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  1. Re: Douglas Macgregor: U.S. Needs to Leave Afghanistan Now

    The idea is the "Right People" make money, not to win a war, same reason we were stuck in Vietnam.
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    Re: POTUS just used the T word

    Start with Trump, anybody that puts Israel first is treasonous...
  3. Re: The chosenites are melting down over Minnesota's 5th congressional rep IIhan Omar

    He realized the power to tax is the power to destroy, and that was it for him.
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    All I can say is "Boycott Israel and help free America, please", we are owned by these people.
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    Re: larouche dead

    The older I got, the less "crazy" he became.
  6. Re: The chosenites are melting down over Minnesota's 5th congressional rep IIhan Omar

    His father, Irwin Schiff was the anti-tax guy who died in prison, the son never understood that by opposing the Income tax, his father was more anti-Israel than most people. I like the fathers...
  7. Re: 'This is MAGA country!': Black and gay Empire star Jussie Smollett is hospitalize

    And I'm right today...
  8. Re: $1,000/month to 'struggling Chicagoans' no strings attached

    I'm waiting for the "Earn a dollar, get an extra dollar" program, whereby a low wage earner gets matching dollar grants.
  9. Re: The chosenites are melting down over Minnesota's 5th congressional rep IIhan Omar

    I'm loving it, more Moslems mean less Jew power...
  10. Re: $10million for documentary that follows Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

    There is a market for anything, Trump got elected, didn't he? Hillary almost did, so AOC will sell too.
  11. Re: $1,000/month to 'struggling Chicagoans' no strings attached

    If I was an Israeli, would you bitch about my welfare pay...
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    No good deed goes unpunished... If you wake them up, cuff them up.
  13. Officially, the President is healthy...

    I don't quite believe it as his shape is Goodyear blimp... lets try...
  14. Re: $1,000/month to 'struggling Chicagoans' no strings attached

    The Welfare game is a game and you have to know the rules, but unless you are born into it, your screwed. Its like you need an adviser to get help.
  15. Re: $1,000/month to 'struggling Chicagoans' no strings attached

    The Banker boys want an increase in the money velocity for some reason, rich people don't spend it fast enough...
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    Re: The sort of guys girls dream of

    Are you sure they are guys? Androgynous people confuse me...
  17. Re: This GSUS Section gets little

  18. Thread: ¡Ocrazio!

    by latemetal1

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    Since, like Trump and the others, she is just another Israeli agent, she is a real as "Pro Wrasslin". The story line is great though...
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    Re: the never again act

    NONE of these fuckers work for us anymore, and I'm not sure they ever did in my lifetime.
  20. Re: Vandalizing CSA monuments: GOOD! Vandalizing Karl Marx's monument: VERY BAD!

    The taxpayers will pay to rebuild it better and more secure, idiot vandals never think things thru...
  21. Re: Gated communities provide safety and security

    A gated community is a target rich environment, it might keep local clowns down, but the pro will be happy there.
  22. Re: The very plausible story as to why RBG won't be attending SOTU

    Truth be told, I won't be there either, nor will I watch it...Why must we watch people lie to us?()\
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    Locking the barn door... Worst damage already has been done.
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    Re: $33/Hr minimum wage proposed in New York

    Certain cities are just too damn expensive and will drive the working class out. Off topic, for those of you who went out at 62, how did you cope with health insurance...?
  25. Re: Are you ready for the biggest economic crash in human history?

    There will be a "crash", when is the question...$64 question. Have cash ready.\uu\
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