Rabbi Michael Laitman admits that Jews are inter-dimensional aliens who were sent on a mission to conquer planet Earth & enslave humanity.

The original video on YouTube was taken down by Kabbalah Info because it got too much negative attention. At 16:00 min. he starts to say that they're here to "conquer" Earth & that all Jews are from a different planet & dimension.

(Makow Disclaimer - I am an ethnic Jew who believes Judaism is a satanic cult masquerading as a religion. I have never experienced or witnessed any evidence of this reptilian connection. If it's true, it certainly does not apply to all Jews.)

by Brandon Cooney

All Jews are reptilian hybrids: Reptilians are an extraterrestrial species that are working to destroy humanity. They felt threatened and endangered with the idea of humanity evolving and becoming Gods.

(For now, I prefer to believe Putin is fully human.)

Their goal is to enslave and keep us from advancing into higher beings. By doing this, they generated a parasitic race with a purpose to enslave, manipulate, and control us humans--that is the Jews. Reptilian genes were passed on to the Jew and their DNA remains within them. There is obvious proof that Jews can relate to reptilians just by seeing their purpose in Zionism and world domination.

Many of you are familiar with stories that mention reptilians coming to earth and stealing genes of individuals in order to shape shift.

You'll mainly hear this kind of garbage from a public speaker named David Icke who promotes 'conspiracy theories'. THIS IS A MYTH! They use these kind of scare tactics in order to distract you from seeing that Jews are the actual reptilian hybrids.

The shapeshifting videos you see on you see on youtube such as the lizard eyes and face changing can be easily photoshopped. David Icke had a purpose to make it appear that whites were the reptilian hybrids, when it's the Jews.

Jews DO have reptilian genetics and this is obvious if one recognizes the features of a Jew. Their facial features such as nose, eyes, ears, etc can relate to reptilians. There were reptilian statues found in graves by the Ubaid people in Iraq which dates back to 4,000 BCE. ; this is about the time when Jews claim their beginnings. Gentiles go back much further than that.

Everything the Jews do can relate to reptilians such as animal mutilation, blood drinking, and human sacrifices that are involved in their cultural rituals. Other enemy ET's such who work with the reptilians such as Grey's do the same activities.

Cattle mutilation, abduction, sacrifices are proven to be responsibilities of Grey and reptilians. You see Jews having the same intentions and pursuit. Even in the Jewish made religions include sacrifices that symbolize cannibalism such as 'eating the flesh and drinking the blood of Christ'. And in the bible it talks nothing but gore, blood, an violence that are fed to little children. The truth is that it's in their nature to do such, they were created for this purpose.

Jews, even on a unconscious level, will naturally feed off your vital energy and life force. They were born what is called a "psychic vampire" with the ability to drain Gentiles, even without knowing they are doing so. This is how they survive and regain their energy. Like vampires, they attach to their victim with the need to feed on a daily basis. This comes natural to them. Remember that they are programmed and designed for this purpose, as it's in their subconscious to do such.

(left, Mark Zuckerborg)

Jews have reptilian genes and they're created to remove knowledge and fool us. Their so-called masters (what we know as reptilians) have helped these parasites and gave them the knowledge to defeat us. Jews are NOT of the human race and most definitely not of the white race!

And this is obvious if one will open their eyes and keep aware of whats going on. And since we whites are descendants of the Nordic gods (Satan and the Demons), this gives them more of a reason to demolish us.


Thanks to CK for sending this info.

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First Comment by JG

This article is new age sci-fi hogwash! The author here has obviously not studied the Holy Bible.

This reptilian theory is similar to the storyline of the old television series, 'The Invaders' (1965) with Roy Thinnes. The Invaders were an alien hybrid race who could be identified by a deformed finger. They worked their way into high positions of government and the sciences to seize control of the planet.

The scriptures in the Holy Bible were written by the Jews who were under divine inspiration through God. God's Word was to be given to the people of the world with the intent to save the human race and not to destroy it.

Like St. Paul and St. Peter, the Jews were the first evangelize-rs of the New Testament.