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    Re: Hi gang

    Miss you, buddy. Wish I was living there too.
  2. Re: Fake Silver is flooding the Dark Net.

    Yes. This is a listing that requires entering the dark web in order to view it. It is purchased anonymously via bitcoin.

    Think ebay but for drugs and weapons. Heard of silk road?
  3. Fake Silver is flooding the Dark Net.

    I bring news not to sadden you, but to prepare you.
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    Re: Market Bloodbath tomorrow

    10/10 is occult enough for me.
  5. Re: This utube vid avg ~1M views per day, now at 475.5M views

    I feel so right by ignoring Illuminaughty programming. I feel so right by ignoring the small path, the tiny glass cage, that the government schools are preparing me for.

    I feel so wrong...
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    Re: $18.50 silver?

    17.79 today.
  7. Re: MONSTER GOLD NUGGET !!! Found in Gold Canyon.

    This guy is awesome, but I can't believe he hasn't thought of some kneepads over his jeans or a little canvas tarp to keep the sun off him as he works.

    He sure loves gold. Pretty good advice he's...
  8. Re: You say there's no weather warfare?

    If I had 70 years since WWII and an unlimited budget in a permanent wartime economy I'd try to control the weather and make earthquakes too.

    I'd use it for more positive purposes, but it's...
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    Re: What's in the Queen's purse?

    I'm too struck by how much the patriarch looks like George Bush.
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    Re: Plane down burnt to ash but...

    A pile of flawless passports. They don't even look like they've been used before, let alone been in a massive explosion. Shouldn't they have varying degrees of wear? It's all uniformly new.

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    Re: How to clear lungs?

    Oil pulling will assist your bodily elimination. Oil Pulling cured my asthma. I went form using my inhaler 4xday/everyday to using it once per year.

    Swishing with vegetable oil. Fat soluble...
  12. Re: South Korean Riot Police Successfully Use Roman Formations in Riot Suppression

    Yes, viewing the recent pictures from kiev seems to drive that point home.

    Fire is used at 5:40 in the video. "Like I give a fuck" is also used by the police. They just put it out and keep...
  13. Re: anybody know anything about treadmills?

    I use a concept II rowing machine. It's harder, and gives an overall body musculature workout as well as cardio. Concept II is the brand trusted by collegiate rowers.
  14. South Korean Riot Police Successfully Use Roman Formations in Riot Suppression

    I thought you'd all enjoy this.

    The riot police are using some ancient formations and tactics to suppress these street protesters. They've obviously drilled it and it's very effective.

  15. Re: Someone entered David Dees home while he was asleep...

    I just avoid the whole thing and simply do not sleep.
  16. Re: State of Oregon Makes Kiddie Porn

    Hey Streets Of Gold,

    how about some commentary when you post a bible passage? Maybe help establish a relationship between the story and the passage you posted?
  17. Re: Wants To Have Sex With 100,000 Men

    I read "Stranger in a Strange Land" which also changed how I looked at sex. It is a goodness, a growing closer. You grok?
  18. Re: 105 years in prison for posting a link

    This link is definitely going to get reposted.
  19. Russian man outwits bank with hand-written credit contract

    Russian man outwits bank with hand-written credit contract
    A Russian man who decided to write his own small print in a credit card...
  20. Re: The Fraud that is modern biology (Bruce Lipton - Biology of Transformation -video

    I own his book, "The Biology of Belief" and have viewed his 2 hour seminar speech via youtube.

    It resonates with me.
  21. Re: man tells off cop like you have never seen

    "This is why the people hate you"

    You don't forget something like that.
  22. Re: New study shows magic mushrooms repair brain damage caused by extreme trauma


    and microdosing LSD stops migraines in patients not responding to other treatments, double blind proven

    and pure MDMA has successfully treated PTSD as well as kept couples together...
  23. Re: Secret Behind Indian Guru Levitation Revealed

    I do yoga every morning.

    It feels like a massage.

    I've been instructed to allow myself to be "firmly rooted" in my asanas.
  24. Re: Pigs raised on grass fed.........Cannabis!

    Cannabis is a bronchio-dialator and helps me breath too. But why smoke at all?

    Make Bhang on the stove, or teach yourself how to make oils. Vaporize or eat/drink it.
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    Re: A Chinese Baggage Handler

    He's just going to have to pick all that crap up.
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