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    Re: WTF is wrong with americans...

    It's a crazy system we have here for sure. The government finances everyone for higher education thereby drumming up the cost. The employers want everyone to have a degree, whether or not it is...
  2. Re: Man who created own credit card sues bank for not sticking to terms


    I've never done that for a credit card but I have altered contracts for things like liability waivers.
  3. Glenn Beck is a prick. This is no surprise.

    Glenn Beck is a prick.

    This is no surprise.
  4. Re: Predator Cop ALLOWED To Stalk Citizens Of Seattle! SPD: "Nothing We Can Do"

    That dbag that gunned down the drunk indian needs to go to prison too.

    It's funny, when I lived up there I always ran into the coolest cops but apparently there has been a rash of bs from cops...
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    Poll: Re: Where will silver bottom?

    I see sub-20 coming for silver.

    What a worthless metal.
  6. Re: German court convicts Demjanjuk of Nazi war crimes

    What a joke this is.

    Sentencing a guy for doing his job is retarded. Wasting money to prosecute this guy is retarded.

    Germany is retarded. Germany needs to get over itself and learn to accept...
  7. Re: New York wants to ban geiger counters.

    Even if the bill were well written it's still stupid. I thought that a long long time ago it used to be that councilmen, congressmen or the like only went to, or were only supposed to, go to take...
  8. Re: Two and a Half Men "Terminates" Charlie Sheen.

    I know I'm one of the few that actually watch or admit watching tv around here. I can't for the life of me understand why exactly that show was ever very popular anyways.

    He'll show up in pornos...
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    Re: When will DOW hit 11,000?

    I completely agree but I think it will hit 11 or 11.5 before it does.

    Apparently I was wrong.

    Anyone care to hazard a guess as to when this crap will fail?
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    Re: Are gay Lebanese

    Nice gif but I want to see the after effect. Does he fall to the ground in pain? Does he have balls of steel?

    Now it's like trying to figure out how many licks it takes to get to the Tootsie Roll...
  11. Re: Westboro Baptist Church Wins Supreme Court Appeal Over Funeral Protests.

    I can't believe there was even one dissenting vote. This was clear as day to me, then again we're talking about the Supreme Court so one can never really know what's going on.
  12. Re: Student files lawsuit over FBI's GPS tracking

    I remember seeing this on the news a while back. While I'm not surprised in the way the FBI acted I think it's funny that somehow they think they're entitled to their abandoned property.
  13. Re: End Game - Would US Police/Troops Fire Upon US Citizens?

    U.S. police already fire on the citizenry fairly regularly. The question with them is whether or not they'll be able to hit their target as they seem to, more often than not, miss their target or at...
  14. Re: 'Booty' Is Given The Boot From The Bible.

    Just another reason not to really buy into any of it.
  15. Re: Once the base metal value surpasses 10 cents Nickels will dissapear magically

    I get the point here but do or will people even give a crap about copper/nickel coins? I just don't think they will. Besides, one nickel is only 1/25 oz of nickel.

    While a Nickel might be a great...
  16. Re: WOW, now Seattle is blatantly anti-white

    Call me crazy but I'm pretty sure the post above yours is a good indication of why voting them out doesn't work.
  17. Re: Bill Would Make Some Airport Screening Sexual Assault

    I thought it was tons of stupid asses.
  18. Re: Google Mail Logo Resembles Freemason Apron

    Clearly that's not supposed to be an envelope.
  19. Re: WOW, now Seattle is blatantly anti-white

    Seattle: the only town I've ever lived in where people sold the Daily Worker and offered free American flags for one's burning pleasure.

    It's a strange city for sure.
  20. Re: Ron Paul captures CPAC presidential preference straw poll

    People still care about Ron Paul?

  21. Re: Arizona sues US government over illegal immigrants.

    I really don't know whom I dislike more, Sinema or Brewer.

    That being said I do like the whole screw you to the feds move she's pulling here.
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    Re: how can the dow possibly be up?

    Ridiculous isn't it.

    What's sad is that I spent about 5 minutes on my local news website arguing with some moron who was basically saying the DOW's climb since 2009 is great and is attributable to...
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    Re: What's next for Egypt? Civil War?

    I see more sock manufacturing plants in the future for Egypt. It seems every time I go to buy socks nowadays, they're always made in Pakistan or Egypt.

    If they don't get more sock plants then I...
  24. Re: "Get Ready For Higher Food Prices" Goes Mainstream

    Make your own for less than a dollar? 1 Can steamed crushed tomato, 1 clove garlic, half an onion, a hot pepper of your choice, salt, cilantro if desired or whatever else. Blend for a few seconds and...
  25. Re: Booty Implant Operation Kills Hip-Hop Girl

    The picture of the cops on the bottom of the article is classic.
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