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  1. Re: the truth about libertarianism, "classical liberalism" and Murray Rothbard

    What he said still stands as not being in fault. Who or whatever you think is a Jew doesn't matter with what he said.

    2+2=4 is a nefarious Jew trick?
  2. Re: the truth about libertarianism, "classical liberalism" and Murray Rothbard

    Trying to find fault in anything Ron Paul said there?

    You on the other hand are implying he's advocating something bad by suggesting real market pricing works even in a crisis.

    So your in...
  3. Re: excuse me sir, i think my bill is incorrect

    Another case of 'when keeping it real goes wrong'....

    that dumb fuck working at Popeyes(still?) was arrested and facing aggravated assault charges now. She has multiple fractures and other...
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    Re: Live on Mars Now

    Meh, nothing a carbon tax can't fix.
  5. Re: The Supremes greenlight suit against Remington for AR15 used at Sandy Hook

    What a can of worms this will open.
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    But an agenda is not what's going on with the probe now turned investigation.

    These were departments and agencies within the government using it's power and influence in an attempt to overturn an...
  7. Re: THIS is the actual elected President of The United States.

    That's the one thing about Trump, he has been in the public view my whole life. I remember this event.

    Pro wrestling is kind of goofy, but let us not forget that Vince McMahon's wife Linda is now...
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    "King of Israel, second coming of God"

    I don't know, seems weird to me....
  9. Re: Trump is TOTALLY owned by Rothschild Zionists

    Never happen. Country is already gone.

    It's long been something different than what everyone's feelings, opinions or beliefs are about it.

    Nothing is 'coming back', so don't look for it.
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    Re: Maureen Dowd rips progressives

    Still a partisan Russia-gater though.
  11. Re: A good time a Disneyland, the happiest place in the world

    That had to be the lamest black dude fight I have ever seen. Thought they was gay at first.

    Then he slaps up the girl who appears to be with him for "hitting his momma".

    But then still tries to...
  12. Re: Trumpstein vows to deport "millions" of illegals starting next week

    Aren't they getting ready to head to Iran?
  13. Re: Ok, I admit I don't keep up with trends - Welcome to Clown World!!!

    These things are great...Francis kissing feet in this one:
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    Seriously dude? That whole 'if Hillary would've won' shit is played out.

    The bombs being dropped in foreign lands hasn't lightened up, conflict with Russia, China and Iran has all been...
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    Re: yang gang gets major boost by 538

    Andrew Yang, Upstart Democratic Presidential Candidate, Comes Out Against CircumcisionOutsider presidential hopeful Andrew Yang’s latest idea is both literally and figuratively his most unorthodox...
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    Re: NPC University

    LOL... "no spinal damage as yours is made of linguine"
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    Re: lol...the latest hate crime

    Saw this about the other thing.... "This is what happens when the demand for racism exceeds the supply."
  19. Re: Black Hebrew Israelites Openly Call for Genocide of Whites

    That first guy said the non whites are the 12 lost tribes of Israel....
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    Re: The real Ann Coulter revealed

    that shits hilarious
  21. Re: The chosenites are melting down over Minnesota's 5th congressional rep IIhan Omar

    "That is how absolutely kiked America is."
  22. Re: $1,000/month to 'struggling Chicagoans' no strings attached

    I thought the Illinois Gov was in extreme financial disrepair?
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    Re: Gawd I love irony!

    These people just making shit up.
  24. Re: Prepare for open hostilities against Venezuela

    Unbelievable! She is still the rep. it looks like. Its that Broward county district, where the Dems were busted cheating in the election at the midterms. (nothing ever happened with that, did it?)
  25. Re: Prepare for open hostilities against Venezuela

    Bolton is scum....
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