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  1. Re: A new free speech forum where images can be posted

    I was just watching one of his "walk and talks" where he talked about how spotify removed his podcasts and created a forum away from TPTB.
  2. Re: NEVER, EVER allow any 'authorities' into your home

    Someone in the comments posted this link, supposedly from the family being arrested.
  3. Re: Global silver supply collapse on its way:

    We'll see. Industrial demand is way down, as is jewelry.
  4. Re: Heroic Citizens Fact-Check the LYING MSM about Corona

    Here in southeast MI the hospitals are said to be packed with covid-19 patients. I don't know this firsthand but it's what is being reported in the local news and on social media. An ER nurse from...
  5. Re: Coronavirus cases exploding upwards in the US.

    Oakland County, MI. Someone that works in one of our smaller buildings at work tested positive for covid19. If they had it then absolutely someone had it in my building since we have 10x as many...
  6. Re: The Window to Purchase Precious Metals with Fiat Currency is Closing

    Premiums are sky high and people looking for silver aren't able to find it. Like a lot of you, I was around in 2008/2009 and saw the high premiums in the silver market but it was nothing like this. ...
  7. Re: David Icke nails the hoax virus situation 3/18/20 interview

    "Fear is the currency of control" - David Icke

    Great line right there. Great interview.
  8. Force majeure coming for gold??

    COMEX Gold Market Is in Failure ó Major Losses by Banks, Force majeure likely (twitter)

    1/2 Iíve received some important information relating to whatís going on in Gold...
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    Re: Morning report

    The public is lulled to sleep by being told the FDIC insures their deposits up to $250k. What they're not told is the FDIC has less than $10 billion to insure trillions. Not to mention the fact...
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    Re: Coronavirus

    Gerald Celente has a realist take on coronavirus.
  11. Re: Toilet paper and me.........ok, ok, make fun of me......... V

    I went to three different stores the past two days. No water, no tp, no disinfectant. Hand sanitizer has been gone for over a week now. Food is starting to look bare and picked through. Glad I...
  12. Re: Anti 2A Doctor Tries To Pull Off Hoax, Gets Busted On Twitter.

    What a joke. He totally pulled a juicy smollett.
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    Re: Total blackout on SNL

    SNL has been garbage for years.
  14. Re: Do not click unless you want to get angry

    Burning the American flag is protected by the 1st amendment though. What fucking hypocrisy.
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    Re: Reddit Karma Hell

    Create a new account
  16. Re: How to ruin your career in 5 minutes at the VMA

    And they fail to see the irony in getting upset over his jokes about people getting upset over jokes. Libs are the real joke.
  17. Re: Ok, I admit I don't keep up with trends - Welcome to Clown World!!!
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    Re: John McCain is Dead!

    She probably buried him long ago as he blamed her repeatedly for his campaign loss.
  19. Re: Gold drops below $1200 this morning

    All the metals have crashed through their supports. Silver is at $14.50, gold at $1180. GSR is over 81. Gonna go visit the coin shop today.
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    Re: Trump with bikers today

    This all comes just as he called a boycott of HD a great thing since they're moving operations out of the country. They planned it well before he was in office but are now using his tariffs as a...
  21. Re: Gold drops below $1200 this morning

    I'm looking at silver flirting with a sub $15 price.
  22. Re: Donald Trump's Hollywood Walk of Fame star destroyed with pickaxe

    What kind of society do we live in when the vandals are cheered as heroes.
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    Re: Denver Coin Show May 2018

    What were the premiums like?
  24. Re: PM markets poised to totally collapse?

    The silver price collapsed in the 1800s when miners found huge veins of it in Nevada. Simple supply and demand - scarcity leads to higher prices, abundance leads to lower prices. Exploiting...
  25. Re: they did something to stormy, check out the eyes

    A porn star on cocaine? Stop the presses :rolleyes:
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