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    Jehova's Witnesses

    Over the years I have had many Witnesses come to my door. They are irritating to say the least. I usually send them off immediately. Well, it happens that a sister-in-law is a Jehova's witness. She usually does not harp on it, but she can be irritatingly smug and overbearing in her beliefs. I suppose this is a universal trait of most religious people. I am not religious, though I have faith in God. I believe that religion is belief 'about' God and has very little to do with belief 'in' God. There is a difference between faith and belief.

    Anyway, her husband whom I have always thought quite intelligent and reasonable has always professed an atheistic leaning. Not any more. He has gone full-on Jehova's Witness. He even goes out knocking on doors now. He was here the other night and started discussing the Jews. He knew nothing. I set him straight and it caused a lot of friction. He left very quickly after that.

    They seem to have a slightly different attitude toward Christ and this I think means that although they follow the Bible, they are not Christians. From quick research I find this: "
    Jehovah’s Witnesses believe that when Jesus was born on earth, he was a mere human and not God in human flesh.""

    I have heard that the Nazis interred them but I am not sure why.

    Does anyone here have much knowledge of the Witnesses? I am curious to know your interpretation of them.
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