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  1. Re: Georgia Guidestones partially destroyed with explosives

    This is interesting....
  2. Re: Excellent interview of Syrian President Assad

    He sounds like Peter Schiff in 2008.
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    Re: ukraine is all jew all the time

    Think 1984. The external war is on TV.

    Similar to virus fearmongering without actually producing a virus.
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    Re: What happens when ETH flips BTC?

    Seems like more slight of hand terms.... coin mean that the value is intrinsic within themselves, money.... otherwise it's just tokens.
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    Re: Don't Take the Vaccine!

    Any courts in the land not corrupt to it's eye balls that you could get a fair trial in?
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    That's so played out. Clearly they haven't been doing that.

    Wasn't it Charles Rangel that told Ron Paul that barely anything they do in DC is Constitutional?
  7. Thread: Coronavirus

    by jimswift

    Re: Coronavirus

    So who does it? Venue?
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    Re: Aussie truckie blockade was a flop

    Trudeau is walking a thin line going in public like that. That lady told him they were going to hang his ass.
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    Re: Robert David Steele passes "from COVID"

    Someone could make $1.7 million if they can prove a person died FROM something called Covid-19.
  10. Re: Covid-19 / SARS-COV-2 has never been isolated, by anyone

    Which ultimately means there is no TEST, CASES or a VACCINE...

    The shear massive scale of this lie is why it's easier for so many to believe.
  11. Re: MAGA - the highest degree in the Church of Satan
  12. Re: Anyone start seeing illegals in your towns/cities?

    There is already a large Hispanic population in this area, many don't speak English so hard to say who's who at this point.

    Amazing how even some homeless people still have a cellphone though.
  13. Re: Fauci spent 191 BILLION developing bio weapon

    This lays it all bare. He has all the patent filings, documents, evidence etc...

    DOJ, FBI, Courts etc... are totally infiltrated and compromised. Why nothing has happened with these blatant in...
  14. Re: The safest place to store your valuables in S. Africa

    Reminds me of this bit from Chris about 3:28 he says the very thing that played out in the video above.
  15. Re: "Gas Run Has Begun" - Fuel Stations Run Dry Amid Hacked Pipeline

    :o what in the actual F? That was painful.
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    Re: AZ Audit about to begin!


    In classical literature two of the best-known allegories are the Cave in Plato's Republic (Book VII) and the story of the stomach and its members in the speech of Menenius Agrippa...
  17. Re: Faking Corona Deaths and Screwing with the numbers....

    This is NOW being done to get people to perceive that the shot works....look, no more positive test results.
  18. Re: U.S. bombs facilities in Syria used by Iran-backed militia

    February 22, 2021

    The Resurrection of the Third Reich in Amerika

    Paul Craig Roberts

    Yes, the Third Reich is undergoing resurrection, but not by white supremacists. It is the white...
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    Re: The State of Columbia

    We've already seen there isn't anyone or anything that can or will police the Gov fraudsters..."the military" isn't going to do shit either other than follow orders...
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    Re: Welcome to the Technocracy

    Once the banks get their digital currencies going then the private cryptos will be like gold & silver is today.

    You CAN use it to buy stuff if accepted, but for official or retail commercial use,...
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    Re: Likely Final Outcome

    It's one thing to point to all the various kinds of frauds etc... It's something totally different to police said frauds...

    ...particularly when the supposed police are part of the frauds.
  22. Re: Tyrannical Democrats in NJ are trying to CRIMINALIZE failure to wear a mask!!!!!

    That's rich considering there is no emergency.....I know the gov is slow and late to the party, but damn...
  23. Re: Trump: Military is going to deliver vaccine in a very powerful manner...

    Which doesn't bode well for the minority.
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    Re: What a fascist USA really looks like
  25. Re: Pope Satan calls for social justice and vaccines for all

    I'll happily give the dose they have planned for me to someone who wants it.
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