a warning shot acroos the bow

    If he releases it to the press we will never see it.
  14. Re: The border crisis set to go to the next level

    They will get here just in time to find low paying jobs wiping Baby Boomer butts and paying ultra-high taxes just to learn it ain't America no more but some kind of 3rd world idocracy. So they'll...
  15. Re: The border crisis set to go to the next level

    The Melting Pot theory is undergoing a stress test.
  16. Re: Anyone know anything about open heart bypass surgery?

    My stepfather had the surgery in his early 80s. He was fine, but they convinced him to have the surgery NOW because if he waits 5 years to have it, his chances of full recovery would be much lower. ...
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    Re: I co-signed on an auto loan

    Something similar happened recently in my extended family. Girl graduating from college throws a hissy fit at her graduation ceremony because Daddy won't buy her a $60k car. Daddy offers a FREE...
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    Re: Jim Stone: msc stories.

    You watch an ad and say FORD WON
    What happened to IT IS ALL FAKE FOLKS
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    Re: What is a good choice for a winter home

    North Florida and the panhandle have some very rural and nearly empty counties. I have a friend in Hernando County in Central FL who loves it. I think it is 90% white. I also know some folks on...
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    Re: false flag challenge

    port arthur

    canada is next
  21. Re: 'This is MAGA country!': Black and gay Empire star Jussie Smollett is hospitalize

    I think the sanctimonious Rahm and the Police leadership are in on the scam. The Chicago cops, known corrupt scumbags, get to play the hero for once. You can tell they are soaking it up. Rahm gets...
  22. Re: People's Tribunal Convicts on all Charges

    This is the key passage in the article:

    Prosecutors also showed jurors a meme Fields posted on Instagram three months before the rally in which bodies are shown being thrown into the air after a...
  23. Re: Fast-growing Honduran migrant caravan headed for U.S.

    Where did they get the clean water and electricity?
    How do they expect to get clean by bathing in dirty clothes?
    If you had very limited clean water and electricity, would you waste it filling...
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    Re: John mccain's final words

    Also this:
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    Re: John McCain is Dead!

    I wouldn't be so sure about his ultimate fate. Satan's Errand Boy probably gets a corner office in hell and 3 Vietnamese hookers.
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